Let's Make a Halloween Story!

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  1. In the spirit of Halloween, I think it'll be fun to bounce off of each other and create a hilariously spooky story :) I'll start with just 1 sentence and all yall can add on till the story is complete! Of course yall can post more than once!

    Let's go!! ^_^

    Once Upon A Time, there was a pretty in pink Princess......one morning she woke up....went to her closet ... and saw there were no matching shoes for her wear!!!!! Dun Dun Dun!!!!
  2. She looked into the mirror, and saw the spirit of a dead girl staring back at her, it's hollow, darkened eyes, beckoning her to look closer, even though she couldn't and wouldn't.
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  3. Those eyes...hollow...black...empty... they were a haunting vision... that girl....who was she?
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  4. She was no one and not even there, moving in the darkness of nowhere. This darkness leaked from the mirror and reached out at the pretty princess, the reflection breached, dark shadowy fingers morphing into elongated claws, stretching to touch her.
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  5. The shadowy princess beyond the mirror inched forwards, moving uneasily, almost as if every bone in her body was twisted out of place, causing her to jerk and lumber from side to side. Whilst her arms and hands could pass through, her torso and head remained stuck on the other side as she hissed angrily at the girl, "Your sssssshoessssss... I have them."
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  6. "You can't have them!" She blurted out, eyes and voice full of evident fright. "Who are you?! Why do you want me and what do you need of me, spirit?"
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  7. The girl in the mirror began singing...

    Yet there was something... Strange. Her voice came through a gash in her neck and was eerily similar to that of Batman.
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  8. ahahahaha!!!!! ^_^
  9. Suddenly, the lights went out and an ominous NYAHAHA-ing echoed across the room. The girl in the mirror recoiled upon seeing her master, leaving the Princess oh so terribly alone. The vague outline of a blue and purple gimpsuit was illuminated by a theatric flash of lightning-

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  10. The pretty pink princess without her shoes shrieked out in horror. "Ahhhh! Are you my prince?"
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  11. "Yes...my pretty, but you have disobeyed your prince. You must face the consequences!" Skeletor yelled, before turning the girls shoes into animate demons, with gnashing, carnivorous teeth.
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  12. eeek! ^_^