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Lets role-play! ^3^

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Marie katelynn, Dec 15, 2014.

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  1. Lets role-play ^3^!
    *Slice of life
    -Animes- (OWN CHARACTERS)
    *SAO (Sword art online)
    *Soul eater
    *Durarara (Not an OC)
    -Random ONE X ONE-
    Elf (princess, prince) X Human (Prince, princess)
    Yandere X Tsudere
    Killer X Cop
    Kidnapper X Kidnapped
    Brother X Sister

    Plots! blue for male and Pink for female
    (which means which gender i will be playing)
    The suicidal
    (Your character) a normal girl that lives in a normal neighbor hood runs into mason, a suicidal boy who your mother, a therapist is 'babysitting' when his mom is gone. In the process of this (your character) and mason meet for the first time. She dislikes him at first since her and her family are wealthy and she thinks he is just a low class who is weak but he adores her. Will they fall in love?

    The bad boy and singer
    (Your name) is a bad boy in school but one day he gets a job at a cafe. After a while a girl comes in and begs the manager for a job, so they make her sing for the peoples entertainment.
    Instead of falling in love with her at first sight, he hates her.
    He calls her annoying and picks on her till she cries, till she tells him the truth about her, making him understand her life and sooner or later of course falls in love with her. Maybe?

    The height between us
    Kyle a 5'5 male with a temper hotter then hell and passion deeper then the deep seas of the pacific.
    Falls in love with his childhood best friend (Your name) a 5'8 sweet heart that has every boy at her feet.
    but since shes dating someone she can not, making kyle shut her out alot and ignore her since she started to date the other male. Will they get together?


    Those are the only plots i have! if you have any! tell me!

    Any way, if you would like to role-play any of these then like this post and comment on this thread or PM me and i will message you just as fast!
    BTW My role-plays can get very smutty, if thats not your thing, just tell me.
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  2. Hello! I'd like to do the "suicidal" One, I think, on the condition that your character is just suicidal over something normal like bullying, and not anything really messed up or creepy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.