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Let's Ride Into the Sunset Together (OoC and Sign-

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by mr_pibbs, Jul 13, 2016.

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    "Well, howdy there, stranger! Don't reckon I've ever seen you 'round these parts. 'Llow me to introduce miself; name's Pibbles... Or at least, that's what they call me. Y'all can just call me 'yer trusty Game Master'!

    Let me be the first to welcome ya'll to the town 'a Hopesville; the quaintest little community this side 'a Iowa!

    Now I know what yer thinkin'; "Pibbles, y'all don't mean the same Hopesville that's been known as 'the Devil's County', do ya?" Well I gots news for ya; they're one and the same! But that was a long time 'go, things're different now!

    The people 'a Hopesville have been workin' hard to make sure the past stays in the past, an' so far it's worked! Violence in town has gone down nearly a hundred-percent, the rate of Injuns attackin' anyone wanderin' through the outskirts isn't as high, an' in general, things're been quiet 'round these parts for nearly ten years this August!

    Now's the perfect time to find your place in the world, and what better place to start a new life then in Hopesville?

    Well, I'd better get going, but before I leave ya, here's a few things y'all need to get sorted out before ya get too comfortable!"

    • 1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues


2. Maximum of 2 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM

      3. Characters can and (in some cases) probably WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."


4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (well, not all of us)

      5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.

      6. If you're playing a villain character, make sure that you're willing to cooperate with me (otherwise, the plot is just gonna get jumbled and things get complicated).

      7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. GM abilities include: Character Manipulation (mind control/puppetering), Insta-Killing other player's Characters, etc. We all know what these are so we should be good.


8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic)

      9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)


10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie*. Also, include the words "Gonna Paint a Wagon!" in your "Other" section so I know who's read the rules.


11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody proceeds to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

      12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!
    • 1. Matthias Altresian - mr_pibbs








      -- Waitlist --








    • Name: (First, Last. Middle name and Nicknames are optional).

      Age: (16-48).

      Appearance: (Put any images of them here: the outfit they wear, their face, etc. I’d prefer everyone use real(istic) images for their Faceclaim, but I’m fine with drawn/animated images if you're really struggling!)

      Biography: (Tell us about your character. Minimum of 3 paragraphs).

      Weapons: (Optional, if you want to give your character a weapon).

      Occupation: (Optional, if your character actually has a job).

      Other: (include any additional information here)

    • image.jpeg


      Matthias Altresian




      Matthias was born as the second son in a family of four, being the youngest sibling. His mother was a school teacher who was well known throughout Hopesville for her specialty summer treat; spiced peaches. His father was a small-time cattle rancher who set up shop just out by the Hopes Pass rock formation, about a mile or two away from the town of Hopesville. Finding a moderate amount of success by selling both produce and meat, Atticus (Matt's father) eventually began to expand his inventory. Hiring on some more hands, Atticus eventually managed to acquire various fruits and vegetables, wheat, and additional animals such as pigs, sheep, and a few horses for the farm. As profits began to rise, Atticus and his wife, Beatrice (Matthias' mother), decided to start a family. Over the course of the next 5 years, the happy couple had four children; Phillip, Sarah, Clara, and Matthias. While his older siblings were only separated age-wise by one year, Matthias' conception was actually unplanned and as a result, he is two years younger then Clara.

      Unfortunately by the time Matthias was 6, a wave of tragedy began to strike his family. Shorty after Matthias' birthday, Beatrice was stricken with tuberculosis and died shortly after Christmas. He never truly got over losing his mother at such an early age, but Matthias always honoured her memory by continuing to sell her spiced peaches. Around this time, Phillip left the farm to purse work on the railroad while Sarah and Clara stayed behind to tend to her father. Matthias also stayed, promising to help his father tend to the farm until Phillip came back and claimed it as his inheritance.

      When Matt was 12, Phillip finally came home... In a casket. While constructing a dangerous section of the railroad which stretched over a gorge, Phillip's safety restraints came loose and he plummeted 100 feet to the ground below. The impact killed him instantly, breaking his legs and snapping his neck all in one swift movement. Atticus was grief stricken, having lost both his wife and his son, but he was guided through his grief with the assistance of his remaining children. Knowing Matthias had done such an amazing job on the farm, Atticus promised that when he died, Altresian Flats would be left to Matt.

      Finally, when Matthias was 17, the line of tragedy amongst his family finally ended. While travelling back to town from a cattle drive down in Montana, Atticus and Clara were unexpectedly apprehended by outlaws, who raided their cart, stole the remaining cattle, and killed Matthias' father. They also abducted Clara and presumably made her into a wife, before her body was found discarded in a cave close to the town of Penbrook (west of Hopesville).

      Matthias and Sarah were grief stricken, having lost almost their entire family in a matter of 11 years, but knew they had to be strong. They were still alive and they had each other and the ranch, which now belonged to Matthias.

      In the years that followed, Matthias and his sister managed to keep their profits and managed to acquire a modest 'fortune', but they still live within their means. Sarah got married to one of her old school friends and moved to the town of Penbrook to live on his farm. To this day, Matthias continues to run Altresian Flats, but things have been slightly tougher ever since the mayor of Hopesville began to pester Matt about selling the land to him. The farm was Matthias' birthright, so he had no intention of selling it... But that hasn't stopped the mayor from constantly pestering the young rancher about it.


      * A single-action revolver given to him by his father
      * A Hunting Rifle, which he uses primarily for hunting (but he's been known to carry it around while on patrol).


      Sole owner and farmhand at Altresian Flats, while he acts as a 'Deputy Sheriff' in his spare time.


      Matthias owns a Border Collie named Maxwell, who he absolutely adores.

      (Pictured below; Maxwell, a 4 year old Border Collie).


      He's not married, as he's waiting to find the right woman who isn't just after his farm-profits.

      Matt also has grown to dislike the Mayor of Hopesville, as he's been demanding that Altresian Flats become property of the town so 'everyone' came benefit from it (but Matthias believes he only wants the profits for himself).
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  2. Would anyone be interested in co-owning or running a tavern that was half inn half brothel? I figure they'd maybe be in the same building as it would be beneficial to both. Alcohol and girls bringing men to the tavern and the girls getting to entertain the men. I'm looking to make my character the brothel owner.
  3. Sure, i can do that i thought about making second character an innkeeper anyways.
  4. Awesome. Once you get to making it maybe we can PM a little and talk about what kind of relationship they have.
  5. @WitchesRayvyn i'll start working on the char tomorrow when i get back to my computer
  6. Name: Otto Bearbaum

    Age: 30.

    Face (open)

    clothing (open)

    Otto stands at an even six feet and weights in at two hundred pounds.

    Biography: Otto was born in western Bohemia to a seamstress mother and a tracker father, his father and his father before had learned how to track animals and had passed it down from generation to generation. Otto learned these skills and had a rather normal childhood besides becoming friends with a local lords son which in turn led to his first job. The father of Otto's friend, the local lord was a avid hunter and found that the skills Otto was being taught by his father we're useful in these hunts after Otto helped track down one of the lord's horses when it had gotten out of it's corral. This was also where Otto learned to shoot a rifle as the lord had found it pertinent that the young man who was tracking for him was a skilled marksman, Otto took to this like a fish to water as he found the use of gun came naturally to him while he was also taught how to use a knife to dress any game that the lord took. Otto did this for multiple years for ten in fact from the age of six to sixteen he built his knowledge of tracking and hunting, he had learned how to disappear in a forest or on a plain so that no animals would be startled by him and life was good for Otto and his family with the income he made from helping the lord along with his father's and mother's work but all good things end. One harsh winter after another had hit his home a year before his sixteenth birthday and when the harvest arrived it was rather poor, the harsh winters and the bad harvest led to a bad outbreak of scarlet fever throughout his village. Fortunately for Otto he had been sent out by the local lord to buy equipment for an upcoming hunt that was to start at the end of summer but Otto had been stuck in the city where he was buying the equipment as their was a shortage and he had to wait a month for the supplies to arrive, when he had returned to his home he found it almost completely devoid of people besides a few of the farmers who had lived on the outskirts of the village. For Otto it was tragic as the Lord and his son were both dead along with Otto's parents, he struggled with himself for a month after he was told of all this even contemplating taking his own life at one point but those thoughts passed through his mind with out a second thought as he resolved to move on.
    Otto spent sometime moving about the territories that made up the Holy Roman Empire (the areas that are part of greater Germany) taking odd jobs to sustain himself but living a rather dead end existence as he always felt out of place in the larger cities, he had been helping in a tavern one day when he had overheard a few of the patrons speaking of America a land where you were in charge of your own destiny and that you could be what ever you wanted to be. This sounded rather appealing to Otto and as he had nothing keeping him in Europe so he resolved to go and make the journey.
    It took him a few months to buy a ship ticket but when he did he didn't wait for anything and was on the first ship he was able to find to America. The trip was long but Otto had used the time to learn a small amount of English from one of the other passengers who spoke both German and English and while he was by no means a master of the language when he had arrived to America he was proficient at it. Otto's life became a whirl wind when he got there, he joined a wagon train west to St.Louis where he met a bounty hunter but the name of John who took Otto under his wing and taught him how to be a hunter of men and how to speak English rather fluently though his accent was still there. Otto helped John for a few years before John's died of cancer when Otto was twenty one, Otto took up the bounty hunting business after John's death but still hunts animals for money as well and he has slowly been making his way northwest trying to stay ahead of the large number of settlers filling in the land.

    Weapons: Otto uses a Hawken rifle most of the time when hunting and normally when he goes after a bounty as he prefers to ambush and take his targets dead rather then alive.
    For personal protection and in the even a bounty gets to near to him he has two Colt Paterson pistols that had cost him quite a bit of money to buy.
    Finally Otto has a seven inch knife on his person at all times.

    Occupation: Hunter and bounty hunter along with and odd jobs he chooses to do.

    Other: But painting wagons is no fun friend, why would I paint a wagon?​
    • Name: Kate Barlow

      Age: 25

      Appearance: 42ac170900396d354d832ee3ed7788a3.jpg

      Biography: (Tell us about your character. Minimum of 3 paragraphs).

      Weapons: Two pistols, throwing dagger and a knife

      Occupation: Outlaws not a real Occupation persay

      Other: (include any additional information here)
  7. So is Hopesville a pretty established place or has it just started rebuilding? I only ask because depending on how 'established' it is would depend on what the tavern/saloon/brothel would look like.
  8. Name: Hector St. James

    Age: 34

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Biography: Hector St. James was given the post office of Hopesville after years of delivering mail across the nation to the town. He’s claims himself to be a mastered horseman, a vaquero who only wanted a better, safer life to live after years of running with a small crew of outlaws.
    While he never did anything illegal, Hector found himself in many situations with his old crew that could have had him sentenced to jail or execution. Thankfully, Hector always seemed to know when trouble was about to arise and would make a timely disappearance from his crew. He's a kind man with a huge heart, never able to do the despicable actions his old crew committed on a monthly bases. Hector was always conflicted with leaving the group, but each time he tried, he found himself at the center of unwanted attention due to his appearance. Finally, he was given an answer to his conflicts as he found his crew dead by the hands of natives or the sheriffs.

    Hector took that moment at age 25 as a sign to do better and get an honest job. He applied to the Postal Service as part of the "pony express" and was given the job thanks to his wilderness skills and knowledge of the lands. For seven years, Hector rode cross country on his route, delivering mail to several towns, avoiding the robbers, outlaws, and native lands. He developed a close relationship to the Hopesville postmaster, who always gave him a room to stay for a couple days before making the trip back down the dangerous route.

    At 32, Hector was given the responsibility of the new postmaster as the former sadly died of a terrible flu. Hector hanged up his reins and proudly opted for the desk job.

    Now, Hector is seen as a quiet, friendly face in Hopesville, volunteering for any town event.


    Traditional single barrel shot gun

    Occupation: Postmaster (He runs the post office and sometimes delivers the mail.)

    Other: Hector is a single man wanting a family, but too shy to pursue it. He continues to live on the “Don’t snitch” mentality from living as an outlaw and only speaks if subpoenaed for court.

    He volunteers as a "search and rescue" for those lost in the lands surrounding the city, helps with the cattle runs and other farm jobs, and also participates in local rodeos in the neighboring towns.
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  9. It's pretty established, they've just had a rough history.
  10. Name: Madam Lily Ann Bell

    Nicknames: Lilabell, Lily, Lilliana Grace Abernathy (maiden name Liddell) (no one in Hopesville knows her by this name)

    Age: 29
    Face (open)

    Clothing (open)

    Biography: Lily had a very privileged life when she was younger. She was born to a well off family from the upper east coast, her mother had died in childbirth and her father a successful merchant, and though they were not as some of her neighbors, she nor her father ever wanted for anything. She had been sent to some of the best schools in the country and was trained in all the things a young lady should know; dancing, social etiquette, painting, music and singing to name a few. These things were all well and good but Lilliana was a tomboy at heart and her father indulged with shooting and fencing lessons as well.

    She wasn’t very interested in marriage like the rest of her friends of schoolmates. She knew that since her mother had died, if she were to leave there would be no one to look after her father, who still grieved for his lost wife, so instead she decided to stay at home and help her father. This worked out for both of them as she was very interested in the family business and once she had proved to have a good head on her shoulders her father often let her help in its management. That was how she met her husband, Edward [BCOLOR=#000000]Abernathy[/BCOLOR], a seemingly rich merchant who wanted to buy her father's business. During his courtship he played the complete gentleman, insisting that he was not pursuing Lily to get to her father’s business, and she believed him. They were married, three months after Edward began his courtship. She was 25, practically a spinster and the envy of many a young lady.

    Once they were married Edward's entire personality changed. He became cold and distance and very controlling. All the privileges she had enjoyed she had enjoyed before they had married were gone. She was expected to act like a proper lady at all times and was not allowed to attend to any business outside of running the [BCOLOR=#000000]Abernathy [/BCOLOR]home. As time went on, any time Lilliana did something that displeased her husband h became abusive, especially if that something embarrassed him in front of colleagues or friends. Things got worse when her father mysteriously fell ill and died. Edward hadn’t even let her see him in his last days. When his will was read, naming Lily the beneficiary of all of Mr. Liddell’s wealth and business’ Edward was furious. He beat her so badly it took her half a week to recover.

    It was during that recovery that she overheard her husband talking to a few of his associates, his comments alluding to the fact that he had been behind her father’s death. Fearing for her own life, now that she was the only thing standing between her husband and her father's wealth, as soon as she was able she ran, taking all of her father's money with her. She was 27.

    When she reached Hopesville she changed her name, dyed her hair and built the Amaranta where the town's previous saloon had burnt down. She’s been the Matron of the Amaranta for two years. She knows she doesn’t much look the part of a saloon and brothel owner, but she is a shrewd business woman and knows what sells. Her girls are always well taken care of and she doesn’t put up with men who try to mistreat them.

    Weapons: she carries two stilettos, one in her bodice and one in a garter on her leg. She’s also a decent shot with her pistol, though she doesn’t carry it on her much.

    Occupation: Owner of the Amaranta saloon/inn/brothel

    Other: She is an accomplished piano player and singer.
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  11. Thanks! That's just going to decide what it looks like on the inside and such
  12. Alright perfect! ^^
  13. Uploaded my sheet, feel free to use it as a reference point ^^

    • Name: Thomas Sellers

      Age: 33

      Appearance: [​IMG]

    Biography: Tom was born as the youngest of four children. His father had one brother but his mother was an only child. She died the day he was born, leaving him to to be raised with his brothers and father. His aunt was the only female infuence forthe first 10 years in his life before his eldest brother married, bringing his wife to the family homestead. His other two brothers left not long after his father's death, then he followed their example.

    He discovered that he liked to travel, going from town to town and staying only long enough to make a little money before moving on again. He went back home when his middle brothers got married and died both within a month of each event. He soon returned to his wandering once the murderers were caught and sent to prison, something he hadn't had a say in.

    Not long after that he found the job of driving the stagecoach, something that allowed him to travel yet kept him to one route. That in turn led to him finding the love of his life, Amanda. The two married and soon had a little girl to love. The pair never had another child nnd when Alicia was 10, Amanda got sick and died over that winter. Eight years passed quietly as the two pressed on with life, running the stagecoach line and living in the town.

    Weapons: rifle (owned by Stagecoach line) sidearm and knife

    Occupation: Stagecoach driver, 6 horses pull the stage and they carry people, luggage and mail when there is any.
    • Spoiler

      Other: He wishes he could paint the wagon to blend more when they are between towns. FC Tom Selleck

    • Name: Alicia Sellers (Alice)

      Age: 18

    • Appearance: [​IMG]

    Biography: Alicia was born to Tomas and Amanda Sellers, an only child. Her mother died qhen she was ten, though nothing much changed in her day to day life. Her father still drove the stagecoach and she was watched over by the neighbors when he was gone. She learned to keep the house clean and cook the meals for them as she grew older.

    She was always the quiet sort, watching and listening more than talking. She did learn from one of the neighbors how to use a dagger to keep herself safe when she started spending more time alone in her home, keeping it clean and tidy. The same neighbors taught her to shoot a gun, though she doesn't have one of her own.

    One other thing to note is that her mother was half indian, and that heratige shows in her. She has learned to ignore the teasing and the rudeness of certain people. This is also why she had to learn to protect herself. Her father wants her to stay safe, but that means staying home more than being with him since the stagecoach does get robbed on occasion.

    Weapons: dagger she keeps hidden on her for personal protection

    Occupation: none (she keeps her father's house while he is out running the trail.)

    Other: FC Laura San Giacomo she could paint a wagon if she had to.
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  14. Quick question, are we still going with the year 1844? If not we are just going with the 1840s in general then I need to edit my sheet a small bit.
  15. It's still 1844, no worries!
  16. Alright then that leads me to my second question. Are you going to enforce strict weapon rules? I am a person who is rather learned when it comes to firearms and what was used by who and when, if this RP is starting in 1844 then most weapons of the era were single shot for both pistol and rifle and the percussion cap was just being adopted so no one would be running around with the iconic colt navy or other six gun revolvers and neither would they have lever action guns. The only single action available was the colt Paterson, I just want all my basses covered so sorry if this seems nit picky.
  17. Name: Silas Woods

    Age: 27


    Biography: Silas wasn't born into any kind of high quality life. His mother was a prostitute and his father was an outlaw. Silas ended up to the streets when he was a kid, his father of course disappeared long before his birth and his mother abandoned him at the age of 6. He was born in Hopesville and that's where he grew up.

    Living on the streets wasn't easy and Silas barely managed to survive at the beginning. Throughout the time, he learned how to survive in this cruel world. But survival wasn't only thing Silas learned throughout the time, doing business was also something he learned. Selling all kind of stuff was his way of survival when he was growing up. That skill was what got him to where he is now.

    At the age of 25, there was a stranger who built a new saloon to replace the old one that had burned down. Silas tried to talk with this woman to possibly get a job but she turned him down. As Amaranta kept on getting bigger, Silas stubbornly kept on bugging this woman about the job but he kept on getting turned down, this woman was sure that she could do this alone. About half a year later, the woman came to Silas, she finally had admitted that she couldn't do this alone. Amaranta had become too big of a business to run alone. Silas got hired as a saloon keeper while Lily took care of the brothel.

    Weapons: Push dagger and hunting knife

    Occupation: Bartender

    Other: Works for Lily as a Saloon Keeper
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  18. Silas should totally jokingly hold that over Lily's head FOREVER
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