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  1. Yeah, so I'm doing this to keep my channel fresh. Ib is an 8-bit horror game for the RPGMaker program, in which you guide a very short little girl through a museum filled with all manners of freakish paintings/statues/rude hands that can't learn that no means no. Have fun, and like/subscribe. D:


    Warning: Contains absolutely terrible Spanish accent and lady voice. You have been warned.
  2. I adore you. - w-

    That's Spanish?

    Awwwwh. Lady voice. WHAT A GOOD ACTOR.~

    Maybe she ditched school a lot. Ib is a bad kid. - ^- And doesn't know her vocab. -wags finger.-
    Guy behind window is all like HAAAAY THURRRR, WANT TO GET IN MAH VAAAAN? ;D
    and Ib is like. D: . . . . DDDD: !

    Miru: I GOT A ROSE. -has more fun pushing desk- :D

    xD DAS RUDE. >:C hmph.
    I'm glad you're smarter than Pewdie at the numbers. - w- ~ Good job. Good. Job.
    .__. . . . . Kids. Don't lie. Or.. Or THAT will happen..
    Hands are like HAAAAAY. WE.. WE WANT HUG. AND YOUR BRAIN, imean, HUG!<3
    heh. heh. Miru saw something move. :D . . . I like when Miru is scared. - w-
    xD "Ruuuuuuh!...?"
    Carrie. O ^O That's my mama's name.. Oh man.
    OHSHIT. KNIFE. -didn't see this part on Pewdie's-
    Oh... Mah. I... I loved that animation. T ^T....

    ... I want coffee and cake now. T ^T

    Good job not dieing, Miru. :D ~ and I'll add commentary on the next one as well. - w-

  3. ... ;____;

    I hate being scared... Why am I watching this!?

    But I like your vid~

    Even if the random hands made me jump.

    Every. Single. Time.

  4. It's okay. I jumped, too. I jumped.
  5. God, I love this game. I have finished it about four or five times. If you need help with achieving one of the endings, you can ask me for advice any time. I also love your voices, but the fact that I know the scares in advance kind of spoils the experience. Oh, I also can help you with certain scares that might not be appearent at first. Also, Ib can not read many of the painting titles because she is very young, and some titles contain concepts that a girl like her may not know. Also, the original language of the game is Japanese, and Japanese can be hard to read, especially for girls the age of Ib. Hope that explains some things!
  6. Welp, it's a blind run, so I'll pass on the advice =P

    When the audience sees that you're scared, it makes for a much better experience overall, I think ^^
  7. Okay. I was just offering my advice, because the good ending of the game is not that easy / obvious to reach. I will continue to follow your let's play, regardless.
  8. Woot ^^ Thank you :3 If you like it, don't forget to like/subscribe and all that fun. ^^
  9. I watched Pewdiepie do this and it was freaky. Why is 8-bit so scary sometimes?! >_<
  10. [video=youtube;Ui_9wV-gC5w]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui_9wV-gC5w[/video]

    Part 2! Not many scares, just puzzles. +^+
  11. [video=youtube;BgHStvUBwX8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgHStvUBwX8&feature=plcp[/video]

    Aaand done! Sorry for the sound issues, totally my bad ^^:
  12. I'm glad you got the last of the videos up :3 Been waiting for them. And while I did enjoy watching, I feel that there are some things that need to be said.

    I'm not trying to be offensive in this, and I apologize in advance if it comes across as such.

    When sound issues, like the first of these two vids, happen, you need to go redo the video. It makes you seem really lazy, or that you don't care about your own videos. And if you don't care, why should we (the audience) bother watching? Its also very distracting from the video, and a large portion of people wouldn't stay to watch. I know it sucks. It really really does, but the quality of a video is rather important.

    Also, where was your commentary? I watch your videos to hear your thoughts on things, listen to you get frustrated with puzzles and make fun of all the weirdness in the game. Without the commentary, Let's Plays aren't very entertaining. It may sound mean, but we (the audience) watch because we want to hear you scream at the game when you're stuck on a puzzle, or something scary pops out at you! We watch because, while we are interested in the game, we're more interested in your reactions.

    That's all I had to say on this. Keep making videos~
  13. Not offensive at all, Lulu. Well, I explained that sound issues in the description on YouTube, but that's not visible when it's embedded. In the first one, Audacity was somehow switched to recording from my sound card because my mic was slightly unplugged. In the second one, it must've mistook my scrolling the mouse wheel as switching it from microphone to stereo mix, as it recorded audio twice. (Once from Audacity, and once from Hyper Cam). The big issue I see with re-recording is that it wouldn't really seem "genuine", if you catch my drift. Rather, I'd know where the puzzles are and how to solve them, and the scares would be things I've experienced already, which seems like it'd be slightly less entertaining for the audience. Thoughts?
  14. I think re-recording wouldn't hurt.. Sure you are right, they will miss out on the genuine scares and reactions from you but least they'd get to hear ya, since commentary is the points of let's plays and what separates them from just playthroughs.

    That and you can always get/show off a different ending too me thinks in the process.

    It'd just feel better and feel more like the end to finish with videos that don't have problems as well. At the least you can give your final thoughts on the game/ending or something even if your reactions won't be genuine. Might be not as entertaining but trumps the alternative.

    It'll be more like THE END instead of THE END?, you know. Better to go out with a bang than a whimper, it is your first completed LP series so that's a good thing but better to go off on a high note.
  15. I watched the first part with Orion. WUZ PURDY GUUD. MAED ME LAFF. Still gotta watch the rest though.