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  1. Hello there! My name is Yanaike, or rather it is the name of my favourite roleplaying character. I’m looking for a roleplay partner for either short or long term roleplays. I prefer to come up with a plot together rather than going with a pre-made plot. But because nobody seems to react to my plotless-RP-request threads, I’ve listed a couple of plots below which you can choose from. Nothing there that interests you or any ideas that popped up while reading my plots? Feel free to tell me your own ideas! I very much like adventure, low-fantasy, romance, drama and low-sci-fi (no outer space stuff). High-fantasy can also be interesting, but we really need to come up with a great plot to do that.

    About me
    • I try to respond at least once a day, but due to various activities irregularly throughout the day and due to timezone differences between us 4-5 times a week might be more accurate sometimes. On the other hand, if we’re both online at the same time and I have time off, you might expect multiple posts during the same day.
    • The length of my posts vary greatly. On average I try to write around 2-3 paragraphs consisting of 5-6 lines each. Intros and fillers might be a bit longer, and when our characters are in a conversation the length of my post might be a bit shorter. I try to match your post length as much as possible!
    • As for roleplaying level I consider myself to be somewhere between intermediate and elementary. Usually scenes and actions are very detailed inside my head but I often find myself struggling finding the right words to express these details.
    • English is not my native language, but my grammar is pretty much fine, my vocabulary has its limits though, which is why I use translators to look up some words.
    • My preference is to work with pre-made characters as I can better empathize with them and they are also more fleshed out then any new-made character. If I feel none of my pre-made characters fits a certain plot, I’ll either promote a previously used side character to main character, or I create a new character.
    • As for my main character I really prefer to play a female character. As for side characters, I can play anything you want me to.
    • I can be quite picky. If I feel something is not going to work, I’ll tell you straight to the point. That might sound a little bit harsh, but this is never meant as an offense or insult.
    • I really hate buzzing people. If you do not respond to me within a week, I’ll ignore you without warnings. If something is bothering you, you’re busy real life or you have a writer’s block, please tell me! Don’t leave me hanging in the dark!

    What do I expect from you?
    • Preferably at least 3-4 posts a week.
    • Post length doesn’t really matter. Quality does. Give me something to respond to! If you can do that with just one line be my guest, but usually at least 5-6 sentences are required.
    • Readable English.
    • A unique and interesting main character.
    • The ability to push the plot forward and contribute your own ideas as well as respond and pick from mine.

    1. The Random Housemate (fantasy meets modern reality)

    This plot has been taken already, but if you could add an interesting twist to the plot, I'm open for one more RP-partner doing this plot.

    I play character A (female), you play character B (male or female).

    Character A is a young adventurer from a fantasy world. She lives a very nomadic life, having few possessions and surviving with her thieving skills and magic. Dark mages are tracking her down and as such, she has to flee through a portal into the real world. Even though the dark mages are able to cross between worlds as well, they are not able to use their tracking spells in the real world. Character A hides in character B’s apartment. Character B can be anything, but I was thinking about either a gang leader or an overstressed teacher. In any case character B feels rather lonely and intentionally didn’t believe in magic at all. How will character B respond to character A’s sudden appearance?
    2. Moving on (modern reality, character development)

    I play character A (female), you play either character B (male) or character C (male or female).

    Character A and character B have been best friends (semi-lovers) during their high school years. They pretty much planned their future together: going to the same university and living together in the same house. But fate decides differently and while character A finishes high school, character B fails his last exams and has to repeat the last year of high school. Character B convinces her to move on though and they promise to skype every week. Character A moves to a student house. She is naïve and uncertain about herself, especially without character B. But everything changes when she meets character C. Character C helps her to gain more self-confidence and under his/her influence she changes from the shy nerdy girl she used to be into a party-animal. How will character B respond during their weekly skype-conversations? And is character C a real friend, like character B used to be?
    3. Sisters (modern reality, drama, character interaction, 18+ only)

    I play character A (female), you play either character B (male) or character C (female). The third character can either be controlled by both of us, or one of us can double with character B as a side character. I will only do this plot as long as you’re 18+ because of the more mature themes.

    Character B has been in love with character A since primary school but after constantly being rejected, he started dating her (younger) sister, character C instead. The latter two got engaged but one day before the wedding character B and character A have a one night stand, initiated by character A as an act of jealousy to her sister. Will character C find out that A was the one who took B’s virginity? And how will the relationships between the three of them play out after she does?
    4. Car-wreck in the sea (modern reality, vague idea)

    This is actually more of an idea, rather than a plot and needs your input too, to get it to work. There are multiple options for our characters, discussed below.

    This story would revolve around a car-wreck in the breakers of the sea. How the car-wreck came there is not important. What is important is a group of teens or young-adults who are completely spoiled by the luxury of modern life use this car-wreck as their hangout spot. They eat crips from plastic bags, drink soda from tin cans and do not care about environment at all. All they care about is ‘acting cool’ and their reputation and stuff like that.

    Our characters could either be both inside the group and about the dynamic between two of the group members. Or we could do insider vs outsider. Maybe someone who wants to join the group?
    5. Mysterious mansion (mystery, adventure, low-fantasy, dungeon-style RP)

    I kind of prefer to do a regular main character vs main character plot for now.

    This is a dungeon style RP. That means that one of us will play the protagonist (main character, character A) and the other one will play the ‘environment’ as well as all side characters. I kind of prefer to play the latter.

    Character A wakes up one day, to find himself on the side of the road. Unable to remember how he got there or what happened the day before and without any possessions that might help him, character A starts walking among the abandoned road in the hopes to find something familiar or a way to reach home. He finds a large mysterious mansion and rings the bell in the hopes he can make a call home. But, soon thereafter he’ll find himself trapped in the mansion with loads of rooms and its weird inhabitants.
    6. The Seductive Bartender (low-fantasy, modern-fantasy, romance)

    I play character A (female), you play character B (male)

    Character B is an influential and important man (for example: politics, teacher, boss of a large company etc.). He has long workdays and is usually in its office from early till late in the evening. Once a week, on Friday nights he gives himself a little treat and he visit his favourite pub. Why exactly he always goes there is not really known. Is it because the cheap drinks, the ambiance or because of the young attractive bartender, character A is a young attractive bartender that runs the pub? But who exactly is character A? Is she really who she seems to be? Or is she actually manipulating character B in such a way that she can use his influence to her own will?
    7. Just like when we were young (urban fantasy, modern-fantasy, low-fantasy, adventure)

    I play character A (female), you play character B (male or female)

    Children have huge imaginations. They see things that are not there and they perceive things differently. That hidden park could be like a secret oase, the small alleys are actually a labyrinth, and the old lady living on the second floor is actually a witch. This story is about two nostalgic young-adults, character A and character B that live in a large metropolis and go on a quest like children to find hidden places and small traces of magic within the city.
    8. Daughter (low-fantasy, adventure, far fetched idea)

    I like to come up with very crazy and far-imagined plots and this is one of them, so be warned before you start reading this! :p I'll play character A (female), you'll play character B (male).

    Imagine a young couple, character A and B, on a road trip. They take a break at a rest area/service station. Suddenly character A collapses, soon after that she starts to change, becoming younger among many other physical changes. When character A regains consciousness, she grins for a moment and soon after that she claims to be character B's daughter. Character B is confused. Character A then reveals her mission: to find her younger sister, and if Character B doesn't do what she tells him to do, he'll never see his lover again. Will character B help her? And why are the memories of the real character A slowly fading away as if it had been a dream? And who is the child's mother?
    9. Trapped (modern, low-fantasy?, drama, possibly romance, good vs evil)

    This is an idea revolving around character A (female) which I will be playing. Character B (male or female) has yet to be filled in. Below I'll give a couple of ideas which roles character B could fulfill, but feel free to come up with your own ideas as well!

    Character A is a young adult and a former (modern kind of) pirate's daughter. The pirate used to take her on his travels to show her around the world and learn to be a thief. One day character A got separated/lost. Without any papers/documents she gets trapped in the country with no way to reach home. Countless of attempts follow, at the embassy, airport and in the docks. But with no luck, she is still trapped within the borders of country X. She has completely lost faith in humanity and made it a hobby to see others suffer, using gadgets and modern technology.
    Is your character, character B, able to turn character A good again? Maybe with the involvement of magic, standing for hope? Or maybe your character helps my character just for his own gain?
    More plots will be added later…

    Below you find a small list of half-pairings. I will play the character on the left, the descriptions are referring to pre-made characters. You can fill in whatever role you think will fit.
    • Scout/thief/witch x …
    • Messenger x …
    • Bartender x …
    • University student x …
    • Genie x …
    • Succubus/demon x …
    • Sister x …
    • Dumb person x …
    • Ninja x …
    • Camp-leader x …
    • Journalist x …
    • Technician/gadget girl x …
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  2. Hi!

    I'd like to play plot:
    5. Mysterious mansion (mystery, adventure, low-fantasy, dungeon-style RP)
    as Character A.

    BTW: Could Character A be a female for that plot?
  3. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still looking! :)
  4. Since my current RP's are kind a slow I'm bumping, reopening, reviving this thread again! Currently I'm searching for one more RP-partner, for either short- or long term.

    Also, I did some updates to my first post, including 2 fresh new plot-ideas. Feel free to contribute your own ideas as well, if you feel like they match my style.
  5. Before I go any further, I have to ask if romance is going to be a requirement.
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