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  1. @Charlie Vasilyev

    Name: Allexander Nikolaev

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Allex is the type of person who is very laid back and accepting of everything. He has no boundaries as far as he's concerned unless someone does him wrong. Contrary to his looks he's actually very sweet and considerate, real gentlemanly. He likes the more simplistic things in life that make him happy and calm. Deep down he is a bit of a shy guy but he knows when to man up.

    Short Bio: Allex lived with his two parents in Russia until he was two years old. After that he moved to America for the better conditions. Around this time was when his father became more unstable and started drinking just for the hell of it. That's when the fights began. His parents would fight to no end, sometimes he would have to jump in just so his mom wouldn't get injured. With him constantly taking his mother's side his father had grown a certain distaste towards him and began to beat him for no logical reason. Some nights his father would come home drunk and just beat him until he fell asleep. This caused Allex to become shy around people. Eventually his mom had enough and decided to leave but couldn't afford to take Allex with her, leaving him alone with his father.

    Mikhail Nikolaev - Father
    Rosanna Volkov - Mother

    Pets: N/A

    Reason for running away: Got tired of being abused
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  2. Name: Valentina Sergeyevna Emsky (Goes by Val)

    Age: 16

    Gender: FM

    Looks: Val is a short girl standing at just 4'11". She isn't built like most girls and has broader shoulders and a more stout frame then most girls have. She a rather strong girl. She has light rosy skin tone though she'll tan a bit in the summer.
    She has a slightly round face. Her eyes are dark gray with flecks of green in them. She has a button nose and light pink lips her lips. Val actually can get very anxious and she tends to stretch her arms and bite her nails when she gets nervous
    Val's hair is dark brown and between wavy and curly. She keeps it in a short hair cut with it hanging over her ears, and neck and curling on her forehead.

    Her body type is average to slightly curvy . She isn't exactly super attractive and kinda blends in as average and not noticeable

    Personality: Val has anxiety problems. She uses her crime sprees as a way to feel she's in control of something. She's been moved around a lot and has never had a stable home environment so she has low trust and hates losing control.
    Val is tough. She doesn't like to be vulnerable because she's afraid of being hurt she's actually afraid of a lot of things and has high anxiety, but she tries to hide that.
    despite her very obvious bad qualities Val isn't a totally bad kid. She is extremely loyal and loving to those she chooses to be her 'family'.

    Short Bio: Val currently lives with her single mother. She bounced around various half way houses, foster homes sometimes, and relatives places throughout her life.
    She's has several stints in juvie for various things from petty theft, shop lifting, truancy, etc minor crimes mostly(a few more major ones) she's just been in trouble a lot. Her crime sprees started before middle school even.
    Val has very few close friends. She loses friends quickly because she brings trouble wherever she goes.

    Family: Val has quite large family her parents were in an on and off again relationship for years, but never got married. When Val was 11 her father married another woman. When she was 13 he dropped all pretenses of caring about Val and relinquished any custody he had of her saying she was too much trouble for her own good...she was a bad role model for his other kids.
    She has 4 full siblings, 4 half siblings on her father's side, 2 step siblings(her father's wife's kids, and 6 more half siblings on her mother's side.
    This doesn't include her aunts, uncles, cousins, and other reletices she's stayed with throughout her life.
    Her siblings and her have all been split up and moved around too much for her to keep track of all of them.


    Sergey Petrov Emsky- Father

    Liliya Nikolovna Gagarin - mother

    Full Siblings:

    Half Siblings(Father):

    Half Siblings(Mother):

    Step Siblings:

    Pets: N/A

    Reason for running away: She doesn't want to go back to juvie.

    Exta: she is dyslexic, has high anxiety, as a lot of energy, and has poor impulse control.


    She couldn't believe it. She'd done it again. Val stared at the items in her bag. There were some random snacks and some pain meds. She'd taken them from the little drug store down the street from the school. She was now standing behind the pizza parlor hidden by the dumpster.
    Val bit her nails. She'd promised to try...and she really had, but she was hungry and unhappy. Her friend would be so ashamed of her.
    Her PO...if her PO found out she was certainly going back to juvie. He even threatened to put her in adults prison if she kept screwing up.
    Val anxiously ran her hands through her short brown hair. She heard yelling and zipping her bag up she ran. She needed a plan, she couldn't go back to jail.
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  3. The night before had been 'one of those nights' again. He hadn't slept a wink since and doesn't exactly intend to do so either. It was always the same routine for him that it almost drove him to insanity. His father would come home, get angry for no reason, then give him more scars before passing out drunk. I hate that old man. Allex sighed before exiting his house to get some fresh air. The breeze felt nice on his pale skin, reminding him of his home in Russia, as he decided to go for a stroll. He needed to get away from that house.
  4. Val ran home quickly. She climbed the fire escape and entered her apartment. Her mother wouldn't notice if she came in the front door probably but she still didn't risk it.
    Val's breathing was hard and fast. She threw some extra clothes and a hoodie in her bag and grabbed her wallet. There wasn't much money in it just some change but she threw it in after removing her school ID.
    Val had no real plan. In all honestly she was panicking. She probably didn't pack half of what she needed for this hair brained adventure.
    The small Slavic girl climbed back out through her window and rushing down the fire place started off towards Alexander's house.
  5. His stroll didn't get him very far, only down the street, as it was a tad chilly outside and he didn't bring a jacket. "God.." He muttered to himself as he made his way back home, hoping that his father wasn't awake to see him. He would never let Allex leave the house, especially if he was having a major hangover and needed his attention. Once inside he crept into his room to lay down. His body couldn't handle staying awake any longer and taking a light nap seemed like a viable option.
  6. Val came around her friend's house quietly. She snuck to his window and peeked inside before knocking gently. She then waited. Her nerves were getting the better if her and she was scratching her arm roughly as she waited. She didn't know what she was going to do. At least warn her only friend she was leaving though.
    Val felt her hands shaking. She hated this it always happened after she stole something. She get super high anxiety almost to panic attack level but she couldn't stop...she needed the rush and feeling of control...it was one of the few things she had.
    Val knocked on the window again lightly and stood on her tip toes trying to see in.
  7. Hearing the small noises outside caused Allex to slightly wake up, although he was still rather groggy. He looked around nervously half expecting the noise came from his father trying to scare him but instead saw Val standing at the window. Allex opened up the window when he finally got to his feet and gave her a 'really at this hour' kind of look. "What's up Val? You wanna come in?" He gestured her to come inside so he could close the window.
  8. Val shook her head. She didn't want to come in.
    "No...I can't." she told him. She ran her hands through her hair again. "I screwed up again, Sasha..." she said using the Russian nickname for her friend. "I can't stick around. My PO says he'll send me to adult prison if I'm taken by the cops again." she said extremely worried. "Even if he doesn't I can't go bakc to juvie..." she added shuddering.
    Val paused when she heard some noises and the street and waited listening. She shook her head when nothing happened. Someone probably knocked a trash can over,
    "I'm leaving...don't know where just am." she told her only friend. She was thinking of inviting him but wasn't sure if she should.
    Val looked her friend over. HE didn't look too good tonight.
    "Your pops again?" she asked concerned doing what she had a bad habit of doing a lot and switching subjects suddenly.
  9. The thought of his friend leaving didn't sit right with him. It was the only one he had grown to trust over the many years of knowing her. She took care of him when he was injured and he kept her from losing her sanity. They handled each other during the good times and bad, it just wouldn't feel right if she wasn't there any more. "Yeah.. I'm alright though, just a bit sore." She always knew when he wasn't okay even though he would deny any pain he felt. He never wanted her to worry more than she had too.

    "You can't leave.. What about school? What about your mom? You know she worries sometimes." He didn't want her to leave him, not after all they've been through. "What are you even going to do? You don't know how to drive, you don't have anywhere to go, you can't leave.." Maybe if he were to talk her out of it she would stay.
  10. "Who are you kidding? My mother doesn't give a flying..."she drifted off again as she thought she heard something. Val sighed and shook her head not finishing her sentence. If her mother cared she wouldn't have been stuck in so many awful foster or reletives homes.
    "I can't stay, Sash...I'll go to jail." She said. She really didn't want to leave him. She frowned and shook her head. This was a dumb idea.
    "Come with me." Val offered.
    "It'll be an adventure like we dreamed about when we're kids." He explained.
  11. "Go with you? Are you.. What would we even do.." He questioned, unsure of whether she was serious or not. She was right. If she were to stay she would surely go to jail. That was the last thing she wanted for her. This could be his chance, his chance to leave like he always wanted. He wouldn't have to deal with his father's abuse nor would he have to live in fear any longer. It's been twelve years, enough was enough.

    "Fine I'll go with you. I can't stay here either." He gave in to her and went to grab his backpack. "But if we're doing this we need a few things. Running around the streets in the middle of the night is too obvious. I have my license now so we're taking his car. We also need food so help me get some okay? Just grab whatever looks like it won't spoil. I'll get the keys and some cash, he doesn't know I know where he hides it." He threw on his jacket and put some other clothes in his bag, not nearly as much as he had but enough for him to not wear the same thing every day. "Come on." He gestured her as he walked through the door, putting a finger to his lip indicating to be silent. His father was in a deep sleep after last night's festivities and it was near impossible to wake him when he was like this.
  12. Val nodded and climbed into Allexander's room. She listened to him, he seemed to have almost already planned out how to run away. Val never really made plans, she just flew by the seat of her pant and hoped everything worked out. She followed ehr friend into the kitchen and opening the pantry quietly she loooked at the food. They couldn't go with pasta or anything that needed cooking. Cans would be very heavy put she grabbed a four cans of food and some cliff bars and put them in her bag.
    She stepped out of the pantry after grabbing some granola bars. The rest of the food wouldn't travel wall. She waited for Allex to lead herout to his dad's car. They'd only really be able to use to the car for a couple days at the most before they'd have to ditch it becuase his dad would definently report it as stollen.
  13. This was the day Allex was waiting for almost his whole life. It was a chance to finally get away and start anew. He quietly crawled up to his sleeping father and checked his pockets for the keys, which he didn't have. So he proceeded to the bedroom to open the safe and find the keys. Once he found the keys he climbed up to the attic after taking some loose cash lying around the room. There was a big chest in the corner, unlocked of course, that held the safe with all the money in it. His father was big on keeping his money near him and not in a bank so all of his life savings were in this safe. Luckily Allex knew the code and opened the safe that was filled wall to wall with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without even a second thought he emptied the entire thing into his bag and ran back downstairs.

    "Psst. We gotta go." He whispered loudly over to his friend that was awaiting his return. Before running out the door he backtracked to the fireplace where an old photo of his mother with her parents hung in a small frame. This was one of the only photos he had of her in his adolescence and he was not leaving it here. After he grabbed the photo and tucked it away he slowly opened the front door, so it doesn't make the creaking noise it always does, and went to start up the car.
  14. Val hurried out after him. Wow...that was a lot of money. She found it odd how comfortable Allex was at stealing...she'd never thought he was the criminal type.
    The young girl got into the passenger seat,
    "You been holding out on me, Sasha." She half joked. Val thought about taking the lisence plate off but decided for now that it would be more suspicious to have a car without a plate. Once a BOLO was put out though tgeyd ha e to ditch the car anyway.
    Val tapped her finger against her bag nervously. She was anxious to get going because she was afraid to get caught. Now that she was in a stolen car with a bunch of stolen money she'd be in even more hot water if she was caught.
  15. "It's not like I wanted to take it... It's just better used with us than him." He smiled before tossing his bag into the back seat and pulling out of the drive way. Police sirens were heard on the back streets and all around the city. "First things first... We should probably ditch the state. If the trail goes cold then we'll be okay for a while right? Unless you're wanted in other states too Val." He didn't think they would have a problem if they were to manage to get past the police and out of the state. He drove along the road at a moderate pace to seem almost inauspicious. A few police cars drove by here and there but they didn't bother to pull them over.

    "You might want to change your clothes too. Someone might recognize you." He saw on CSI that they could easily identify someone by the smallest things, especially clothes. Allex was always the brainy bright-idea one of the two even when they were kids. He would be the one to think things through before doing it while she would just go with the flow of whatever was on her mind. They balanced each other out so well that they seemed almost like twins.
  16. "No...I served my time in the other states." Val laughed though she wasn't really joking. She'd been friends with Allex for her whole childhood practically but there had been times where she'd lived in a different state with relatives because of her mother. She glanced at Allex,
    "Mind if I change while you drive?" she asked, Val was normally extremely nervous about her body and hated showing it off but she was OK with Allex seeing her change. They'd practically bathed together as children she didn't see how it really mattered. Val pulled out her extra clothes and started to change her shirt. She pulled off her t-shirt and grabbed a gray t-shirt with little black skulls dotting the sleeves. She was wearing a set of baggy 'boyfirned' jeans that were too big for her. She figured she didn't need to change those...they were just jeans right?
    She shoved her jacket into her backpack and sat back in the car as she drove. She felt herself almost panic when they drove by the cops. Good they didn't notice her. Val kept feeling like something was going to go wrong. very wrong...maybe they'd be hit by a truck, run out of gas, get pulle dover, who knows she just had a sense of impending doom...hopefully it was just her anxiety.
  17. Allex didn't mind that she changed next to him. She's seen him change more than enough times that nothing fazes him with her. "Good. Then we will be safe. Maybe even be able to stay somewhere for a while." He said in jest of his false hope. He knew they would probably have to keep moving from place to place since they were now wanted criminals. "We gotta be outta here by morning so where do you want to go?" He spoke while keeping his focus on the road ahead of them. They exit to the town should be coming up soon but there was a bit of traffic before entering the highway to get out of the town.
  18. "We should keep going until we cross the state border. I'd head south...possibly head to Mexico." Val suggested. She sounded lighthearted but at the same time anxious beyond belief. She was totally serious about going to Mexico. It was a dangerous place, but at least she couldn't be taken back to jail there from there right? Val ran her hands through her hair. She hated this feeling, actually doing the crime was exhilarating and made her feel in control, but afterwards she turned into an anxious mess.
    She watched the signs go past leaning against the window of the car,
    "100 miles to the border." she announced 20 minutes later. "I can drive if you want." she added. Val didn't techicially have a license, but she could drive. She knew how to drive. Val had a lot of experiences under her belt most of them less than legal or rather bad.
  19. "Mexico? Why Mexico? We can't even speak Mexican. And Mexico is extremely dirty and disease ridden. If I'm gonna die then I'm not dying in the poverty of Mexico. Maybe we could board a ship or take a flight to a country across the seas then? We have enough money to do so at the moment actually." Allex hated everything about Mexico beginning with its filth. There was nothing but crime and murders all around from how desperate the people were. They would most likely get robbed upon crossing the boarder. The boarder approached very quickly once they broke through the traffic. "I'm good. You should get some rest.. I have a fluffy sweater in my bag if you get cold." He smiled to her hoping she might go to sleep. She needed her rest more than he did and what's a few more hours of driving to him.
  20. "It's Spanish, dumb-bo, not Mexican." Val informed him snippily. She shrugged, "We can't get planes tickets they check your IDs you need to be an adult to buy those." she added nervously. She sighed knowing she was frustrated, but she was super on edge and wasn't the best at controlling herself when she was frustrated.
    "We'll just go South for now. Maybe just stay low until we're 18 or something." she muttered. "We could get on a boat...if we found an unscurpules boat place and got a job to get over seas." she added. It actually didn't sound like a bad idea. "That's not an awful idea..." she added tiredly. She rested her head against the back of the chair and closed her eyes exhaustedly.
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