Let's start my journey formally

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  1. Good evening,

    I am called Saint Carmine, but you may call me Carm. As a young woman who pass most of her time in her home, I hope to find a warm digital home here and would like to extend my warmest regards to you all. I have many likes and few dislikes when it comes to writing interesting stories, and often it's the chemistry between my partners and myself that will make or break a promising plot for me. I can be convinced to play nearly everything with the correct person, and since I usually play both genders, I have no preference beside making each new creation new and interesting to me. As such, I am looking mainly for one on one rps, and try to be as open minded as possible when t comes to making new ones.

    Let's get ready to create amazing tales, everyone!
  2. Welcome :3
    I'm sure you will soon make this your home :3 I'm looking forward to seeing your roleplays or even starting one with you! :)
  3. Hello Carmine,
    If you are looking for one on one Rps, I would be more than happy to have you share some amazing stories with me.
    I too am open to many new Ideas and would love to be able to see the different wonderlands we can create. It would be an honor to work with you soon, or maybe later on when you are more at home with the site. If you just want to talk, or want to get Rping right now. Just drop me a message.
  4. Hi there Carmine, welcome to the site! :D
  5. As a fellow newbling, I'd like to roll out a greeting as well (without qualification or merit, however) and just say that I hope to see ya' around some time. Perhaps acclimation won't be so hard with a fellow initiate.

  6. Thank you all for you welcomes, and I'll contact you soon, Demon.