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  1. My roleplays are usually lighthearted, but since I am new to FxF, why not try something dark while at it? It would have many possibilities for happy options of course, so no need to worry about dark future. How about this?

    -Basic info-
    YC=Your character
    MC=My character
    Medieval Fantasy
    Anime physics

    YC is the daughter of a powerful noble man and woman, which means she can enjoy a lot of perks. Lots of money, immunity to some laws (mostly thanks to bribes or the fear of her family), and she could have any guy she wants. When coming home from a longer trip, YC's carriage drives straight over a stone bridge while snow falls around them. YC's father notices someone sitting by the end of the bridge. Even with the cheap mantle, she looks like she is very cold. He looks to YC's mother, who nods, and they offer the woman a ride and stay in her home. She looks up with weak eyes and nods. It looked like she was though a lot, so they don't rush her.

    Once at the mansion, she tells her story, of how she had lost her friends and has no one to turn to. Out of mercy, the family decides to take her in for at least the duration of winter, if she in turn does some work around the estate. Everything looks like a happy story, and it just so happens that YC and MC get along well. But when night comes, MC asks YC to bring her a glass of water. She nods and goes off to get one. When she gets back, MC is not around anymore though. She decides to look where she went, and eventually peeks into her parent's office, only to witness a gruesome scene. MC slashes with a sword right through YC's father, cutting him in half, soaking the expensive carpet with blood.
    ...Wow. That sounds like one of my better ideas. Now then. I could continue and explain why this scene happened, but where would be the fun if I spoil everything at the start? But if you ask for it, I will explain the rest as well. ...oooOOOR you accept the idea and play with me to find out~
    On and one more thing. This is also meant to be a kind of experiment. I would like to improve my writing by trying out female characters, which is why this will be FxF. I apologize if some things I write during certain scenes will take a while. The cause of this will be only that I want my partner (you in this case) to see my best. Not something I just slapped out with my keyboard.

    Now then. There are some rules too.
    -I can and will post numerous times a week, if I am interested enough in an RP and won't be suddenly ditched.
    -If you do not post for about a week, without letting me know why, I will drop you flat. No questions asked.
    -Story line is a must, not just sex. While I do like these particular scenes, I love learning everyone's characters.
    -My posts will !Never! be one sentence. I do not feel that is fair to anyone to work with and not right of me to do. I expect the same of you.
    -For myself, I generally write about 1-3. But that's just me. I'd at least like the common courtesy of my partner posting at least 1 paragraph per post. Just don't give me a one liner, cause then I won't post back. The same is the case for when you throw an extreme amount of over 5 paragraphs at me that is filled with useless information.
    -Genre based; I am a huge fan of magic and special powers. I tend to use these a lot honestly.
    -Grammar and punctuation is generally a decent thing of mine but I will make mistakes. We all have the ability to keep them at a minimum, so let's make use of that.
    -Let's have fun, if either of us have a problem; lets talk about it! I'd rather solve an problem than ignore it.
    -No kids or pregnancy in my rps, I just don't find them remotely that fun to work with when they are not the main characters.
    -Don't expect me just to move the story line forward, we need to work together. And lets bounce idea's off one another.
    -My Genre's really base around Fantasy plots. I do not like Modern remotely. We live in that time line, and we all know it's boring. If it wouldn't be, you wouldn't be reading this post.
    -I do not ask for professional writers. Just interested roleplayers, and I see if you are interested in roleplaying by your post count. No offense, but don't bother to contact me if you have less than 50. I was ditched often enough to be enough of a dick to demand for at least 50 posts. But hey. Try to convince me. You might have made experiences somewhere else after all.
  2. {This is a fantastic idea! I'm interested.}
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