Let's Match-make Cupid! [Comedy/Fantasy/Romance]

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  1. Yep, you aren't seeing things. I've had this idea in my head for some time and I still find this idea comical hilarious, really - even till now.

    [PLOT] - based on Roman/Greek mythology

    The gods and goddesses of Olympus are fed up with Eros aka Cupid, messing around and being constantly in their love lives - don't get them wrong, they don't hate him but sometimes they just want to be left alone. Deciding to take action, the order of Olympus has come up with a plan - match-make him! With crazy plans in the plotting by the order (yes, even Hades), will they be successful in their plan or is it doomed to fail?


    If there's enough of you interested, then I'll make a proper thread for this :) Thoughts?
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  2. I have to say it is very interesting Destiny. Love mythology.
  3. Sounds pretty cool. ^^
    Although, as a history nerd, it bugs me that you use the adjective form (Olympian) instead of the noun form (Olympus) and use the Greek names for everyone except Eros. XD First world problems over here.
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  4. [MENTION=5963]Rita ArchFena[/MENTION] - ^^ Why thank you~

    [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION] - Thanks for pointing that out! I was wondering why it sounded strange when I tried pronouncing it.
  5. Oh man. This sounds interesting. I used to be a huge mythology nerd. Especially Greek mythology.
  6. While I'm not a Mythology geek, I really like the sound of this plot~