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  1. Hi Iwaku!

    So i think iwaku is a pretty legit community when it comes to RP but besides Rp i enjoy playing video games. And I'm pretty sure im not the only one who plays video games here. So I'm out looking for some mates to hit up online and maybe play a few games with and Iwaku seems to be a healthy enough community to search for fellow gamers.

    So what I'm asking of you guys is to leave your username whatever it be PSN, Steam or Xbox live and maybe a list of games you play if you are also interested in finding some mates to play with.

    I will start us off, currently I'm mostly looking for some people to play Xbox one with. I got a mic but you don't need a mic to play with me.

    "Fendisteal" is my gamertag here

    -WWE 2k16 (If you need a guy who does not know how to wrestler for shit to be your punching bag then I'm your man)

    -Call of duty: Black ops 3 (i don't even have a 1.00 K/D :D)

    -Grand theft auto V (Public lobbies are a never ending nightmare)

    -Halo Master chief collection (I'm rather ok at this...And i doubt anyone even plays this game anymore)

    -Gears of war: Ultimate edition (Plus 2 and 3) (Chainsaw bayonet is awesome :D)

    -Far cry 4 (I'm so late to the party....)

    -Fallout 4 (Not a multiplayer game, but i feel like i need to fill space here...We can share pictures i guess ._.)

    Timesplitters Future perfect (Not a Xbox one game but its relevant because Timesplitters is never not relevant)

    So is anyone interested in playing vidya? Because i am ._____________.

    But again feel free to drop your PSN and steam accounts if you are looking for some mates for that
  2. In Wrestling Lingo we call guys like you "Jobbers" 8D.
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  3. I may lose the match but i refuse to go out like a bitch ._. It will take you 5-6 finishers before you can keep me pinned for 3 seconds or make me tap out.

  4. Steam ID: AddictX360
  5. I have FC3 but it won't work :((

    My steam can be found under "chillinchicken" or simply "chillin" I believe. It's that orange/white dude with the black bg.

    I have Civ5, Don't Starve Together, Portal 2 and GW2 if you're interested.
  6. If anyone wants to play games with me on steam, my ID there is yanna95
  7. Steam ID: Kar2nedude

    Games I tend to enjoy the most: Civ 5! (HAd it for maybe a month and a half and have already logged over 100 hours I think.)
    (War Thunder)

    Xbox One: WorldPBhero911

    (Fifa 15-16)
    (Halo 5)
    (CoD Ghosts)
    (Need for Speed)
    (Rainbow Six Siege - Fucking Fantastic)
    (Assassin Creeds - Don't play much at all.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.