Lets Kill Titans

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Have you watched Attack on Titan?

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  3. Anime is for nerds

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  1. Seriously.

    If you've never played the game before, no worries, because I am a filthy casual am not that good as well, and have only played it like twice with a friend who showed me the game a few months back.

    Region - US
    Server Name - IwakuRoleplay
    Password - diana

    Join me peoples, lets all die together. :cheerful:

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  2. Just here for the Levi gif <3
  3. I'll murder some TITANS with you.
  4. Oh, it's back up? Rad, so Feng isn't dead. I'll still probably take like 18 minutes to get a kill under my belt.

    (Unfortunately Chromebooks don't support Unity, so it'll be a while before I can play again.)
  5. Ohmydearsweetbabyjesus

    It's not allowing me to play because apparently Unity Player needs my permission to run, but I'll be there in spirit, I suppose.
  6. Currently just me and @FrostedCamel fighting the good fight. I died already D:<
  7. I haven't played in awhile..probably rusty as hell @.@
  9. he ded she ded we all ded

    Get in here we have enough people for like two squads. >:D
  10. IT'S TOO LATE! YOU FAIRY! T-T I'm, like, the best killer of titans!
  11. I killed 2 and then died by sudden explosion of climbing a tower... :/
  12. Lol. What happened?
  13. I don't know, the server suddenly died. :/
  14. I'll make a new one, same settings as the last one.
  15. Probably won't play, but the anime is fairly well done. Though I'm really picky about anime in the first place. I don't care for the overly dramatic Shonen ridiculousness which haunts a lot of anime. AoT managed to just barely miss the firing line for me, but makes up for it with excellent action sequences, some deep dialogue and fantastic visuals. Buuuuuuut the teenage angst drama ensues no less which has always been a bit of a turn off for me.
  16. holy jesus I am bad at this game O.O
  17. Woow, that game slowed down my computer soooo much o.O But for some reason the game itself loaded and worked perfectly fine xD hahah

    I will probably be obsessed with that game for a while. Gonna practice in single mode for a few month and master this thing!
  18. Practiced for awhile. Great concept but the mouse sensitivity is totally fucked. Controls feel a little funky but are fairly straightforward.
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