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  1. Hello! I'm Jessie.

    Romance is awesome, and I love having romance involved as long as there's more going on. I play both genders. I really like FxF and MxM. MxF is good with me as well, but I'll be a little more picky with plots when doing MxF pairings. Short and long posts are both good. I always just match my partner's post length. I'm normally able to reply daily. I will let my partners know when I can't do any replies for whatever reason on any particular day. I'm fine with having the roleplay take place in PMs or a thread.


    Incompatible Roommates
    Adoption/Foster Care/Orphanage
    Camp for Troubled Teens
    Long Distance Relationship
    Rekindled Love
    Road Trip
    Organized Crime
    Time Travel
    Alien Invasion
    Futuristic War
    Gifted Boarding School
    Starting a Family
    Terminal Illness


    Teacher x Teacher
    Teacher x Student
    Teacher x Single Parent
    Principal x Teacher
    Single Parent x Babysitter
    Professor x Student
    Bandmate x Bandmate
    Photographer x Model
    Openly Gay x Closeted
    Tutor x Tutored
    Celebrity x Fan
    Popular x Unpopular
    Imaginary Friend x Creator
    Ghost x Living
    Villain x Superhero
    Assassin x Target
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Doctor x Nurse


    Harry Potter
    Doctor Who
    Orphan Black
    Orange is the New Black
    The Fosters
    Switched at Birth
    Big Bang Theory
    Hunger Games
  2. Hiya! I'd love to roleplay with ya. Out of the topics you listed do you happen to have a favorite? I'm pretty cool with anything. :)
  3. [​IMG]
    MxM babysitter x single parent?!
    Or tutor x tutored...
    Or both XD
  4. Great! I don't really have a favorite, so I'll just pick a few. How about camp for troubled teens, foster care, or gifted boarding school?

    I'd love to do either of those. I'm happy to do both. Shall I PM you with what I have in mind?
  5. Funny I was in the middle of PMing you info about me... XD incase you wanted to know more about me in the RP world before approving me :o
    Since I know I don't have a complete roleplay resume up lol.
  6. Troubled teens works for me. :)
  7. WerewolfxVampire or

    Foster care
    Gifted boarding school :)
  8. I'm interested! I like the idea of incompatible roommates
  9. Why hello there friend :D I'd love to do pretty much anyone of these roleplays XD But you said you were picky when it came to MXF (Me being M) roleplays so which of these are open to MXF?
  10. Especially imaginary friend (me) and creator~
  11. I would love to do a Starting a Family, with either MxM or MxF pairing. It sounds awesome! :)
  12. Okay. I'll PM you.

    Let's go with WerewolfxVampire. Mind sending me a PM?

    I know. Sorry, I was too exhausted to reply last night.

    Awesome. I'll PM you what I have in mind for that one.

    I'd be open to having imaginary friend x creator being MxF. Send me a PM?

    MxM starting a family would be great. I'll PM you.
  13. Hi~.

    I can see that you have a lot of partners already, so I can understand if you're not able to accept my offer. However, I'll throw it in the ring nonetheless, just in case. I happen to adore romance, but I'm more of an M/F person, if that's alright with you.

    I found a couple of pairings and topics that I thought sounded pretty fun. I'd be happy to build some plots with them!

    Camp for Troubled Teens
    Road Trip
    Popular x Unpopular
    Werewolf x Vampire

    I also have some pairings and ideas to share myself, if you'd at all like to hear them.

  14. I would love to do a Road trip that turns in to a kidnapping~
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