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  1. A blubtastic day to everyone who reads this,

    Now that I have caught your attention. Hi, I’m WishfulNemo, call me Nemo. No, I’m not the fish, I’m an impersonator, a fake fish. Abusing the fame of the cutest orange striped fish to catch your attention. However, to get on topic, I’m looking for partners to write with. Not many, just a few. Please continue reading to see what I offer and what I expect from you. The first points shall cover the aforementioned information, at last I shall introduce the plots I have in mind. Roles aren't tied to one gender and I'm open to discuss whatever pairing you have in mind. Of course you are also allowed to introduce your own plots to me if you like these better, or we can mix and blend the plots together. Our creativity will be our only limit here~

    About me:
    • Ambitious know-it-all college student.
    • Still not a fish.
    • Fine with playing either gender. I do like to balance however, so if I believe that I’ve been playing a lot of (fe)males lately I will go for the other role to even it all out.
    • A slow writer and a busy person. I’m involved in multiple other role plays (groups and 1x1’s), co-modding one group role play, and in the progress of planning my own group role play. I also decided to join NaNoWriMo, which is obviously demanding my attention as well. Asides from that I’m still a student.
    • Replies vary from multiple times a week, to once a week, and sometimes even slower. It depends on how busy I’m myself and how lively the role plays I’m involved with are.
    • I write multiple paragraphs. I just got out of my novel phase, where every single post was unnecessarily long. Nowadays the length varies from multiple paragraphs to novel sizes according to how much there is to write about.
    • English isn’t my native language. It ranks somewhere around third or fourth, depending on how you count it. I do, however, always make sure to proofread my posts.
    • I don’t do smut. I’m also, quite possibly the worst romance player there is. So, unless you have lots and lots of patience, and you are in for a romance that develops itself so painfully slow that you want to smash their heads together for a kiss, I’m perfect~ Pairings are up for discussion, but I must admit that I have little to no experience with MxM and FxF pairings.
    • Check out my role play resume for more details!
    What I want from you:
    • A person who will treat me as a person and understands that they will have to wait before I reply, but isn’t afraid to check up on me regularly either. I shall repay you with the same kindness.
    • Dedication. I want to write and role play and actually finish it. If you have the same mindset I would love to hear from you. I also wish to have a role player who isn’t afraid to tell me they want to drop the role play. I’m going to be sad, but not quite as frustrated as I would be if you left me in the dark.
    • Someone who is versatile, creative and forward. I will ask and expect a lot from you since there is only two of us to make the story. I do the same with myself. What I ask from you is, that you are able to adapt to new (unexpected) twists in role plays, that you can provide me with plot twists as well, that you are capable of developing a plot with me, and unafraid to take the lead or to surprise me. I will repay and respond to you with the same qualities and enthusiasm.
    • Someone who can respond with multiple, solid, paragraphs (+/- seven/eight sentences a paragraph) and can at least read and write the English language on an intermediate level.

    1. Rumpelstiltskin
    As the name says it this is a story based on the fairy tale of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. Who said that by knowing someone’s name makes them a friend? One could even make friends without knowing the other’s name. Set in the modern day world involving two people who become friends. This could happen over an online forum, thus the internet. My idea, however, was, to make it more complicated, because I love complicated, that they know of each other in real life, become friends, but never asked for the name of the other. Or something else in the same fashion. Really.

    2. The Ugly Duckling [Uninterested]
    Another fairy tale adaptation! This one has two directions we can go into. Character A was never considered a beauty when young. Nose too big, perhaps a little chummy. When growing up into puberty things got all a little awkward because of the hormones. Severe acne, hair everywhere, a weird odour always hanging around them. Shortly put, Character A was the freak show of the school. Character B, however, always had been graced with good looks.

    • Story 1) They frequently taunted A for it as well. However as they graduate high school and skip a few years forward A suddenly has changed a lot! Seems like they were a late bloomer, but of no matter. B, who is still looking good as ever suddenly grows interested in A, not realising that it is the very same person they had once taunted. A knows, however, so how will A react?
    • Story 2) B made a silly bet with their friends. They have to take the freak of school, which is A, and turn them into one of them. Everyone thinks it is impossible, so does B, but a bet is a bet and they have no other choice but to do their best.
    3. Childhood friends
    Character C and D were best friends when they were kids. Almost inseparable. So when D has to move away they were devastated. They promised to frequently write to each other. However, as years pass the letters started to fade away as well until all contact was lost between them. Almost one decennia later D suddenly returns to the town, grown up and ready to start over again. C, who has always stayed around in the town is eager to rekindle their old friendship again. D is however less enthusiastic, even going as far as to pretend as if they don’t have any memory of C.

    4. I shall await your response… [Very interested!]
    Based on ‘De Fictiefabriek’ [The Fiction Factory] from D. Stapel & A.H.J Dautzenberg. Character E has fallen hard. They decide to write Character F, a stranger whose name and address they happened to find and pick up on. Character F initially has no idea what to do with E, but sympathising with their situation they decide to offer an ear. However, what started out as an exchange between a venter and a spectator soon turns into an intimate correspondence between two.

    • This role play shall mostly happen in letter format.

    5. Spiderlily [Very Interested!]
    This one is somewhat harder to play out, since the characters won’t be interacting with each other directly. Character G and H were former lovers who separated through a particularly bad break-up (up for discussion). Both are trying to live their lives separated from each other, but can’t help but feel that everything they do, come across and touch reminds them of the other. Meeting new people, facing new challenges, they keep on thinking of the other. Will they be able to move on without the other?

    • The idea here is that we weave past and present through each other. Character G and H both are living their lives in the present time without the other, this can be years after the break up, or very recent. However, with everything they do they are reminded of the other again, which expresses itself in flashbacks. How these flashbacks are filled is up to the author themselves, the other will have to respond to it accordingly like how it goes in actual role playing, we don’t discuss this except from some general details.
    6. Inception//To The Moon [Taken]
    As the name suggest this is a plot based on the movie Inception and the game; 'To The Moon' and thus involve infiltrating dreams. Character I and J are specialise themselves in dream infiltration and manipulation. Though both use it for different means. So is I a medically licensed sleep doctor whose goal is to help patients with sleep problems get a better night of sleep. Character J is, however, involved in a less moral and legal side of dream infiltration and manipulation. The two of them happen to enter the same dream of a patient/client/victim and from there it all goes terribly wrong because of the 'subconscious'.

    • Roles are up for discussion. It doesn't need to be a medic and J doesn't need to be a hooligan of dreams.
    7. Atlantis

    A group of pirates are looking for the greatest treasure when they suddenly are swept up in a mysterious storm and find themselves in a city underwater. / A float of marines on a mission / Shipmen in general / etc...

    The people of Atlantis have lived in peace, away from the 'land dwellers'/'air breathers'/'[insert clever name to describe them]' and their fickle ways until an unruly group suddenly strands/lands/etc... in their city.

    The first interaction between the people of the sea and the land after generations. How will this go?

    8. Maundy Thursday // Watashitachi No Shiawase na Jikan [Tears guaranteed!]
    Based on the manga and the movie adaptation. A story between a prisoner on death row and suicidal person who has been forced to do volunteer work by their aunt the nun. The two start off on sour terms, but slowly warm up to each other, unaware of when the prisoner is to be put to death and slowly learning to appreciate life despite its flaws.

    9. Hotarubi no Mori E [Tears guaranteed!]
    Based on the manga one shot and short movie. The story of a forest spirit who will disappear when touched by a human and a human child who gets lost in the forest the spirit lives in. As the years pass the human child grows up and returns to the forest each summer, playing, talking, bonding with the spirit...

    And if all else fails; https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/albums/character-depot.719/ [Rather not]
    If you don't see any role plays you like you may also take a look in my character vault and see if there is anyone you like there! I will be adding characters as I go on, but most of these characters you see in the album were meant for role plays that never started, or died prematurely, leaving me with unused characters. For that reason as well most of these characters are built after some sort of universe, setting, etc... Read along to see if you like any and have an idea for them. I would love to hear from you.

    Seen anything of your interest? Leave a response down below! c:
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  2. I'd love to do either Childhood friends or the Rumpelstiltskin idea. Both sound amazing and I haven't done an RP in a while. PM me if you're interested.
  3. ok. Let me know if you change your mind.
  4. Hello there!
    If you're still looking, I would be happy to do either 'The Ugly Ducking' or 'Childhood Friends' plot.

    If you're interested, please reply to me, and I'll send you a PM.
  5. Hello! I was immediately enticed when I started to see your plot ideas, especially Rumplestiltskin and Inception/To The Moon. I am new to the site here, so I do not have many examples of my writing so far, but if you have any questions, pm me! ​
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