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  1. Things to Know

    - I write characters of all genders.
    - Romance is welcomed, but it's certainly not necessary.
    - The use of LGBTQA characters is highly encouraged.
    - I typically stick to modern settings.
    - I don't do anime or furry.
    - I'm able to match my partners regarding post length.
    - Due to having time off from work and school, I can be quite active.

    Starting Topics & Pairings

    Alcoholic x Spouse
    Teacher x Student
    Soldier x Spouse
    Organized Crime
    Doctor x Patient
    Road Trip
    Summer Camp
    Abusive Ex
    Long Distance Relationship
    Foster Care/Adoption
    Starting a Family
    Step Family
    Super Humans
    Alien Invasion
    Dystopian Society
    Time Travel​
  2. Would love to do an Alien Invasion type of thing with you. I usually play more passively so I think we'd get along great.
  3. Awesome. I have an idea in mind involving an alien hunting group forming during the invasion. Would you be up for something like that?
  4. Heck yeah.
  5. I will do a soldier/spouse rp with you!!!
  6. I've always had a love immortal character if you're still looking
  7. Sooo, the alien thing. We still doin' that?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.