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  1. SEEKING A PARTNER to get me back into gear. Although I am an avid writer, I have not been, for the past several months, involved in any sort of personal role-play environment due to a severance between my old partner and I (She was a bitch ;D). I am very much a veteran role-player, but my history with The Game does not span very far past years-upon-years of chat play and personal, one-on-one play; despite the longevity of my career, I've only had four partners, which is why I feel the need to express that my habits or conditions may seem outlandish against standards you may have become used to with other, more sociable players. And that's not to say that I am a jerk or anything of the sort, I'm just a guy who seeks quality above all things, which can prove to be a difficult connector considering the conditional nature of the concept (Quality to me may-be over-describing a toaster; quality to you may be the maturation and description of emotion, to-which I do not object, but I do favor emotional subtly while narrating).

    Some Candies:

    • I'm a sarcastic ass, meaning that most times I refuse to create characters that are completely devoid of humor or satirical out-looks.
    • I enjoy everything from mundane idiocy, stringent crime/drama, filthy romance (though I would prefer a story-spine of some kind, there) to high-concept and unique fantasy.
    • I find it easiest to write in third-person, past-tense, so a uniformity there is required (but if you prefer the present, I can certainly adapt).
    • I write male characters for the most part, either hetero-or-asexual. I do not shy away from homosexuality because of a distaste of any kind, it's just a matter of quality: I neither have such a mind set, nor do I have any friends that do, so I feel my rogue twist may cheapen authenticity.
    • Writing is a large part of my life, however it is simply a hobby: I am completely self-educated, tempered by reading alone, meaning my grammar may not rise to the standards of those classically trained.
    • Despite it all I think I fare rather well with words, so I ask that only those who share my fever for expression and description apply.
    • I'm a fucking fantastic human being :DDDD.
    • I do not go apeshit over post length, but c'mon---we're all better than four sentences, right?
    • I love collaboration above all things---let's build it up together, yeah? I've had a history of submissive partners and I'm looking for something different.
    • My schedule permits me to be online between midnight and six A.M., EST.

    Any and all interested please feel free to drop me a message. I'm fine with playing on Iwaku's forums, via E-mail correspondence or even AIM (Don't make fun of me, it's just how I was raised <____<)


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  2. Do you do fandoms? ;p.
  3. I've never done one to date, heh.
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