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  1. You have been best friends with this girl since you could remember, you have seen her upset, cry, angry, happy and everything else. She has seen you the same way too, you guys have always been through everything with each other and always find way to tease the other. But when the girl you like and they guy she likes are paying no attention to you guys, you decide to play a little game. Here's how it goes: You act normal around each other during all times of the day until your crush is around. Whenever one of your guys's crush is around you use each other to try and make your crush jealous. Neither of you mind since you're practically brother and sister, so you just saw it as helping the other out. Just in case though anything started to happen between you two, you decided to make the game more interesting. The first person to say I love you, I like you, I have feelings for you or any of that sort loses the game. Both of you are quite competitive so you're careful to not let that happen. Will on cave and the other not feel the same way or will you both fall head over heels for each other?

    My character:
    Taylor Chandler
    Taylor is her own person and is extremely fun to be around, she doesn't get along with other girls a lot though since she likes to say what's on her mind. Taylor is a very blunt person who says it how it is, she should really learn to think before speaking but she would rather not. She only opens up to her best friend and he means the world to her, but in a brotherly way of course. She wants to be a dancer, so she loves anything to do with dancing no matter what kind of dancing it is. Anything from ice skating, ballet, tap, ballroom dancing, and even hip hop. The only kind of dancing you won't see Taylor involved in is cheerleading, she would laugh in your face if you ever suggested she be one. She is extremely straightforward, and can be very passionate when with the right person. Taylor isn't much of a girly girl, but she definitely isn't a tomboy either. She is like one of the guys though when around her guy friends, she is the kind of girl who would challenge you to an eating contest. She dances off the calories, so she will eat whatever she wants. Taylor has had a crush on Mason Whitehorse forever, or actually since he pushed her down the stairs in eighth grade. He doesn't pay attention to Taylor though, he is always with a different girl everyday it seems. He's practically slept with every girl around, but yet doesn't pay Taylor any attention and it drives her crazy.

    (I'll make the opening post once you make your character. (: )
  2. Name: Jason Rigne
    Age: 17
    hot 17 guy.jpg

    Jason is one of the type of guys that is so laid back that is is often mistaken for being lazy. Only those who really get to know him would understand the difference He hates dealing with most people because he doesn't think they are worth the effort to get to know. Jason is considered to be one of the more "gifted" art students and is constantly ridiculed by most of the guys in school. He has learned to avoid them so as to not have to bother with them and waste any effort on them. Only one person has been able to get him to open up and put any effort into his art instead of just skating by with the bare minimum. She is his best friend and means everything to him. The one of the only people he thinks is worthy of his time. Thought there is one other he wishes he could get up the courage to talk to, Elizabeth Chamberlan. He has had a crush on her since the first day he saw her in seventh grade, she had just transferred into the school and decided to bump the table spilling the paint jars over his almost completed work. He doesn't know what he would say to her and instead just watches her from a distance.
  3. Taylor was sitting at the park swinging alone, and she just wished her crush Mason would just look her way even once. Taylor went to the store earlier and saw him flirting with a couple of girls which made her slightly jealous. He practically flirts with everyone except for me. She thought to herself as she continued to swing, she needed someone to cheer her up and the first and only person to come to mind was her best friend Jason. Hey loser, meet me at the park. :p -XOXO Taylor. She texted him like she always does, with a rude greeting and a sweet ending.

    She kicked the ground in front of her until footsteps were coming towards her, she looked up thinking it was Jason but sadly Taylor was only disappointed. Greaaaat Mason and the stupid slut from the store. She thought to herself as she watched them get on the swing next to her from the corner of her eye, she saw him pull her into his lap and they just started making out and put their hands all over each other. Okay ew, and am I really that invisible?! She thought as she awkwardly got off the swings heading to sit on the curb, she set her head down in her hands since this was probably going to be a long day for her.
  4. Jason sat on his bed staring at the blank canvas sitting before him not even seeing it, all he could think about was her. Elizabeth. He still couldn't figure out what to do about getting her to notice him. There must be a way to get up the courage to talk to her. Sighing, he fell back onto the bed. From across the room a familiar sound reached out to him, beckoning for his attention. "What insult did she come up with today. Something new, or one of her normal over used insults." He slowly sits up as a grin spreads across his lips. He knew exactly who it was since he hadn't changed her ringtone or text tone for several years now. It had almost become a ritual between them. She would text him with some type of jib or taunt and he would always respond in kind. She really might as well have been born his sister as much as the bickered and picked on one another.
    He stands up and shakes his head as he makes his way over to the small hand crafted desk that his father had given him for his birthday a few years back. Looking down at his cellphone he sees the screen still light up displaying Taylor's message. He laughs when he sees her normal insults followed by her demand that he goes to the park. He picks it up and unlocks the phone. "Yeah, yeah." He mumbles as he swiftly texts back to her. Whatever, whats the matter miss me already? XD -xo- He cant help but laugh again as he hist the send button. It was always the same. Insults followed by something, it varied from time to time on what it was, that always took the sting out of their words. He walks to the entrance of his room and glances back at the blank canvas, then just leaves heading down to get his shoes before going to meet her at the park. Just before closing the front door to his home he calls to his mom who was in her study as normal. "Mom, I'm heading to the park. I'll be back later."
  5. Taylor felt her phone vibrate, she looked at the text and rolled her eyes. You wish. I'm bored why else would I want to see your face? Taylor replied though jokingly of course, he should know by now not to take her words seriously. You could definitely tell when Taylor was mad or being serious, so it was clear that she was just joking in her text. When Taylor gets mad she gets mad, she would probably throw around a few cuss words and get into a fist fight. Yes Taylor has been in many fist fights before, she had never lost yet which was a plus for her. She had never fought with a guy though, she usually fought with stupid prisses who thought they could take her. They were sadly mistaken, and Taylor is definitely not the kind of girl you would want to mess with. When she was being serious though you could tell since she wouldn't throw around any punches or filthy words, and then you could tell she was serious or something was wrong.

    Looking back to see if Mason and his choice of the day was still there she rolled her eyes, she sometimes just hated Mason with a burning passion. He was everything she wasn't supposed to like though, so of course Taylor was attracted to that. Just the fact that he didn't want her, and she couldn't have him made her want him more. Sure he was arrogant, a jerk, player, bad boy, and more but call him what you want she didn't care. None of that mattered to Taylor, she couldn't help but to like Mason since she's liked him for about four years now. Taylor shook her head and stayed sitting on the curb, she thought about the little deal she made with Jason. Taylor saw no harm in it since she only thought of him like a brother, so they both got what they wanted and could make their crushes jealous.
  6. Jason turned away from the door and looked out over the front lawn of his home, he stifled a yawn as he stretched bit. He looked around for a moment and sighed. He quickly took of a brisk jog, he turned left at the sidewalk to head to the park when again the familiar ring tone chimed again. He laughed while pulling it out of his pocket to see her latest insult. "Right, your bored. Whatever." He chuckled as he messaged her back never breaking stride. Why else? Cause it's obvious you missed me. I'm just that awesome. Someone has to make up for you being so boring. He was pretty luck Taylor convinced him work out every so often, even though he would never admit it to her. It meant that even though he normally stayed in his room or in the art studio at school, unless he was with her of course, he was in pretty decent shape. He rounded the corner of his block and slowed down to a walk, thankful he could be a bit lazy since the park wasn't that far from his house nor hers.
    He glanced over his shoulder for the random passing car and upon finding none resumes his pace as he crosses the street. Once he reached the opposite side he continued down the block. Again he slowed to a walk but this time before he rounded the corner so he could see if it would be possible to sneak up on her yet again. He loved scaring her senseless even though it usually meant getting socked in the shoulder several time. Reaching the corner he looks around a little for her and sighs when he sees her sitting on the curb. It takes him a moment realize she has her head her down. " Oh great, what now...." He glances around to see what would have upset her and quickly decides that she's probably just messing with him. He rounds the corner fully becomes immediately annoyed as the swings come into view showing him exactly what upset her. All he can do though is just sigh. As he walks up to her, he calls out to her. "Hey. You alright, hun? You look kinda down." He smiles at her after throwing a quick glare at the idiot with the slut. "Come on, I'm here now. The life of the party has arrived!" He gives a little flourish and then laughs at himself.
  7. There obviously had to be something wrong with Taylor, or at least that's what she thought. Mason went for every girl except her, she didn't understand that. Was she not good enough for him to have his way with her, and use then throw away? Sure that seemed pretty demeaning to herself to think like that, but that's how Taylor felt. Taylor knew she would be used by Mason, but she would take being that close to him in a heartbeat even if it was only for a day. Call her what you like, she doesn't care and if you insult her then you should go see a nurse after. Taylor was so in love with Mason it was just painful to watch, she seems so desperate and well she is. Let's put it this way Taylor had tried everything to get Mason to notice her, and now she is playing this crazy game with her 'brother' and that just shows how desperate they are to get the attention of the person they like. Well, love or at least in her case. Taylor is pretty sure she's in love with Mason, she always thinks about him, he's the only guy she's ever wanted, and she refuses to have her first kiss with anybody besides him. Why'd he have to just be so frustrating, she sighed away her thoughts and felt like jumping off a bridge though that was exaggerating since Taylor wasn't stupid.

    Once she heard the all too familiar voice Taylor looked up, she stared at Jason like he was crazy. "I think someone's a little too full of himself." Taylor teased with a slight smile, she turned to look back at the swings and made a face when the girl slipped her hand under Mason's shirt. "I swear I'm going to punch that little slut right in her two dollar nose job." Taylor said as she attempted controlling herself, she just wanted to push the girl right off the swing and put her in her place. Taylor didn't like it when other girls were always with Mason, she couldn't stand that and she swore he knew that and did it just to spite her. Taylor didn't know what she did wrong to Mason, but ever since the eighth grade he's hated her. He's pushed her down the stairs, bumped into her, and called her names all through the eighth grade. Once they got to high school though he just completely ignored her, and pretended that she never existed. It. Drove. Her. Crazy.
  8. All he could do was continue laughing as he listened to her response. "Well, at least your smiling now. And yes, yes I am full of myself. I'm just that great. Why else do you keep me around?" He was smirking now a bit smugly. When she looked around he quickly realized what see was focusing on as her small tirade ensued. His groan was her only response. Shaking his head he extended his hand. "Come one, before you do something stupid and we both regret it." Glancing over at her crush and the newest his newest whore he shook his head. "I'm still trying to figure out why in the hell...." He stopped and sighed. He did in fact know exactly why she was attracted to him. It was most likely the same reasons, or at the least very close to, he couldn't get over his crush, Elizabeth Chamberlan.

    He began to think back to some of his more recent failed attempts to talk to her. She was standing outside of his morning homeroom with several of her 'girlfriends' huddled around her. As he thought, his cheeks began to flush slightly as he remembered how much she and her friends had ridiculed him for stuttering. It only took a few seconds before he started his retreat from them, for an entire week she and her friends would taunt him about it. They spread the information about his encounter through out the school. It was completely humiliating and took quite a bit of fast talking and quick wit on his part to keep Taylor from introducing Elizabeth to the end of her fist or something equally painful.

    He shook his head to banish the thoughts of humiliation from his mind, and of course failing miserably, as he came back to the present he looked back down to Taylor. "Come on. Lets go get something to eat. I'm starving. My treat" Again he was reminded that he was, and would never admit it to her, but in Taylor's debt since she was the only one who was able to convince him to get a part time job. Sighing, he watched her for a response that was something other than moving to pound Mason's newest whore's face into the ground.
  9. "Because every other person out there annoys the sh*t out of me." Taylor said simply though it was partially true since everyone did annoy her, but that wasn't just why she kept Jason around. She felt as he was the only person who would put up with her in truth, she was not easy to handle at all. That's why Taylor only got along with guys, but even then some were intimidated by her. Also she could practically tell Jason anything and he wouldn't judge, she tried to convince him she was a lesbian once but that failed. It was obvious Taylor was in love with Mason much to her disliking, but she still thought it would be fun to see if she could really convince him. Taylor was a pretty shameless person though, so if he wanted her to make out with a girl she would have though he didn't ask. Taylor wouldn't do that now, she wasn't trying to convince him she wasn't straight so there was obviously no point in it.

    Taylor pushed his hand away when he extended it, she stood up herself and brushed off her outfit. She didn't need help just to get up, and wouldn't accept any help either. "What were you going to say?" Taylor questioned curiously with crossed arms, she had a feeling he was going to ask her why she like Mason but she could be wrong. If that was really what he was going to ask then she would ignore it and roll his eyes, she thought Mason was perfect so that couldn't have been what he was going to ask. "Food?"Taylor lit up a little with a smile, she loved food and would eat whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. "Your treat? Uhm no, I pay have." She said as a demand rather than a question, she hated when people paid for her so she would just split the cost with him.

    "Oh loser by the way you're coming to my show tomorrow. I know what you're thinking you don't want to come to see the stupid Nutcracker, but I'm pretty sure I know something that might just make you want to come anyway." Taylor teased leaving it at that since she was sure Jason wouldn't want to see a ballet show even if she was a lead, but the thing Taylor knew would definitely have Jason interested. She considered herself the best friend in the world for this, she knew the tickets were pretty expensive too so she already had one for him too.
  10. He stepped back after she smacked his hand away as usual, he laughed when she made her usual demand that she was going to pay for half of it. Jason still didn't understand why he even bothered to offer in the first place anymore after her continually do thing. "Yeah whatever. I guess I can let you pay for half." As he said this he made sure to step back rather quickly, he knew if he irritated her enough she would hit more than just his hand. He stopped short though when she said something about he was going to her show. "Hold on, what? Why in the hell would I......" He stopped for a moment to let her finish. He could only stare at her like she had just gone insane. "What could you possibly know that would get me to go?" He started to laugh still giving her a sideways look as if she were crazy. "Come on, I'm starving. I know your going to keep talking, but at least be humane enough to do it while we are heading to get something to eat." Chuckling he smirks at her. He starts to back away a bit motioning for her to follow. "So what do you know that makes you think I would go?"
  11. "Excuse me no. I will pay for half, not that you can let me." Taylor corrected as she followed him, but she kept looking behind her at Mason. "You know if I were you is be a whole lot more nice to me." Taylor teased as she delayed the process, she laughed a bit before deciding to tell him. "Well a certain miss Elizabeth Chamberlan will be attending since her sister is in it, and she loves going to the ballet shows. She's going alone too, and I just happen to have a ticket to the seat right next to hers. Though I guess I can just give it to someone else since you obviously don't wanna go." Taylor said mockingly since he wouldn't but she was sure Jason wouldn't turn down the opportunity to talk to her, she also knew they would have plenty of time to try to talk to her. There was before the show started, the fifteen minute intermission, and after the show of course. It was worth a shot on his part, and besides since she liked ballet then she would like the fact that Jason would go. After all she was probably the type to drag her boyfriend to those things anyway, and she was single now so who knows.
  12. Jason could only laugh when she argued for a moment. "Yeah, yeah. Don't get your panties in a wad. Sheesh." He playfully pushed her as they were walking and talking. "Oh, sure. Why would I do that? If I were any nicer to you I think you would be upset cause you would think I was mad at you for some reason. " He glances at her, trying to be ready to dodge her retaliation to his shoving her. He continues to listen to her for a moment before staring at her again. "S-She is? You d-do?" After thinking about it for a moment he became slightly suspicious of her. "What do you get out of this? Well, other than me coming to your show of course. Your a pretty good person but this is just down right generous and I've known you for a long time. What do you want in return? He gave her a sideways glance trying to figure out what she was up to.
  13. Taylor peered at him when he shoved her, but she was smart so she would wait until he was off guard to get him back. "Hey can't I be nice for once?" Taylor said teasingly and gave him a fake innocent look, she then smirked with a shrug. "We'll, you see, Mason will be at this party tonight at Rick's house. There will be mostly jocks and their slutty girlfriends, and you can only go if to have a 'date' to go with. I know you don't like being around those jocks since they aren't the nicest to you, but I wanted you to go. Not only so we could try to get Mason's attention, but I was hoping you could pry the girls attention away from him so he would be left alone." Taylor said as she looked over to Jason, she crossed her arms wondering if he would agree to it. Now Taylor would get Jason back, she punched his arm a bit hard but not as hard as she could then she laughed a little since it was kind of funny.