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Hi! I'm ChaoticPeace, though I'm open to whatever nicknames you may like. I'll try to keep this brief so you can get right into the meat of this search!
As a note, my rules section will probably make me sound like a dick but I'm really not that mean. ;-;

About me:
○ Female
○ Under 18 (though I don't care about the age of my partners)
○ Fairly active - one post every few days at the least generally speaking (though I'm really chill if you need longer than that)
○ Been roleplaying for four years
○ Adept-Advanced level of writing
○ Again, really chill. I'm totally open to change or different ideas if you're willing to discuss them.

○ MxF only for romantic relationships - genderbending is an option.
○ No lemons/explicit sexual content. Flirting, suggestive comments and fading to black is alright, but a full out sec scene is not. If anything makes me uncomfortable I will let you know.
○ Intermediate skill level at the least - I expect decent grammar and a fair grasp of spelling. Nothing perfect, but passable. I won't take one liners under any circumstances and our roleplay won't last long if you try to make me do so.
○ Please tell me if you want to cancel. I won't be mad, but if you don't tell me I'll probably nag you.
○ Doubling is great. Not required, but great.
○ PMs = threads.

Fair warning, most of these will require romance - preferably CanonxOC
{My OCxcanon in brackets and Your OCxCanon of your choice for doubling}
♥'s indicate cravings


○ One Piece (Luffy) [I am not caught up - currently I'm on Punk Hazard]
○ Persona 4: The Animation (Yosuke)
○ Meganebu! (Akira)


○ How To Train your Dragon (Hiccup | Snotlout)
○ Big Hero 6 (Hiro)
○ Treasure Planet (Jim) ♥

Video Games:

○ The Legend of Zelda (Link | Ghirahim) [Almost any or an original plot]
○ Hyrule Warriors (Link | Ghirahim)
○ Bully: Scholarship Edition (Jimmy)
○ Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
○ Life is Strange (Warren)
○ Harvest Moon (Varies) [Almost any or an original]
○ Story of Seasons (Fritz)
○ Rune Factory 4 (Doug or Vishnal) [Original plot with canons preferred]

Some of these will require romance but for a few romance will be optional (Various plots may be used in the case of doubling)
♥'s indicate cravings


○ Dark elves are known by most to be fearsome and ruthless creatures. Most shun them and even the bravest avoid the vicious race. | Plot A: Using that fear the their advantage, the dark elves have decided to start a war. Power hungry, they seek to expand their kingdom by taking over the others of the land and forcing those who dwell in them out. Of course, no one is willing to go down without a fight... | Plot B: However, drow and light creatures alike must come together to fight off an ancient evil that threatens both of their worlds. The animosity between them won't make this easy, however... ♥♥♥♥ (Like either one of these please) [Romance not required but many pairings possible]


○ It had been unthinkable for a woman to become a knight for as long as anyone could remember. Character A, however, didn't care. She had been determined to become a knight since her young childhood and nothing was going to stop her. So, when she becomes old enough, Character A disguises herself as a boy and attempts to join the ranks. Of course, this doesn't go without a hitch. Physical exams, even speaking proves to be a problem. Fortunately for Character A, however, Character B, their childhood friend, just so happens to be their instructor. Character B is willing to keep the secret, though not without cost. [Character AxCharacter B - love triangles possible]

○ A young commoner leaves her home to work as a servant in the castle in an attempt to provide for her poor family. What she counts on is low pay for hard work, but what she doesn't count on is the king taking an interest in her. Being a wife to the king is not what she signed up for and she already has a lover back in her home town, though there is no guarantee that they will ever meet again; especially if the king gets word of their relationship. [KingxServant, KingxServantxCommon lover] ♥

○ Pirates are the scourge of the seven seas, the most evil of all evils. The very mention of them is enough to set grown men to shiver. However, when a bounty is put on a princess' head by a rival kingdom a fairly powerful group of pirates are quick to take the job, interested in the large sum of money offered. Kidnapping the princess is no easy task but eventually they do it. Rightfully the princess is horrified but gradually things don't seem as bad as they started off... [Princess/PrincexPirate, BetrothedxPrincess/princexPirate]


○ Character A is nervous to go to a new school, but find themselves surprised to meet a new friend very quickly. Their new friend amazingly seems to like everything they like and is there for them unconditionally. Things are great for Character A until they notice strange things happening. Other people they have tried to make friends with steer clear of them and some of their belongings have begun to go missing. Small things, barely enough to notice, but it's happening. Character A's friend approaches these concerns with an innocent smile and suggests that it's simply stress, all in Character A's head, but Character A knows that something is up. (Character AxYandere)
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Interested in your Modern plot with the Yandere. c:
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