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  1. The infinite cosmos is just that: infinite. Infinitely wide, infinitely dark, infinitely bright, infinitely spacious... Infinitely boring!

    There are beings, existing in this eternity. They have been around for countless millennia, watching as stars were born, grew, and eventually died. Stars do not lead very exciting lives.

    This went on for forever, almost literally, until one of these... Awarenesses decided to change all of that. Thus, a plane of existence was created. A sandbox, of sorts, this planet that orbited this being's favorite blue star, was bare and empty. There was no vegetation, no atmosphere, no water... Nothing but dirt and a star for light and heat.

    Basically, to speed things along, this being created a planet, and put things necessary for life on it (after taking some notes on a successful creation story in a neighboring galaxy). But there was just one thing missing.


    "Dude, Thomas. I need your help and I'm out of ideas and you are so good at it so you'll obviously help, right?" The being consulted one of her friends, another such spacious awareness. "It'll be totally fun. Dude, so much. I just know it. I can feeeeel it."
  2. The other infinite nothing that was conscious of itself yawned, if that's what it could be called.

    "Yeah, sure. What the hell. So what'cha doing? Worldbuilding? Looks empty to me. Oh, ok. Lemme guess: you want me to put life on this new rock you made?" If the awareness had shoulders it would have shrugged. "Yeah, I can do that. But I need a starting point. What kind of life do you want?"
  3. "The fun kind." The energy exclaimed. It would have drifted if it had a material form. Well, maybe soon. For now... "Like... Well--you remember that planet that was made a while back, right? The one with the big lizards? And the one that made the planet was talking about making these intelligent creatures to walk around too."

    The being would have smiled, had it lips. "Think we could do something like that? We should do something like that."

    The presence approached the surface of the habitable planet, eagerly floating there. Dirt began to scoop itself into a pile. Then it was swept away. Instead, grass was pulled into a shape. Apparently this being wasn't much of a sculptor, because the shape didn't resemble anything more than a pile of grass. It, too, blew away in a wind. Probably the sigh of the being.

    "What should they look like? Scales? Furs? Feathers? Furs and feathers? Furs, feathers, and scales? Skin! Fur and skin! The possibilities are... numerous!"
  4. The being thought in deafening silence for an infinite moment. "Hold on."

    A gust of downward wind thrust some of the dirt into the air, which slowly settled. He began molding the dirt into a shape, and laughing. Once it seemed he was done, he grunted frustrated and smashed the pile. Slowly, another creature was formed. The consciousness known as Thomas seemed to be pleased, and so he gave life to the creature. It just stood there blankly.

    "Dammit, I forgot intelligence."

    The presence destroyed the being, returning it to dust. He created a new version of it, this time smart. The creature was tall, slender, had fur covering most of its body. The fur was thick, to keep out the sand, but light enough to keep out the heat. It's long ears could hear excellently, though it had nothing to hear. It's teeth were sharp, as were the claws on it's hands and feet. It walked upright, though it's back was arched and it's knees bent in the pouncing stance of a hunter, though it had no prey.

    "There is our main race. Now we must make more races for it to hunt, and more of it to help with the hunting. Also, we need plants. And water for those plants."

    He put his words into action, creating large lakes of water surrounded by vegetation of all kinds and of all colors, more of the first creature, and smaller, lizard-like creatures to eat the plants and be eaten by the First Race.

    "How's that?"
  5. A miniature electrical storm lit up where the being was present. There was a charge of excited energy, and then some more sand was scooped into a pile. This time, with an idea, the sand was shaped into a large, four-legged creature. It had a long neck, long, thin legs, and what seemed like a thin beak. Feathers adorned the creature, and scales on its legs.

    "Scales and feathers!" the essence of energy exclaimed, another crackle of excitement emanating from it. "But you're doing so well..."

    More of these four-legged birdlike creatures were formed, packing together as a herd creature. They were larger than the lizards Thomas had created, but still slightly smaller than some of those of the First Race. Livestock. Then the essence moved on, scooping dirt and piling it high. Mountains, valleys. Giving the terrain some texture. More vegetation, large plants that grew tall and sturdy, and covered in thick layers of leaves. Then the creation stopped.

    "What if we had two races?"
  6. There was a pause in the air as the entity called Thomas thought a moment.

    "Two Races? Hm... Alright, Let's have a second Race. What did you have in mind?"

    The air swirled about as the consciousness moved closer to the other. This was getting interesting now. More so than before, at least.
  7. Sand was scooped into a pile again, starting to form a bipedal shape. There was a musical humming from the air above it, as finer details were added. Scales covered the whole body, feathers cresting the head and shoulders. Their hands had thick, long claws for climbing, strong legs and arms. They were slender, agile creatures. Foragers.

    "There we go. Something like that. They can live in these tall plants, and eat... Like... Fruit and leaves and stuff."

    There was a sense of satisfaction as the creature was completed, intelligence added. The air was charged by excitement again. More of the second race was made to join the first.

    "So. Hmmm... What else?"
  8. The other entity look around without eyes and decided on something.

    "We need to civilize them. Give them homes and social structure. Law. That kind of stuff."

    And so out of the dirt and mountains that were created he made caves and tunnels to be homes for the First Race, and interwove branches and vines to make bridges and houses for the Second Race. In these new homes the two Races could live in peace.

    "Now what else?"
  9. "Those that would prey upon them, to give the races strength. And creatures to live alongside them, to inhabit the planet as simply..others."

    As the entity spoke, several piles of sand were being swirled up at once. Smaller piles for simple creatures, those that could fly, and those that could climb, and those that would crawl on the ground. A mixture of fur, feathers, and scales. Flight with two pairs of wings, climbing trees with six legs and long tails, and running the ground on two legs, with long ears.

    Then larger piles were made, the predators. Four eyes, long teeth, sharp claws. Able to climb trees and prowl the earth. Furred and patterned for camouflage. Quiet stalkers. Something to give the two races to fight against, to learn how to protect themselves.

    Then near water, sand was used to create magestic creatures of the water. Serpentine creatures of scale, fins, and teeth. Smaller ones with layers of fur and scales, able to brave colder waters.

    Finally, energy seeming exhausted from so much creation, everything grew still once the creatures moved to their ideall habitats.

    "How's that?"
  10. The other looked around as the wind circled the place where he stood without standing.

    "Impressive. But we need to add a challenge, the ultimate trial for the ultimate reward. We need a Hellrun. A massive underground structure filled with horrors most feared, death lurking at every twist and turn. For those who make it to the end, they get to live out and unnaturally long life in a paradise, mimicking of this one but easier to live in."

    With these words a massive hole opened underneath the consciousness called Thomas, and an intricate tunnel system, deep under the ground, was formed. A labyrinth, which was promptly filled with nightmarish creatures of abomination, made solely to instill terror into those who dare venture in and rend the flesh of those who cannot escape. In the center of the Hellrun Labyrinth was created Paradise, and it was filled with servants most kind to care for those who would make it. They were creatures purely of love and beauty. And so were created the Daemons of Hellrun and the Paragons of Paradise.

    "And now," said he, "our Races have something to strive for."
  11. With an air of appreciation, the entity called Surpy watched the Hellrun be created. It was impressive! She knew getting Thomas to help was a good idea. She drifted closer to her race, the tree dwellers, and watched as their society was beginning to grow.

    "But how will they know to brave the Hellrun? We would need to tell them about it. Otherwise they would just stumble upon it and die."

    Her essence shivered, and returned to survey all that had been created. It was a good time.
  12. Thomas Pondered this a moment, and then had an idea.

    "We need Avatars. Bodies like that of our Races to deliver them our knowledge. To guide them to Hellrun."

    And with that he began creating a body for himself, akin to that of his First Race but with differences. Instead of the typical reds and blues and greens in the eyes, his were a violet, glowing with power untold. It was not an intelligent body, as he would be it's intelligence. He also created this body to be slightly larger that a normal of the First, so as the be seen as powerful. he then entered his new Avatar as a wing entering it's lungs, giving life to this new mortal shell. He in his body looked up to the heavens where he knew his companion would be watching from.

    "And now it is your turn. Make a body like that of the Second Race, but do something to set yourself apart."
  13. Following her friend's example, a larger creature of the Second Race was built. There were a few distinct differences, such as four arms instead of two, and more plummage on the head and shoulders. It was made with vibrant colors, to stand out among the camouflage-adapts of the second race. The consciousness known as Surpy possessed this vessel, stretching it's four arms in experimentation.

    "Ah. This feels so strange."
  14. Thomas' Avatar nodded in agreement.

    "I know. We will get used to it, though. It is amazing to see the world through another creature's eyes. Everything looks so different, and somehow, even more beautiful than before. Now, to introduce ourselves to our peoples and guide them to Hellrun."
  15. "So soon?" Surpy's avatar looked up into the trees, moving towards them slowly. "They are only just settling in! They are brand new-- not a day has gone by just yet."

    She giggled, beginning the climb to her people. She had no doubt they would recognize her for what she was.

    "We should introduce ourselves. Teach them. Guide them... And give them lessons. Tell them about the Hellrun, but only send those prepared. We don't want them believing they all need to go at once to try to please us. They'd go extinct."

    She had paused in her ascension so she could speak to Thomas, though her voice was able to travel much farther than a mortal's.
  16. He looked around with the eyes of his avatar. "I suppose you are right. We shall become the Chieftains of our Races, give them our knowledge to use in their time. And when those who are ready to take on Hellrun decide it is time, we will guide them there, and send them forth into the abyss ceremoniously."

    He looked around once again, nodded to Surpy and entered the caves of his people, to establish his dominance as their Creator and share his wisdom with them.
  17. Time passed, and in that time, the entity known as Surpy lived among her people of the Second Race and guided them through life. Her people were Foragers, simple creatures. She taught them safe ways to protect themselves, to gether and store food, and efficient ways to manage their daily lives. It was a crude form of government, but it worked. Society developed, and eventually Surpy was able to branch out with her teachings. Music and art became important aspects of their lives, and they became very good at it. This brought joy to the four-armed goddess, and she relished in her peoples' development. Soon, she would begin training acolytes, and among them, one who would be worthy to attempt the Hellrun.
  18. During the same time, Thomas had lived with his own people, the First Race. He taught them to perfect what he designed them for, and in time they became masterful at the art of hunting. He taught them to organize themselves as a pack, to work together to hunt larger prey. He also taught them to respect the world around them, to respect the creatures who gave their lives that the First Race may eat, and the land which provides them with shelter. Once they had settled in to their livelihood, he began to teach them other skills. He found that they excelled particularly in writing, and that they had vast imaginations from which they could draw ideas. Of their own accord, they accepted him as their God and created religion based from his teachings. He was pleased that his people so readily accepted his word as truth. He would soon have his new Priests hold a contest, to see which among them would be worthy to take on Hellrun.

    Thomas called out to Surpy, and met her at the spot they created their Avatars.

    "How're things with you and your people? Have you selected someone to attempt the Hellrun, yet?"
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  19. Surpy had heard him from within the cavernous canopy huts her people had come to live in. She met him at the designated location, now lovingly tended with gardens and beautification by their two races, acts of appreciation and loyalty.

    "I have a few training now, learning the ways of prowling and the hunt, and tracking. It's a slow process in the trees, less footprints to follow. But soon, I believe... There is one that has great potential. I have kept my eyes on him for some time."

    She loosed a trill, a particular chirping sound she was pleased to discover her race could make. Her feathers fluffed in anticipation, as she looked at Thomas and his avatar expectantly.

    "I can only assume you've called to me because you are soon to have a Runner as well?" She grinned, tilting her head. The question was made in a light tone, a singsong.
  20. Thomas nodded happily, admiring the beauty of the gardens now around them. He flexed his Avatar's muscles and shook off the dirt from it's coat, before sitting on a nearby rock.

    "Indeed I am. There is one in particular I have my eye on, but we will have to see how he fares in the contest."

    He bent down and took a drink from a nearby pool of water, making ripples run across it's calm surface. The water was cool and clean, and reflected everything around it beautifully. He watched as small, scaled creatures swam around in the pool, seeming to play games with one another.

    "We've created a beautiful world here, don't you think?" His tone was calm, relaxed, yet joyous. The world they had created pleased him greatly.
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