Let's Start A Band! (K-ON! inspired)

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  1. Hello, all! So, first off, I'm looking for someone to play two males unless you want to do Yuri. c: <3 But I would prefer two males!

    So, I was watching K-ON! and kind of got inspired(obviously from the title) to want to do a band roleplay. Basically, my character and your character have the idea to start a band because they find themselves really bored after school. The paper states they need at least four people in their club, so they go around trying to promote and this attracts two of our other characters annnd yeah, slice-of-life roleplay really. c: I was thinking there could be a rival band as well, just to add some drama. :0

    This will be Japanese, btw, having an anime feel to it.

    The positions in the band are:
    Lead Singer/Guitarist

    So, PM me what positions you want! c:

    I expect someone who could post at least once a day, and have good punctuation and grammar. <3 PM me! Ta ta!​
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.