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  1. "So you think you got what it takes to be a rock star? We'll see about that…"

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    IC Thread
    THE PREMISE You're an aspiring musician, or maybe you just jam for fun. That's how this whole band started out: just a handful of acquaintances getting together once a week or so to make some noise in the garage. It wasn't serious, you did a few cover songs, you had members drift in and out, and every once in a while you'd get up the energy to play live at a bar somewhere. That was until Vince came along. Vincent Hall joined your band and starting writing original songs and music, and while his personality was too intense for some of the casual members he was an inspiration to the serious musicians. Soon the cover band evolved into a punk rock group consisting of sincere artists who were eager to do whatever it takes to make it big. Are you driven enough to keep up with them?
    FOCUS The focus of the story is intended to center around the relationships between the band members and their friends as they navigate the treacherous and insanely competitive world that is the modern music industry. The story will begin with the band already established and playing gigs seriously in clubs and bars around town. The band already has quite a following with the locals but they haven't yet reached celebrity status.
    BAND RULES1. You, the players, get to name the band
    2. Other than work the band comes first, if you're serious about being a musician you have to act like it
    3. The band is a team and everyone must be able to put aside their personal problems when it comes to practice
    4. Although never officially elected, Vince Hall is recognized as the band's leader (you'll meet him soon enough)
    5. It is an unspoken rule that no one band member is allowed to date another
    RULES AND POSTING EXPECTATION1. Be sure to participate OOC, ask questions, become acquainted with your fellow players, and contribute to story and character development
    2. All Iwaku rules apply, you know what they are
    3. It's my job to help you, if you're having trouble coming up with a post or want to take on a more significant role just contact me in this thread or via PM and we can work together
    4. "Advanced" does not translate to "wall of text" in my book, I simply want to see you put effort into the story and take some initiative in moving the plot forward

    Let's all be friends and have some fun
    CHARACTER CREATIONThe main characters of this roleplay are the band members but that does not mean they are the only important characters. Things to remember when creating your character: you are not famous, you might live at home or with other people, you work, you have friends outside the band. That being said, feel free to create supporting characters in addition to a band member, they can be family, friends, or a significant other. Not all supporting characters require a character sheet so don't feel obligated to make one, just be sure to list them on your initial character sheet.

    All character sheets must be submitted directly to me, the GM, via PM for pending acceptance. Write your character's first name followed by "audition" as the subject, e.g. "Vincent's Audition". Once I say your character is accepted you may post them officially in this thread and I will list all accepted characters at the bottom of this post for easy reference.

    Suggested Roles
    Rhythm Guitarist
    Bass Guitarist
    Other Suggestion

    Offstage Roles

    You may audition for more than one role though ultimately you will be assigned a role according to the band's needs. Feel free to ask questions about role assignment.

    Character Sheet

    [Character image, realistic photo preferred]
    Name: [first/last]
    Role: [list the role(s) your character is applying for]
    Occupation: [you don't make a living off your music yet, so how do you pay the bills?]
    Years of Experience: [list music and/or band experience]
    Identity: [what does your character think of themself versus what do others tend to think of them]
    Family/Relationships: [non-band-members]
    Brief Bio: [anything significant about their personal life/history]
    Bandships: [relationship to other band members--do not fill out this section until your character is accepted]

    Audition: [please write a short paragraph describing your character playing their instrument of choice, your voice is also considered an instrument]

    THE BANDRob Lowell; Lead Vocals ~ Potatocat
    Tam Sanchez; Guitar and Vocals ~ Vales Velvet
    Vince Hall; Guitar, Songwriter, Fearless Leader ~ Clirkus
    Nausicaä Quasimodo; Bass ~ VerbalAbuse
    Solomon Redtler; Keyboard ~ Krimp
    Daphne Davidson; Drums, Songwriter, Part-time Manager ~ Alice Falling
    Alexandrina Steele; Full-time Manager ~ Cephalo
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  2. Ooh, looks great! I'll have a CS up for a keyboardist shortly. Seeing as piano is what I do for a living, there should be some sorta translatable knowledge happening there.

    I mean, classical piano and punk rock aren't that different, right?


    Heh. Anyways, watch this space!

    EDIT: Actually, don't watch this space because we're PMing sheets and not posting them here. I totally didn't forget about that.
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  3. You just raised what I feel is an important question. Namely, what happens if two people both make a CS for the same role? I assume that one of the two will have to edit their CS to fill in another role, but depending on the CS that could very well take more than just swapping the instrument.
  4. There are two ways to go about this. One is to announce the role you're applying for here so that others will know which roles are more likely to be available. The second is that it's not necessarily bad to have more than one person in the same role, lots of bands have more than one rhythm guitar etc. Ultimately I'll be assigning roles based on your CS (which is why you can apply a character for more than one role too) and what I think will be the best fit.

    Since there aren't a whole lot of you I'm sure it won't be difficult to make sure everyone gets a role they're happy with.
  5. Well, this was up quick.

    I think I'm going to try for a songwriter, the manager and/or a string. So, uh, just putting this as a heads up.

    EDIT: I'm going for manager
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  6. By having the OOC up early I hoped to get some more attention. Plus I'd like to wait until all character submissions are in before accepting so it'll still be a while on the IC.
  7. *pokes head in* This looks like fun. I think I'll be PMing my character's audition for vocalist in a bit, if that's alright.
  8. Of course, I look forward to seeing it.
  9. Mine's pretty much done! I started writing it before I got home... Then I got home found out how messy it is and have been cleaning up ever since haha. Might just finish it up now, actually.
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  10. I'm interested! I will be PMing my CS in a bit for rhythm guitarist and I was thinking back up singer as well?
  11. Okay! Just keep in mind only one character can be a band member, but you can audition for multiple roles with that character.
  12. Indeed what I was intending
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  13. So, I'd like to make my character a metal-inspired cellist. The roles of bass, rhythm or lead guitars could be filled with it. Trust me, electric cellos are versatile as all hell.
  14. Oh boy will I vouch for this, 100%. Man, the things you can do with one of those bad boys...

    Also, replace 'versatile' with 'badass' and it is also 100% true.
  15. I'd love to see that!
  16. The use of the word 'versatile' was not intended to rule out the potential use of the word 'badass'. I wish only that I weren't so poor so I could take one of these bad boys and never leave my bedroom again. *Queue the Apocalyptica jams*

    I'd love to see it too. So ima do it. YA AIN'T GONNA STOP ME, GM!!! I'M A REBEL AND I'LL LET EVERYONE KNOW IT!!!
  17. Character sheet sent! :wave:
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  18. If still available i will be sending out a pm for a drummer spot!
  19. Not sure if performing an action endorsed be the GM can be counted as rebellion but this is rock and roll...

    I'll be watching for it.
  20. Probably wouldn't be considered much of a rebellion anymore to play rock and roll since a lot of parents encourage children participating in those kinds of groups. A lot of people grew up with Doobie Brothers or Guns n Roses after all.

    I was in a kid band once when I was 13, I had just picked up the bass a few months earlier, and only one of the three other members actually wanted to be there. The other two were basically there only because their parents wanted to fantasize their rockstar lives through our little performances. Luckily, the other guy that cared was both vocalist and drummer so it was incredibly easy to carry the band together. Bassists and drummers typically get along famously.

    That was totally off topic but meh, rock story is a rock story.
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