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We all know the mafia is a place of dead set loyalties, ruthless action and well kept secrets.

Leon’s mafia is a group whose roots go deep, three generations to be exact. Named after the first of now three generations of Leonardo’s, being passed from father to son with proper training and understanding of the gang since their youth. Leon’s mafia is an institution running for years to decades. They have the streets under their control with little to no competition on their level thanks to their generations of connections.

Though, no organization is perfect in times of transition, and a mafia is no exception. Leo’s father recently passed while on a job, presumed to have been killed in a shoot out. Following the funeral is where we’re at now, with the new boss coming into power, adjusting to the job and how to manage all these individuals who know what they’re doing.

not directed at anyone, just an fyi for people who are new to my threads.

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