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  1. Helena Shay Rycin

    Thirteen | Gryffindor | Half Blood - Metamorphmagus



    (Deceased) Muggleborn Witch, Hufflepuff, former best friend of Molly Weasley ('nee Pewett)

    (Deceased) Pure Blood Wizard, Gryffindor, former best friend of Arthur Weasley

    Molly Weasley
    Godmother, maternal-figure

    Arthur Weasley
    Godfather, parental-figure

    William, Charlie, Percy, Fred/George, Ronald and Ginny
    Surrogate siblings and friends

    Rycin Family
    Purebloods, Helena's paternal heritage, have expressed their acceptance of her mixed parentage and merely wish her to be safe

    Russel Family
    Muggles, Helena's maternal heritage, have no knowledge of her existence

    Fun Facts:
    Parent's Deaths
    - Voldemort's followers discovered Mr. Rycin married a Muggleborn female and they sought the innocent couple out, during the Christmas season and murdered both elders in cold blood. Baby Helena, only two years old at the time, was only spared because the Death Eater's incompetence allowed her. She had been sleeping in the next bedroom and woke an hour later with blood curdling screams. After their deaths were reported, little Helena was placed in Molly Weasley's care. Helena does not know that her parents were the victims of murder, at the hands of Death Eaters. She simply believes they died of a terrible disease, Molly's efforts to shield the poor girl from the truth.

    Personality - Helena is extremely flirtatious by nature, her personality is practically identical to her mother's. She enjoys harmless teasing, playful flirting and innocent jokes. Helena is very outgoing and social, she loves to be around people and is always the center of attention. However, Helena is very emotional and can become temperamental when placed in wrong situations.

    Metamorphmagus - Helena's father's family, the Pure Blood heritage, has been known to birth Metamorphmagi witches and wizards. However, relatives of the family do not begin showing symptoms of this genetic inheritance until their eighteenth birthday. Following the activation of their Metamorphi genes, witches and wizards experience an influx of their emotions. This causes them to suffer radical mood-swings and they often display physical signs, such as hair color or eye color changing.

    History of Magic, Hexes & Jinxes - Her favorite subjects to learn at Hogwarts and Professor Flitwick is her favorite educator.


    * * *

    Draco Lucius Malfoy

    Eleven | Slytherin | Pure Blood

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  2. Aria Margaret Winona
    Eleven - Slytherin - Pure Blood

    Mother: Eleanor Miriam Winona, Ravenclaw, 36, works for the Daily Prophet

    Father: Ryder Liam Winona, Slytherin, 41, works for the Ministry of Magic

    Brother: Jayden Vaughn Winona, Ravenclaw, 16, year 6

    Best friend: Cho Chang, Ravenclaw, 11


    Aria grew up learning the ways of magic because of her parents teaching her. Other than that she grew up as an ordinary girl, an ordinary spoiled girl. Her family was wealthy enough to survive, and they spent their money wisely. Her family was a little known in the wizardry world for them being so kind to others.

    When she met Cho Chang they were at a Quidditch match rooting for the Tutshill Tornados, since they were sitting next to each other. They started talking, and they got along great. Since that game, they went to each other's houses often and spent time together becoming inseparable.

    Personality: Aria has a face that makes her seem unapproachable, but she is actually a sweet person. When someone talks to her, she smiles at them and maintains a nice conversation. The thing is that if you rub her the wrong way, she could turn into the meanest person in the world. When she likes someone, she sticks by them constantly, but she will not admit that she will like that person. She will just keep it to herself because she just likes being in their company.

    She may look older than 11 here, but this is how she is gonna look as she gets older.


    Fred and George Weasley


  3. A rather plump woman was seen escorting a group of children along the train station, their fiery colored hair signifying them all as relatives, aside from one child in peculiar. Her hair was not like the rest. In fact, she didn't seem to share any physical similarities with the family at all. However, she walked along side them as she if belonged there.

    "Charlie, Percy, you go first." The woman commanded, keeping the younger children back with her while the elder of the lot approached the brick wall with gusto. "Alright, Fred and George, you're up." She gestured to the identical brothers and stepped back. "Wait a second, where's Helena?"

    "I'm here, ma'am!" A girl shuffled through the crowd, her two-toned hair making her easily seen. "Sorry, I got distracted!"

    "That's alright, but get in line beside Fred and George."

    "Yes, ma'am!" She saluted, playfully.

    The elder twin went forwards and disappeared through the wall, his brother following behind and finally Helena joined them. This left the elder couple and their two youngest children. "Alright, they should be fine, dear." The woman assured her husband. "Let's go back home."

    "Are you sure, Molly?" The man wondered aloud, glancing back at the wall. "Perhaps we should make sure they get on board?"

    Molly, his wife, just laughed and tugged him along by his sleeve. "They're third years, Arthur. Don't worry so much."

    * * *

    His first year at Hogwarts. How exciting this adventure was going to be, he mused thoughtfully while walking at his parent's side. The young boy, eleven and prepared for his school year, carried himself with the presence of royalty. He, of course, is not actually royal by any regard. However, in the eyes of magic, he does come from a prestigious family.

    The reason? Why, he's a Pureblood of course.

    No Muggle ancestry to be found in his bloodline, a fact that his family takes with great pride. Unlike certain other families. The Weasleys for instance. A Pureblood clan that so openly and happily welcomes Muggleborn witches and wizards without a second thought.

    "Remember, Draco," his father caught the boy's attention while they carried on to the station. "Don't associate with those that are beneath us."

    "Yes, father." Always loyal to his father's command, Draco would never act against a direct order.

    His mother, on the other hand, was reluctant to let her baby boy go away to Hogwarts. Narcissia, a beautiful witch with blond hair and eyes identical to her son, knelt down to embrace him tightly. "Be safe and don't get into trouble, Draco."

    The boy nodded, pressing a kiss to his mother's cheek and smiled in parting as he headed for the train. Upon boarding, he immediately found his childhood friends. "Crabbe, Goyle!" Draco grinned, walking towards them with a smirk. "Let's go sit down."
  4. It was her first year at Hogwarts, and she was quite excited. She always dreamed about going to Hogwarts, and this was the day. Her mother and father stood beside her as they were talking to one another before she headed into the train. Ryder, her father, beamed down at her with a wide smile and embraced his daughter. "Have fun sweetheart, and keep us updated," he told her.

    "Oh, yes, and please, Jayden, watch over her," her mother, Eleanor, said. She had reached up to fix the collar of her son's shirt, making sure that he looked nice and tidy even if it was going to be covered by a uniform.

    Aria giggled as she watched as her brother swatted their mother's hands away from his shirt. Then she smiled, kissing her mother on the cheek before heading up to the train. "Bye mama, bye papa," she said, waving her hand. Her brother followed her up into the train, immediately running into the people he knew.

    Then there was Cho Chang, the two girls immediately saw each other and embraced one another. Aria gave her brother a hug, and then waved to him before he walked away with his friends and she walked away with her friend. Her parents wanted her to stay around her brother, but she knew well that he had his own things to do being a sixth year. She would only visit him if she had any trouble.

    As she walked with Cho, they were catching up on what happened since they last saw each other. Until Aria accidentally bumped shoulders with a boy with blonde hair. "Oh, I am terribly sorry," she said, looking at the boy and instantly recognized him. It was Draco.


    The twins grinned as they walked to the train, excited to actually go back to Hogwarts. Of course they would miss doing their pranks around the house, but they knew that they could pull of their pranks at school as well. As long as they didn't ruin property then they would be good, and they had hoped they wouldn't get into too much trouble. Who were they kidding? They were absolute lunatic when it came to those pranks.

    "Excited to go back, Helena?" Fred asked the girl, giving her a big grin.

    "Hopefully we don't get into much trouble this year," George piped up.

    The twins looked at each other, giving each other smirks. "We are," they said in unison, and then laughed.

    They looked around at all the people that were walking into the train, which they were going to do as well. They motioned Helena to follow them into the train to see if they could find a spot.
  5. Helena joined the twins as they searched for a free compartment. "You two always get into trouble," she commented teasingly. "It's impossible for you to do otherwise." She may not actually be related to them, but Helena has known the twins her entire life. In fact, they've grown up together. While following behind the two taller males, Fred and George seemed to have hit their growth spurts early, Helena happened to catch her reflection in a window.

    "I still can't believe you two dyed my hair!" She accused them with a mild groan, deliberately stepping on George's long robe and nearly caused him to fall backwards. "I loved my natural hair color! Why did you switch my shampoo with color changing dye anyway?" Unbeknownst to Helena, and the twins, the sudden transformation of her hair actually has nothing to do with trickery or a prank.

    Only Molly and Arthur knew the truth, but they refused to say anything. If they told Helena the reality of why her hair had so dramatically shifted in coloring, she'd become to curious and the questions would begin. She'd want to know more about her parents and that was a topic neither Molly, nor Arthur were ready to confront just yet. Helena's hair was originally black, but she'd awoken with this two-toned hair just a few days ago. Of course, naturally, she blames the twins and their wacky experiments.

    On her father's side, Helena's family has often inherited the Metamorphi gene. However, usually the symptoms don't begin showing until after the individual's eighteenth birthday. For some reason, she is developing sooner than expected.

    * * *

    Almost colliding forwards into Crabbe, the assaulted blond glanced back over his shoulder at the person responsible for being so reckless. To his surprise, it was a girl. A fellow first year student judging by her appearance. Draco immediately straightened out his own robes, having changed before leaving the mansion. "Who are you?" He should have known who she was just by remembering the list of Pureblood families his father often quizzed him on, but a momentary lapse of focus stifled Draco from doing so.

    It was actually Goyle that recognized the un-named girl and he smirked with crossed arms. "You're Aria, right? Of the Winona clan?"

    "Winona clan?" Draco tried the name on his lips, it sounded familiar. However, he couldn't recall.

    Goyle stepped forward, gently pushing back on Aria's shoulders and walked by. She was practically pushed up against the wall in the process. Crabbe followed behind and Draco was about to join his friends further down the hall, but he stopped and looked back at her. "Are you a Pureblood?" He questioned, his further actions going be decided on how she answered.
  6. The twins just looked down at her for a moment, and then back to each other. They didn't do anything like that. They never really pulled that mean of pranks on her, but they did notice how her hair would change colors once in awhile. In all, they didn't mention that fact, and they didn't really seem to care that much because it was just hair anyway.

    "We didn't do that," the twins mentioned honestly, shrugging their shoulders.

    They finally found an empty compartment, and pulled her into it so they could claim it before anyone else did. "It's rather odd though, since I do notice that your hair changes colors once in awhile," Fred said, sitting himself down on a seat next to the window. His brother sat down next to him.

    "And I wanted the window seat, Fred," George complained.

    "Too bad."


    Winona clan.

    They made it seem like a bad thing that she was part of the family. At least they knew who she was for the most part, and it was overly surprising that Draco didn't even know her by her last name. No big deal, he didn't need to know who she was. It wasn't like she was a famous witch yet, so it didn't offend her. When Goyle pushed her to the wall, she sent a glare towards his direction. "Don't need to be so rude," she spoke, wanting so bad to trip Crabbe, but she didn't.

    When she watched Draco also walk by, she was about to turn her attention to Cho, but stopped when he stopped to ask her a question. "Yes, I am a pureblood," she answered as she crossed her arms over her chest. "And why does that matter, Malfoy?"

    She wouldn't have been rude if his friends weren't rude. They were rubbing her the wrong way, and she did not like that one bit. They seemed to diss her name, and then they pushed her against the wall.
  7. Helena quickly scooted across the bench where she sat and offered the vacant seat beside the window to George. "Here," she gently patted the empty space. "I don't bite, Georgie~" However tempting it may be. Helena has become accustomed to the twins, but even she is unable to tell them apart. Yet, she does notice a few differences between them in terms of personality. Fred is usually the first to speak, George tends to stand on the right of whoever he's around and both of the twins have crooked smirks that go to opposite sides of their mouths.

    It's taken Helena years to be able to catch these ever so settle separations between the twins. Even to this day, she is prone to mistaking them. "I still think you two are responsible," she grumbled stubbornly, crossing her arms underneath her bust. "People's hair doesn't just randomly decide to start changing colors one day!"

    * * *

    "And why does that matter, Malfoy?"

    Why does it matter? Oh, foolish Aria.

    For someone like Draco, a boy that has been taught since his birth that only those of Purity are worthy to learn magic, status and blood purity is the most important element in a young witch or wizard's future. Crabbe and Goyle were still waiting for Draco in the hallway, but the blond-haired wizard allowed himself a moment to properly inspect Aria with narrowed eyes. Those eyes that seemed to lack any significant coloring to them at all.

    "I do apologize on behalf of my friends," he surprised even Crabbe and Goyle by this. "They obviously don't know how to treat a proper Pureblood like yourself." Draco bowed his head, catching Aria's eyes and offered a sly smirk. "Till we meet again, Winona." Those were his last words, hurrying off to join the two bumbling lackeys that awaited him further down the hallway.
  8. Fred almost pouted when George took the seat next to her. He still wanted to sit next to his brother, but it was okay. They didn't get to sit next to each other all of the time and this was one of those moments. When she said she didn't bit, he just laughed at her little statement. "Right, and we don't do pranks," he teased, grinning at her.

    His twin just laughed, looking out the window for a brief moment before looking back at Helena when she spoke about her hair again. "To be honest, I do notice that your hair changes sometimes," he said.

    "Yeah, I noticed it too," Fred joined in.

    "It's interesting," they both said.

    "We never change your hair color," Fred started.

    "Even if you think we do," George ended, shrugging his shoulders.


    Aria just looked at Draco like he grew two heads. What he said completely threw her off. Why did it really matter if she was a pureblood? Why would she have to be treated differently? That was rather strange to her because her parents taught her to never judge a book by its cover. He seemed to be the type who would do something like that, and that bothered her a little bit. She let out a little sigh, and she looked over at Cho.

    "I can't believe them," Cho said, wishing that she defended her friend, but she was always so timid with doing things like that. She was never a fighter because Aria was always the one who did it.

    "It's whatever," Aria responded, leading her down the hallway to find their own place to sit. "I don't like the way he uses my last name though, and if my brother was there to witness that. Oh man, he would be livid."

    Cho just laughed at the last statement, sitting down across from each other in the empty compartment they luckily found. The two of them even hoped that Malfoy and his friends didn't have to sit with them if they couldn't find their own spot.
  9. "Must you two always speak like that?" Helena teased, arching a brow at their shared sentences. In the beginning, it was cute. Yet, when trying to keep eye contact with the twin speaking and having them change so often, Helena often gives herself a headache in the process. Deciding to drop the conversation about her hair, which was currently two shades of blue at the moment, she looked out the window thoughtfully.

    "Another year at Hogwarts." She missed the school. The Burrow was their home, but Hogwarts was so magical. The school offers wondrous experiences that someone could never encounter anywhere else in the world. "I heard that someone famous is going to be enrolling this year," she announced to brothers happily. "The Boy Who Lived!"

    Rumors had been circulating all around the magical community for the last week. Helena, a proud Daily Prophet enthusiast, pulled the wrinkled newspaper from a pocket inside her robes. "See?" With a pointed finger, she directed the brothers's eyes to the small lad with glasses shown on the front page. "His name is Harry Potter. He's going to be attending Hogwarts this year. Isn't that exciting?"

    * * *

    The availability of open compartments on the train was practically nonexistent. Forced with nowhere else to go, Draco and his lackeys returned to Aria and Cho. While the two undignified brutes shoved themselves inside, Draco was actually polite enough to wait until he explained the situation to the girls. Only after wards did he join the compartment and was seated beside the larger males.

    "You're Cho Chang, yeah?" Apparently Draco knew the Asian girl's name without a moment of hesitation. "I hear your mother is a Ravenclaw and she has high hopes that you'll be placed there as well."

    "I'm going to be in Slytherin," Crabbe chimed in, rudely.

    Goyle snickered, "All Purebloods belong in Slytherin."

    Draco nodded, "That's what my father says."

    Oh and whatever Lucius says, it's the law. Didn't you know?
  10. The twins just stared at her hair in awe as they watched it changed to the blue color. It was so weird, but so cool at the same time. See, they weren't lying about them not pulling any pranks on her to make her hair change color. The whole thing was just fascinating, and they wondered how her hair was changing colors like that.

    At the mention of Harry Potter, they just looked at her with smiles. "This is going to be an interesting year with the infamous Harry Potter at school," Fred said, nodding his head.

    "I hope we get him in Gryffindor," George mused, grinning widely. "Because I know Ronald is going to be a Gryffindor since all of us Weasleys have been."

    "Oh yes, and it would be cool being friends with someone like Harry," Fred added. "Don't you agree, Helena?"


    They were in a conversation until the door slid open. Aria just stared at them as they entered their compartment, and she wanted to yell at them to get out. They already annoyed her, and now they were forcing themselves to sit down with them. At least Malfoy had the decency to actually wait for the okay to come in, but right now, she really didn't want them to be sitting there with them.

    "Yes, it will be nice if I was a Ravenclaw," Cho replied, and then looked down at her lap.

    Aria rolled her eyes at the Slytherin statement. "Purebloods don't all belong in Slytherin, you gits," she mentioned. "My brother is a Ravenclaw like how my mother was. I can easily be sorted into Slytherin or Ravenclaw, and I don't care which one I get sorted in."
  11. "Absolutely" Helena agreed. "Although, his fame shouldn't really be the reason why you want to be his friend." She knew the twins weren't that shallow, though. Helena sighed, leaning back in the chair and brought her knees up and held them tightly against her chest. A childish way to sit, but Helena's favorite position. "I'm not a Weasley, but I do like being in Gryffindor." It was her home, or so it felt to be. Helena was welcomed among the fellow Gryffindors and it didn't hurt that her surrogate siblings were in the same house as well.

    "Molly told me that my mother was a Hufflepuff, though." The limited information about her parents always came from Mrs. Weasley. "I wonder if I'm anything like her, my mum, I mean." Helena suddenly recoiled emotionally, becoming lost to her inner thoughts.

    What was her mother like? Did she inherit any of her mother's personality or appearance?

    Helena finally returned to the real world after several minutes of silent contemplation. "Do you two know anything about my parents? I know Molly hides stuff from me." She wasn't a fool. Helena was well aware of Molly and Arthur's withholding of secrets. She just never thought to pressure them about it. "I...I love being with your family and everything, so don't take this the wrong way or anything..." Helena looked at the brothers with dampening eyes of emerald. "It's just...I don't know anything about my real family. My biological relatives or even how my parents actually died. I know it wasn't an illness, even though your parents assure me it was."

    * * *

    "You don't care at all?" Goyle seemed offended by Aria's bold statement. "How can you say such a thing?"

    Draco interjected, holding Goyle back with a clearing of his throat. "Ravenclaw is a noble house equal to Slytherin, Goyle. The only disgraceful houses are Gryffindor and Hufflepuff." At least, pathetic houses in Draco's eyes. His views are not entirely his own, though. They have been programmed into him from a younger child.

    Originally, his mother wanted Draco to attend Drumstrang, but wasn't able to separated herself from Draco with such a distance between them. Lucius assured Draco that Slytherin is the best house for those of purity and it would assist him on the path to success.

    "Anything from the trolley, dears?" Thankfully the kindly woman appeared with her cart just as the conversation had turned tense. Goyle and Crabbe, predictably, bought a huge load and eagerly began consuming it with no regard to their manners. Draco wasn't so impolite. He bought a few sweets and upon the realization that he'd gotten a tad too much, offered the extra candies to Aria and Cho.
  12. "It's only fair to think about your real parents," Fred mentioned, not even upset that she brought it up. She has had been in the dark about her parents for so long, it wasn't even far. Helena was old enough to know what happened to her parents, and his parents shouldn't hide anything from her anymore. They were probably waiting for the right time to tell her, but it was taking too long. "We don't know anything about your parents though, I am sorry."

    George watched Helena, seeing how she was reacting with the situation she put herself. Easily he put his arms around her just to comfort her, knowing that this subject was touchy. "We can see if mum and dad will open up because it truly isn't fair that they are keeping something so important from you," he told her.


    Aria rolled her eyes at Goyle. "You really do annoy me with your high and mighty talk," she told him, not caring if she offended him or not. If he was mad, then let him be mad. He was speaking with ignorance, which made her want to punch him in the face for being so mean. When Draco spoke up, she just shook her head. "None of those houses are disgraceful at all, and that is where your judgement needs to stop."

    When he offered the candy, she just declined. She didn't want to share candy with someone who thought high and mighty about themselves. Cho just sat there in silence, not knowing what to do in the situation. Easily she could tell that Aria was being annoyed by these three boys. She felt bad about it, but she knew that she couldn't do anything.

    "Ignorance doesn't get you far in life," Aria mentioned, looking at the boys. "You can hold up this front, but your walls will break down at some point."
  13. Forcing a weakened smile onto her lips, Helena nodded to the brothers and welcomed George's arms around her shoulders. They always looked out for her, just like best friends and siblings rightfully should. She lowered her legs and relaxed into George's hold, not at all thinking it to be anything awkward or flirtatious. "I know my last name is Rycin, perhaps I could do some research in the library at Hogwarts?" It was a plan. Helena snuggled closer into George, surprised at the scent of peppermint and smoke.

    An odd combination, even more so when considering that Fred didn't smell at all like that to her. Shrugging it off as her nose getting the wrong aroma, Helena discarded the thought lazily. "So, are you two still planning on performing your 'welcome back' prank after the welcoming ceremonies are given?" Regardless of it being against the rules for them to use their magic for pranks or trickery, Helena always loved a good show.

    Helena was currently resting against George's shoulder, a hand carelessly placed on his knee for balance.

    "Oh? Getting cozy, eh?" That voice, that feminine voice, entered the compartment just as the trolley lady was approaching down the hallway. The dark-skinned witch sat down in the only available spot, beside Fred and winked playfully at the other pair. "I didn't think you'd fall for one of the twins so early, Helena."

    "Shut it, Angelina." Helena snapped, playfully. "I don't think of them like that. They're my best friends."

    Angelina's lips turned up a smirk, setting Helena's nerves on edge. "Then how come you're only leaning on Fred?"

    "George," Helena corrected.

    Angelina blinked rapidly, "Huh?"

    The two-toned witch sighed, adjusting herself back into the position she had been before George began comforting her. "I'm sitting next to George," she pointed to the opposite twin. "That's Fred."

    * * *

    "You so sure about that, Winona?" There was nothing that Draco enjoyed more than a challenge. If Aria wasn't willing to accept his views, as Crabbe and Goyle had, then she'd have to be punished. Nothing severe, of course. Just the normal bullying you'd expect from a magical student. Draco, silently and within his thoughts only, declared Aria to be his prime target. Cho, well, he didn't really give her a second thought. So long as she avoided causing him any trouble, Draco wouldn't bother her.

    An elder student, perhaps a Perfect, came to their compartment and knocked on the window. Since Draco was the closest, he opened it for the other student. "Thirty minutes until we arrive, change into your robes please."

    Draco nodded, discarding the notification as he already wore his robes. As for Crabbe and Goyle, though, they had to leave and collect their robes. This just left Aria and Cho with Draco's company. Pleasant, no?
  14. The twins gave her a nod when she spoke of her last name. There had to be something in the library about her parents in the directory, maybe. If they went to Hogwarts, there sure had to be files about them somewhere. Even though if that was snooping, it would highly help her in the search to know more about her birth parents. "You should do it," they both said, giving her a grin. "We can even help."

    When she got closer to George, he just smiled and kept his arm around her. When speaking of the trick, he only shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe not this year since Harry is going to be sorted, and we surprisingly don't have anything planned," he said.

    Then Angelina walked in, Fred chuckled at her words. When she got them confused, he just laughed when Helena corrected him. That was great. "It's okay, Angelina, you will know the differences between us eventually," he teased.


    Aria just ignored Draco's challenge completely, and looked at the Prefect that had told them to change into their robes. At least she had been wearing hers already, but Cho wasn't. Oh great. That meant that she was going to leave her alone with the Malfoy. All Cho did was apologize to her quietly, and left the compartment, knowing well that there would be awkward tension between the blonde haired Pureblood and her best friend.

    Aria just looked at Draco, just studying him. "Oh, don't test me, my dear," she told him, crossing her arms over her chest with a small smirk playing at her lips. "Two can play this game, and I am going to make sure I win. Don't get all sour when I do."

    He could play his tricks, and any other thing he might do. She wasn't going to let that phase her. Her brother always told her to never back down from anything, and a Malfoy wasn't going to scare her.
  15. "It was a lucky guess," Angelina claimed, huffing a breath of air between her lips.

    Helena smirked, "It was not. I know the twins better than you."

    "That's only because you've lived with them your entire life," Angelina countered back, her own smirk now present.

    Helena, surprisingly, broke into laughter. "Yeah and believe me, Angie, I've paid the consequences!"

    "So," Angelina adjusted herself comfortably in the chair. "Shouldn't you be changing into your robes, Helena?"

    The twins were already dressed in their robes, but their colorful friend wasn't. She blushed sheepishly, standing up and walked outside to the girl's bathroom with Angelina to get properly attired for Hogwarts.

    * * *

    Aria didn't back down, nor cower from Draco's challenge, he respected that. Cho left the two of them completely alone, but nothing really changed in the trio's absence. Draco's attention was turned out the window, although his eyes would sneak a glance at Aria every now and then. "I trust you know that someone really famous is supposed to be coming to Hogwarts, yeah?"

    How could she not? Did Aria take up residence under a rock? Of course not.

    "He's supposed to be a really special kid," Draco scoffed at the very idea. "How garish, to assume someone is special just because they survived the Dark Lord's curse. Something could have gone wrong that night. His survival doesn't make him a remarkable child."

    Was Draco jealous of the attention this boy in question would receive? Absolutely!
  16. The twins snickered at the bickering between the two females. That usually seemed to happen between them. Helena did know them more than anyone else did, and it was amusing how she would correctly say who was who. They were glad that she was around because they got tired of saying who was who. Even their own mother switched them around at times.

    They watched as the two girls went to get changed, and they soon started to talk to each other about other pranks they would pull throughout the year. Of course they never did their jokes all at once or things would get boring fast. They were also to meet some of the first years, and to mess around with their younger brother. Now they wondered if he had met anyone yet.


    Aria just rolled her eyes at Draco, she had a feeling that she would get tired of his high and mighty attitude quick. Well, she already was and she just met him. She never knew that he was going to be like this, but then again, his father was Lucius. Her father spoke about him a couple of times, and he warned her to be nice if she ever met his son. Too late. Oh well, there was nothing to do about it now.

    "Yes, I am quite aware that Harry Potter is going to the school," she told him, "I think I briefly met him in Diagon Alley, and he was very sweet. There is nothing really wrong with him."

    Then she laughed.

    "Are you jealous of the attention he is getting?"
  17. "Fred and George have gotten really cute," Angelina swooned while waiting for Helena to finish changing. "Don't you think?"

    Shuffling the black and crimson robes into place, Helena finally emerged from the stall with both hands lifted into her colorful locks of hair. "You're kidding, right?" Angelina is such a girly-girl, so different from Helena and this often causes bickering between them. Even so, they're friends and never let the disputes turn into anything serious. "Angie, I've grown up with the twins my entire life. They're like my brothers, I can't really comment on their attractiveness."

    As Helena approached the mirror, struggling to brush the knots out of her hair with fingers, Angelina followed from behind. "It's gonna happen one day~" She teased, absentmindedly assisting with Helena's tangles. "You're going to fall for one of them, maybe even both, someday~"

    "That's disgusting, Angie!" Helena protested, finishing with her hair and just shook her head quickly, letting the locks fall whenever they pleased. "I love the twins, but not in that way!"

    Angelina just sighed and accepted that Helena wasn't ready for those kinds of relationships just yet. "Helena," the darker witch scolded. "You just got all the tangles out and you've mess up your hair again!"

    This wasn't the case. Helena prefers to have her layered hair be in the 'disheveled' or 'bed-head' fashion. The girls finally returned to the compartment with the twins and Helena sat back down with George. Idly she ran a finger across the Gryffindor emblem just above her right breast. "Another year."

    * * *

    "Absurd!" Draco huffed with a shocked expression. "I do not get jealous, Winona."

    A lie, terribly executed at that. Goyle and Crabbe arrived back in the compartment, Cho following behind. Draco scooted closer to the window, letting his friends reclaim their seats. His two massively intimidating brutes immediately returned consuming the snacks they had discarded earlier.

    "We should be arriving at Hogwarts soon," Crabbe announced, happening to glance out the window.

    Draco nodded, "Thank goodness." His voice was harsh, anger slipping through each syllable. Upset that Aria would suggest such a thing.

    With his eyes directed outside, Draco was able to see the castle coming into focus. The enormous building, boats awaiting at the river and carriages as well.
  18. As the girls came back to the compartment, the twins looked at them with smiles. They were bored of sitting in the train, and at least now they were nearing the school. George looked at Helena, hearing that she had said, "Another year." He had nodded his head in agreement, looking down at the emblem and then back to her. "And before we know it, we are going to graduate."

    "That kind of upsets me in a way to think about that," Fred added, shrugging his shoulders. "But we will see what happens when we get to that point, but right now we will live in this moment."

    George nodded his head to agree with his brother. "We should get ready to leave since we are nearing the school. I am excited for this year."


    Aria smiled at Cho as she sat back down next to her. When she heard Draco speak, she just laughed at his tone. She knew that he was upset, but she wasn't going to egg him on about it. He was jealous and he didn't want to admit. Maybe he really didn't like her now, but oh well, it didn't matter to her if he liked her or not.

    "What's wrong with him?" Cho questioned, whispering to Aria.

    Aria looked at her best friend, and she grinned slightly. "He's just mad that I am right," she told him, not caring to whisper to her. Malfoy was a big boy, he could handle it.
  19. "Are you three still going to partake in Qudditch?" Fred and George are excellent Beaters, with Angelina assisting them as a fabulous Chaser for the Gryffindor Qudditch team. A huge fan of the sport, but not actually involved with the team, Helena loved going to the games. As the train slowly began to stop, Helena gathered all her belongings and reached for her trunk from the overhead shelf.

    Angelina had collected her trunk as well, standing up and leaning against the compartment wall as the twins got their trunks. As always, the first years were allowed off the train before anyone else. Hagrid was positioned just outside the door, welcoming the bright eyes students and guided the entire lot over towards the boats. The elder students were escorted to the carriages, where Helena and the twins were given a ride up to the castle. Angelina joined them, hurrying and got on board just before the carriage departed along with the others.

    * * *

    Draco left for the boats with Crabbe and Goyle, together they all waited for the magic to begin directing the boats towards the castle. Off in the distance it was illuminated with bright lights and the choir echoing voices into the wind. Soon he would also be apart of that magical school. Draco held no nervous fears about going, he was rather excited.

    As the boats began drifting along the water's surface, the first year's eyes widened in amazement at the massive building. The other students would arrive beforehand, being lead to the Great Hall and welcomed to enjoy the feast that awaited them. Once the first years came through the doorway, the sorting ceremony would begin.
  20. "Yeah, most likely, as long as Oliver wants us to," Fred said.

    Most likely Oliver was going to have them Beaters once again this year. They were the best in the school, no doubt. Okay, maybe they weren't the best to say, but they were still pretty good.

    They walked out with Helena and Angelina to the carriages, pretty excited to start this new school year. When they sat, the carriages would take them to the school where they would arrive first. They were going to be there first so they could see the sorting, and then the feast will begin. The twins were excited for the food. They missed the food at Hogwarts, it was always so delicious.


    The girls collected their things and then went off to go to the boats. They did decided to sit with other students, since Aria didn't exactly want to sit with Draco and his band of brutes. As the boats went towards the school, the two girls looked up in awe at the beautiful sights of it. Their parents would explain what the school looked like, but words didn't express the school enough.

    "This is amazing," Aria said under her breath, her eyes seemed to sparkle as she marveled at the sight. She couldn't wait to be sorted into a house. Either she was going to be a Ravenclaw, or she was going to be a Slytherin. Either one was going to be fine because she was just too excited to be at the school.
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