Lets Play Russian Roulette

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  1. It was an average Saturday night for Jerry P. Howell, at least average to him. His parents were gone to some fancy, five star restaurant like they went to every Saturday, so Jerry, being 16, decided to go about the normal routine for a 16 year old who was home alone. Jerry rushed to take out his weed stash, that was hidden inside of his locked guitar case, that laid flat on his walk in closets floor.

    Jerry tore open his guitar case as quick as he could, and took out a zip lock bag that was about 1/5th full of fine Marijuana. Jerry unlocked it frantically, and sniffed it, closing his eyes and almost having an orgasm while sniffing the familiar, lovely scent. Suddenly, Jerry looked down at what he had stashed under that bag of weed. It was a revolver, loaded in with 3 bullets. He had bought it from his friend Strawberry, that's all he knew Strawberry by, Strawberry was also a heavy cocaine dealer, and user. Jerry had done cocaine a few times, he sort of liked it, but he really preferred the high of Marijuana. Jerry turned his attention back to his gun, and suddenly he had an idea.

    He had seen it once on a video byte that his friend sent him of a few kids playing Russian roulette. Jerry stood to his feet, putting back his precious dope, and taking out his gun, and stuffing it into his Jean Jacket. Jerry marched to his nightstand, picking up his phone, and messaging all of his friends, telling them that he wanted them to come over, and he had something to offer them all. He then marched down to his rich, first class living room and waited for his friends to arrive.
  2. Holly had been lying in bed, searching the internet when she got the text from Jerry. She stared at the words for a moment and rose a brow. What the hell kind of idea was this? She sat up and sent him a message back that she would be there in ten minutes. She climbed out of bed and got dressed, pulling on some leggings and a sweater. She brushed her hair and grabbed her bag, tossing it over her shoulder. "Be back later ma!" She called and ran out the door and down the hall of her building.

    Holly ran down the block dodging people until she reached Jerry's place. She knocked on the door once, twice, three times. She popped the gum she was chewing and crossed her arms over her chest, tapping her foot against the ground.
  3. Jerry swung open the door as fast as he could, and flipped his hair to the sides of his head. Holly, Jerry didn't know Holly much, he knew her from school, and he would see her in trigonometry sometimes. He didn't even realize he had Holly's number before now. He wondered how many people he could have texted. "Come on in." Jerry stood back, holding out his arm, pointing the girl into his hundred thousand dollar living room. Jerry's parents were very rich, both of them had gone to college, Jerry's dad went to law school, and his mother went to medical school.

    He probably was just doing this to piss them off, or something like that..
  4. Holly rose a brow and stepped into the home. It was... grand to say the least. She took off her shoes not wanting to get mud from the puddle she had stepped in to get all over the fancy carpet that covered the floor. She took her jacket off too and hung it up on a hook. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Jerry. "So you have a gun...?" Her tone was laced with interest as she walked into the living room touching expensive things along the way. It wasn't her house so why not explore.
  5. I pulled the gun out of my pocket, and then flipped it around my fingers, swinging it, and playing catch with it. "Yeah, I guess I do." Jerry put the gun back into his pocket, and then fell down limply on the couch. "I bought it from my friend, I shoot at beer cans a lot. I've got pretty good aim." Jerry yawned. "Have you ever heard of Russian Roulette?" Jerry was very obsessed with Russian Roulette, he watched videos of it on the internet all the time. He'd seen people die in real life before, seeing some teenager get their heads blown out on the internet didn't bother him at all.
  6. "I have heard of the game." She nodded and sat down on a chair across from him. "You do realize how dangerous a game like that is though right?" She questioned and ran her fingers along the soft arm of her chair. Her gaze flickered over to the gun that he was tossing about. "My dad took me hunting when I was little." She commented and pulled her legs under her, chewing lightly at her bottom lip.
  7. Steven, who everyone called 'Creep' for his dark attire and obsess in punk rock, had finished his time staring absently at the ceiling while his POS nokia vibrated on the nightstand. He checked the I.D, Steven. He remembered vaugely that he gave Mr. Richy Rich his contact during some stupid event. The message was a mass text apparently, but he sure loved the parties rich kids threw, no matter if he was accidentaly invited. He didnt bother reading through the entire message, his eyes stopped after the word Russian and assumed 'vodka'.

    He grabbed whatever clothes he had laying about, his boots, and his trenchcoat before marching out of his house, oblivious to his hungover mom. He arrived in ten minutes flat and immediately beat his fist once against the door.
  8. Jerry snickered lightly. "Yeah, I know how dangerous it is, or else I wouldn't be playing it! DUH!" Jerry didn't mean to be an asshole, he just couldn't help but correct her. Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a heavy knock on the door, it almost sounded like cops. Jerry hopped over the couch, and rushed to the door, swinging it open. "Great.." Jerry thought to himself, Creep wasn't very popular at school, he mostly hung out with goth crowds, punk people, emo's, while Jerry usually kept to himself most of the time. He had lots of friends, but he didn't like to get caught up in trends. Jerry sighed, and then threw his arm to point at the living room. "Come on in, Creep." Jerry flipped his hair, and walked slowly back towards the couch he was sitting on before.
  9. "So this is the party?" Creep asked, sitting on a chair opposite of the couch.
    'No booze, no thumping music, one chick so far..I guess this pompous boy isn't so much a message sender as the other kids.' He thought to himself.
    "Where is the..well..usual party stuff?" He sighed, leaning back with his hands behind his head. This house was massive, way more massive than the hole-in-the-wall apartment that he and his mom lived in, he was jealous of course, the dude had nice clothes and a dad. His eyes wandered around the room, and finally landed on the girl. Leggings, sweater and gum, she was probably a cheerleader or something, and he was most certain that she actually knew was going on judging by the look on her eyes.
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