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    "I'm not the same when I'm with you.

    I'm broken.

    But I'm restored too."​

    ~Music is the ultimate healer. They've all come to know that, and somehow, that very fact all bound them all together.
    Ongaku Academy is the most prestigious performing arts school in Japan. They've made millionaires, famous performers; they've made champions. They've created talented men and women for twenty-five years, but now, the school is accepting fresh new faces. Two best friends are accepted into the school after multiple times of trying to apply. They are shown to their dorms, given their class schedules, and that's that. But for the first time in Ongaku Academy history, one friend is determined to do what has never been done before at the Academy: start a band. In an Academy filled with classical performing arts students, ballet dancers, aspiring Picassos, the friend looks to defy all odds and break through tradition. All the while, the other friend doubtfully follows behind. The goal is simple: find three more students that don't sound terrible, are also willing to play, and are fairly attractive.

    Fighting the school board, personal home problems, a battle with rival students, and even romantic struggles, six students struggle to attain what they want most: to scream and shout and play music with passion and joy. It is the ultimate drug, after all. And so, the two friends go on a wild chase in search for these four people, unknowingly getting caught with the sheer pleasure of the Academy's wonders and followers. It's just like any high school after all. Just more brutal and. . . beautiful.

    So, that was my awkwardly worded introduction. Basically, I'm looking for five band members and other players.

    c: What I am searching for:

    The Doubtful Best Friend (open)
    -Someone who is protective and intelligent, but is highly devoted to the leader of the band
    -Have some managerial experience/must be the manager of the band, but have a vast knowledge of musical theory
    -Can be male or female

    The Cellist/Bassist (open)
    -Excels in cello, but is convinced to play the bass
    -Optionally can be stereo typically cool and collected
    -Preferably a male
    -Preferably not from Japan

    The Pianist/Keyboardist (open)
    -Excels in playing piano
    -Preferably traditional in Japanese culture
    -Can be male or female

    Guitarist/Rhythm Guitarist/Backup Vocals (open)
    -Experienced in playing guitar/singing, good enough to be backup vocals.
    -"Rough on the edges"; a little rebellious
    -Comes from a prestigious family

    Percussionist/Drummer (open)
    -Originally a Jazz Percussionist/Marching Band Percussionist, but switched to Rock Drummer
    -Can stereotypically be a spazz
    -Preferably male, but can be a badass female

    Band Fans (open)
    -Friends of the band
    -People who support them and sometimes fund them
    -Gives them ideas for writing songs

    Okay, just to be clear: I don't want players feeling as if they have to follow the guidelines/descriptions of the characters. They are your own original characters, and you can do as you wish with them. These are just harmless ideas. c: Don't feel at all pressured.

    Also, you may be wondering about the "(Voice Acting?)" portion! I'm taking votes. Basically, I was hoping for players to record themselves saying their characters' dialogue and attach it to their IC posts. I'll explain it in more depth if I get players. In the meantime, I look forward to people posting! And if not, I'll feel like an ignorant failure. ;w;​
  2. I am very interested in this! I could have a lot of fun and would love to join. I have to admit, I would probably end up playing a female though to readjust to RPing because it has been a while.
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