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  1. I'm looking for a long term RP partner to submerge me into a world of our creation, whether that is present day, supernatural, or otherwise.

    I'm looking for romance, lingering, burning and passionate romance, a lot of smut and a lot of plot. I want it all.

    I'm looking to play a female, happy for a female or male partner.

    I play sub or dom characters and happy to mix things up.
    My only hard limits are scat, incest, and child molesting.
    I write pretty explicitly and expect the same from my partner.

    I'm only really looking for one long term partner right now, so if you're interested in this PM me, I'll want to ask a lot of questions, get to know you a little about your RP style so I can make the right decision.

    I'd hate to start a RP with someone and them to leave or me to be uninterested so I find honesty is most important.
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  2. If I'm worthy, I'd like to try to be this partner for you.
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  3. I would be honored to fulfill this offer if I am worthy. :D
  4. I would love to start an RP with you.
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