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  1. The Daeson Twins
    (Rulers of Night)

    Ari Daeson



    -Vampire hunter
    -Gang leader
    He runs a 2 year old gang called "the Crimson Rats", they specializes in weapons trade.
    They're often supply the investigator agency.


    He is very playful, selfish, and manipulative.
    Everything is a game to him and he absolutely hates to lose. He can sometimes act like a spoiled child when not getting what he wants.
    Very rarely will he do something that doesn't benefit himself, and he uses any means necessary to help himself, sparing no mercy whatsoever.

    (more details later)

    -Tapping his fingers while he thinks
    -Keeps his nails black
    -Tends to leave in the middle of a conversation

    Games || Winning || Controlling things/people || Sweets || Music: rock,
    metal, j-rock k-rock || Color: black || Puzzles

    Losing || Being disobeyed || being controlled || Sour foods || Music:
    Country, Classical || Color: Yellow || Vampires || Ira (conflicted
    feelings) || Shoes || Storms

    Greatest Fears:
    -Fear of needles
    -His followers leaving him
    -Not being in control


    Brief Bio:
    Ari has been competing with his sister, Ira, since birth, being the youngest twin.
    When they were younger his jealousy of his sister's charisma, popularity, and strength grew, but he always held it in because he loves her.
    He was always the awkward and quiet one, following Ira around like a lost puppy.

    He watched his sister get stronger and stronger until he finally snapped.
    While she was sleeping the ten year old tried to strangle her with a pillow, but this obviously failed since she was stronger than him. He began hating the vampires more and more for making her so much batter than him.

    He ran away from home when his father went away and tracked him down. He found him in a hidden cabin in the woods and soon they fell off the map for 7 years.
    Convincing his father to keep him was hard but after a bit he was successful and the vampire hunter trained him. He endured many hardships, and almost dies several times but in the end he was considered one of the strongest hunters around.

    At 17 he tracked down his sister and attacked her full force. After a long fight that seemed even in both brawn and brains she got away.
    Both had many injuries, both physically and mentally. He became obsessed with Ira, and wanted to end her life, by his hands and his hands only.
    From then on he has been training and trying to find her so that he may be able to fulfill this goal.

    After the battle with his sister he began to gather people, followers, and formed a gang called the Crimson Rats. This gang specializes in weapons; a few of his top members manufacture the weapons, which are usually sold to vampire hunters. Though Ari has connections to the agency he doesn't work with them, preferring to hunt vamps and ghouls on his own.
    (more details later)


    -Ira Daeson:
    He has mixed feelings about his older twin sister. As his sister, and being the biggest part of his life he loves her, he will always respect her as well as she has earned this of him. His envy of her though clouds this, hiding his love for her. He doesn't understand this so he assumes it is hate and goes off that making him want to end her life making it his goal. However when it comes to that point will he be able to succeed?


    -Duel wield: Twin pistols
    The bullets he uses are custom made frangible bullets made to shatter into tiny nonlethal yet extremely painful shards upon impact. After they shatter they dissolve in the body (this is not harmful to the body) The reason for this type of bullet is torture, though enough of them in the right places to kill but it takes a lot.
    -Hand to hand combat
    -Solving puzzles
    -Playing games

    Shaggy black hair with a blood red streak down his bangs, which covers his right eye.
    His eyes are red, he has pale skin, his fingernails are black, and he is 5'7".

    Show Spoiler

    Voice actor:
    Show Spoiler

    Tetsuya Kakihara
    Mainly 1:10 -1:28 and 3:51- 4:10

    Face claim:



    Ira Daeson



    Herb store
    "The Cat's Claw"
    Cat's claw is another name for an herb called Uncaria tomentosa.


    She is quiet and most of the time friendly, but if pushed too far she can get pretty scary.
    Not much frightens her and she does not like to be pushed around or controlled. She, like her brother, is also somewhat selfish, must be a family trait. She puts her needs before others, but once her needs are sated then she helps others.
    She is more incline to help someone without complaining if it benefits her, but 90% of the time won't turn away even if it doesn't.
    She has trust issues, probably due to her brother, and doesn't open up even to her friends.

    (more details later)

    -Twirls her hair around her finger while thinking
    -Keeps her nails white
    -Has an obsession with plants/herbs
    -Sleeps with the light on
    -Has bells on all of the doors and windows

    Greatest Fears:
    -Being killed in her sleep (so she doesn't get a lot of it)
    -Being betrayed by the ones she loves


    Brief Bio:
    Ira has always been the favorite, much to her dismay. Things just come easy to her and she does what she thinks is right, which usually is.
    Socializing, making friends, things society smiles upon, all of it has been no problem for her.
    She has been the unspoken leader of many groups including her younger twin brother, Ari. Even as a dhampir she was stronger.

    Their mother, Aymie M. Carolus, was a pureblood with power over ice, their father, Royal I. Daeson, was a vampire hunter. At the time Royal didn't know that Aymie was a vampire, she was extremely good at hiding that fact. After a while of being together they got married and soon had the twins.
    One night, around the age of 10, she was woken up with a pillow forced over her face, instinct kicked in and she was soon holding her brother up to the wall by his neck.
    She was hurt and confused as to why he would try to kill her, oblivious to her brother's envious feelings.
    This marked a huge change in her personality making her the quiet, untrusting, woman she is today.

    It was around this time when the vampire hunter finally found out that his wife was a vampire and his children dhampirs. He left the, hurt and angry at Aymie for deceiving him and at himself for not seeing it before. Not long after Ari disappeared. Aymie and Ira searched for weeks but he was gone.

    After her brothers disappearance she trained hard with her mother to master the ways of the vampire and to train her mind during the next 7 years, but her main focus was combat.
    She'd sometimes practice on little sleep, fearful of sleep itself and of almost being killed again, she was paranoid.

    At 17 her nightmares came true, Ari finally found her and attacked her once again. He was much stronger than before, but their strengths seemed equal.
    She managed to escape when Ari showed signs for exhaustion, but she left with many injuries, the most painful one was on her mind.
    Her paranoia got worse, people around her scared her, and worst of all she still didn't know why her brother hated her so much.
    She was broken.

    -Ari Daeson:
    She is confused when it comes to her younger twin brother. She loves him, always has always will, but she also fears him. He is the very reason she is paranoid, him attacking her the first time was very traumatic, changing her completely and is the source of all of her fears. In her mind if someone as close as her brother would betray her and try to kill her then anyone will.


    -Main weapon: Metal fan
    -Projectile weapons: Throwing knives, shuriken, caltrop
    -Solving puzzles
    -Playing games

    Straight black hair that reaches her upper back and bangs that stop just above her eyes, a blood red streak on the right side of her hair towards the front.
    She has red eyes, pale skin, and she is 5'7".



    Show Spoiler

    Akiakane: FlashBack

    Voice actor:
    Show Spoiler

    Yuko Sanpei

    Face claim:

  2. Eriana Jos
    [It's Our World Now]

    Dryad Faction Leader
    Eriana Jos

    *Minus the wings XD*


    Eriana Jos

    The Queen or Queen Eri (Her tree likes to be called this)





    Human form:
    Shoulder-length light brown hair || Golden eyes || Honey colored soft skin || 5’2” || Dainty body structure

    Tree form:
    Shoulder-length lighter brown hair || Hollow eyes || Light olive colored skin || Patches of plants on ankles and wrists || Birch bark patches on her chest, back, and the left side of the neck || Long sharp nails
    tree form (open)



    About me

    Human Personality:

    Who am I? I don’t know exactly, usually when one describes themselves it’s who they want to be, not all the time who they actually are. I would say what others have told me, but I tend to keep my distance from people, they scare me and I don’t trust them. If someone persists and is able to get past my wall (which is hard) I feel like I am able to trust them so I open up a little more. I care a lot for my people but even then I’m still very shy.

    Though if someone were to harm someone I love or my people I won’t hold back and will do anything to avenge and protect them. The few times I am angry I tend to say what is exactly on my mind, that is if I stay, usually I run away to solitude. I’m typically not easy to anger though.

    Tree Personality:
    She is the exact opposite of me. Outgoing, social, and able to take initiative. She is very bossy though, and has a temper. She can also be very, very mean and has an extremely short temper.

    She is the embodiment of what I used to be, which is very rare, none have been affected in this way before.

    Brief Back-story before Mutagen:
    When I was younger I wasn’t always like this, shy, scared. I was an outgoing person, who loved socializing and hanging out with friends. I was also mean. Thinking of myself as better I would bully those who were deemed as “weak” to me. I would walk around as if I owned the world and no one could claim my title, and for the longest time that was true. Oh how the people I tortured, and even the ones I called “friends” would laugh if they could see me now.

    This went on until high school, the students of the private school I went to were obedient as usual, knowing me as the Queen, all except one. He was different from the rest, I’d tell him to move and he would push me out of the way instead. I would insult him and he’d insult me right back. Back then I had a short temper, so when he defied me for the last time I punched… and so did he.

    I was not normally one to physically fight, even back then, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t. I fought with all my might, but even then I still ended up pinned to the ground. The rage in his eyes as he slammed his fists into my face, it terrified me more than the pain did. He spared no mercy in beating me down just because I was a girl like the other boys did, and wasn’t scared of me like the other girls, to him I was someone in his way, someone who he needed to put in her place.

    After that the people who I bullied suddenly gain confidence, and the ones I surrounded myself with turned against me. I was the target, rather than the Queen I was now the slave, even worse than the commoners. For the rest of my high school years I received the same amount of torture I put others through, plus more.

    I deserved every bit of it, and then some, I know that now.
    I don’t hate that boy, I thank him. He changed me, and I long for the day where I can see him again and show him his creation…

    When I was in the forest at a spot I always went to when I was sad or need to sort stuff, I was crying, thinking of the evens that happened. I decided to change at that moment and when the last tear dropped it contain remnants of that personality and it landed onto a sapling. That sapling grew, gaining that personality. The day of the bombings I was in that spot, thinking things through and by some ironic coincidence I merged with that tree. This is very rare, this has happened to none of the others, it is a burden I struggle with everyday, especially since I worked so hard to change.


    scarfs || peace || nature || learning || her people || the color gold ||
    Crowds || Humans || Losing control || Violence (though if it's necessary she won't hesitate) || being defied (this is mainly her tree form but she does hate it)
    Current Occupation:
    Leader of the Dryads



    Stronger in Flora but both. I have only one pet and I cannot charm any other animals. I am also the only dryad with healing abilities.

    I have a unique connection with my tree so our "souls" are a little merged together, only a little bit, but it shows on the side of my neck where a patch of birch bark is permanently placed. I usually keep it covered with a scarf. Since we are merged a bit I have more control over my abilities in human form.

    My pet is Orsen, the largest bear in the entire forest, he stands at about 8 feet on all fours. He is the protector of the forest and reports back to me if there is any disturbances.

    Orsen (open)



    A leader never tells >;3


    Theme song:

    Voice actor:

    Show Spoiler

    Mai Nakahara

  3. I do a lot with big eyes, although this was a while ago so I have adjusted a little bit better
  4. Carrie


    Something within me threatens to break. My heart seems to forget how to do its job as she stares at me, informing me matter of factly that Quinn was nothing more than an illusion, a statement which I refuse to believe with my entire being. How could I come to love someone who was never real? How could I put so much of my woe out to someone who couldn't have a true conscience, or a soul even? No, I refuse. I refuse I refuse. Still, my eyes burn and I have to shut them tightly as to not lose my composure. I told Quinn she had nothing to fear. I told her I'd keep my grip on her. How could I have promised so much to a girl who never was? Perhaps it was true, that loving fiction was more tender and sweet than loving what is real before you. But whose to say what is real and what isn't? I have suffered, thinking that I was somewhere I had been only seven years ago, when in reality I lay alone, crying in the hospital bed.

    Yet Quinn had felt so alive in my grip. She had emotions. She could cry freely and experience pain. And I think she could love too. I felt it. I love that girl, even if Quinn was nothing more than a projection of a suffering child, I love Quinn more than I can bear to say.

    Isn't that horrible? I can't obtain a grip on reality. Colette is real. But she isn't the girl that I have wanted to claim as my own flesh and blood. She appears to be cold, distant, and it scares me more than I could ever admit. I trace my hand along to my back, where I can feel the scarred tissue running up my back. A tree, which wicked branches scorching my back. I took it all for her. I don't regret a thing.

    I can feel tears spilling out of my eyes once more as she claims me a fool. This girl is suffering as much as Quinn was, I can feel it. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around the girl in Colette's body and tell her that it was alright. That I was going to make sure she was well cared for. But now that I realize it, there is something cruel within her voice that makes me question what has happened before. I don't dare to lift my hands to wipe away the drying tears. No. I have come to accept that it's not going to stop at any point in the nearby future.

    "I may be foolish. I may have done all these things for you and Quinn because I felt love in my heart for someone who could never be real. But I refuse that to be the truth. And I still love you. Quinn, Colette, whoever you may be. It's not a waste of my time to make sure you are protected. To make sure you are cared for. Even if...even if you think I am foolish. I still love you." I turn away from her finally, rubbing my face roughly with the sleeves of my hospital gowns. It all hurts so much. "I-I don't think anything could change that."
  5. Hmm..... Well, I like the first picture, not sure about the second picture...but yea...

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    Oh, and let me know if you have any issues with my Game-Post I just made....
  6. John

    He wrapped up what he was doing as the guards rounded the corner. He was out of time. He slid under the platform and into the shadows before they could see him. He formed the words 'go out the way we came in and wait for me at the car. I'll be out promptly' appeared in front of her. As they appeared, the guards, now realizing their compatriots had left their posts, sounded the alarms.
  7. Blair

    A yell nearly came out of her lips and she had to place her hand over her mouth to lessen the sound “Oh I didn’t see that coming...” She claimed, glancing back up at him before saying “I-I thought you were going to be stuck back there.”
  8. ok ^^ have fun :3
    also I decided to have Reia start talking about herself in this post as your girl did mention wanting to get to know her.
    Some of my post is copied from the other rp some I redid :3 enjoy

    oh and yes poor poor Reia was nearly raped. Though perhaps taht should be, poor poor boy as when Ruby finds out I'm sure she is going to use her connections to make sure that boys life is a living hell
  9. Between pregnancy brain and still throwing up, I started something and didn't finish. I'll try to have it up a little later.
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  11. Jofie | Bartering Hall | Late Afternoon

    Interactions: Lanaya @VengefulPeanut

    Jofie eyed Lanaya's gloves wearily. He knew that she wouldn't do anything invasive or uneccessary, but he fucking hated letting people touch him, especially if he didn't plan it. Clenching his jaw and eyes dull, the Arbomite snorted and gave out a half-hearted shrug.

    "Fuck it. Do whatever you damn babysitters need to do. The sooner I can get the fuck out of here, the better," he grumbled. Today has just been a super wholesome, absolute wonderful, horrendous, and 'fuck I hate my life' of a ride. He could only hope all of the bullshit was finally over--at least for the next 24 hours. Jofie then quirked an eyebrow when he noticed Lysander wondering off. When he following the Unity Fighter's line of movement and...


    There's that fucker!

    Found you...

    A sadistic smile almost slithered across Jofie's, but he wiped it away at last second and forced his vision back on Lanaya. He waited (im)patiently for her to do whatever she needed to do. Once he wiggled free of these damn Unity Fighters, that high-and-mighty church fucker was gonna get it, one way or another.

    Just you wait, fucker.

  12. Kurureenu felt a bit of relief when she was assured that she was not late. The feeling was quickly replaced by a bit of irritation when her space was being invaded by the Amazon of a woman that accompanied them. She felt her cheeks heat up, unsure if it was her fire or just the lack of space between them. She carefully leaned away and raised a brow.

    "I don't believe you would operate any better as an alarm for me than anything else," she muttered, straightening back up when her space was returned to her.

    She watched the rest talk among each other while Etsy disappeared and then returned with a sweet for Dae'liska. The woman denied the treat when a portion was offered to her, partly to not entice the large blonde to anymore close contact but mostly because she still didn't have an appetite. Kurureenu fell in line with the rest of them, ready to move out, before she heard her hometown being mentioned.

    "I have family there," she murmured. "I'd assume they miss me..." The woman raised her gaze toward the other. "I haven't seen them in awhile, so I'm sure they'd look forward to having me stop by for a bit if we have time."
  13. Enjoy my friend. Knowing my love for these little dudes more are probably to come...
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  15. So anyways...I was trying to make a post, but ended up finding that picture. I think instead, I am going to work on a intro post to the angel rp.
  16. For the most part, yea. ^^

    Although, I meant for your girl to get Space. So I am removing it from my girl's list.

    Mmm....and your comment about Shadows was correct. So I will remove that to....

    So you need to add those two powers.....Mmmm....and I guess I will add a power to my list....or something...

    Mmm... and are you having your girl to stop aging at 18, but starting the rp at 16? (Just making sure I understand correctly)
  17. Hmmm....well the reason I suggest nature was cause 'virtual' was basically everything across the world computer-wise. It may only be the computers, but in a technology focus world....they are everywhere. Fire-can be anywhere, but not normally as widespread as computers. Since people generally put fire out. But yea, up to you.
  18. This is a bit of a longer post.

    Ilium is/was kind of a large world RP (120+ characters, 90+ unique players) so there's a lot of terminology thrown around here.

    Ilsa Lisbon, a guard captain for the snowy city of Aldus, left the city months prior to the events of this post to lead an expedition tasked with getting to the bottom of the strange and deadly occurrences happening in the city. She ends up gone longer than she anticipated, carrying urgent news to her nation's capital (Barvelle) and then helping them prepare for a siege as war looms. She returns home to Aldus after learning of more crazy shit happening in the city.

    While she was gone, a mad sage (Azareth) corrupted and played the city council into believing Ilsa was to blame for the bad shit happening in the city. Driven mad by magic, the council held a trial and, in Ilsa's absence, sentenced her daughter to death instead. They displayed her body outside the city walls.

    This post is Ilsa's return home.

    I feel I have a pretty strong grasp of scenic writing, putting together action sequences, letting characters play off each other and banter and stir up humor. But like the other post I put up in Writers Corner, I feel like my posts that are supposed to be emotional don't quite hit the mark. I think this post is good, but I think there are a lot of ways it could be better. Let me know what you think.

    (Also, the div box in the middle of the post is a YouTube video for music. Play it if you like, as I meant for it to accompany the writing. Or feel free to disregard and judge the post by writing alone. I timed the music so that it should play and swell approximately when you are hitting the emotional points, although your experience may vary depending on how quickly/slowly you read.)

    Pegulis, Chapter 6
  19. I'm not sure if writing tutorials and other similar content are allowed to have their own thread, but if they are I'd like to share the following with the clan. Here's a video I discovered a couple of years back that I immediately took to heart. I especially liked the message "the point of fiction is to cast a spell, a momentary illusion that you are living in the world of the story."

    I've incorporated that sentiment into a guideline to hold up against my writing. I often question - am I casting the write kind of spell with this scene? Is it as strong and as vivid as what I imagined? So far those types of questions have served me well. Anyway, I thought some of you storytellers might get something out of it too.