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  1. I'm seeking partners who can:
    • play multiple characters, if needed
    • post at least once a day
    • play dominate characters
    • use real life pictures for characters when doing character sheets
    • be comfortable with me playing mostly submissive characters
    I'm only interested in MxM and FxF roleplays currently.

    Celebrity x Fan
    Professor x Student
    Open x Closeted
    Transgender x Transgender
    Master x Butler
    Mistress x Maid
    Boss x Employee
    Stalker x Stalked
    Best Friends
    Villain x Superhero
    Spouse x Spouse's Ex-spouse


    Orphan Black
    Orange Is the New Black
    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
  2. I think polyamory is fun to Rp :P
    I like both M x M and F x F - I also like Sherlock, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.
  3. Up for something polyamorous involving Doctor Who? PM me perhaps?
  4. Villain x superhero? I'm enticed. I have some ideas for that
  5. Great. Send me a PM with what you have in mind?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.