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  1. Usually I'm the one trying to fill other's partner requests but I'm going to try to take a more active approach this time around. I'm not new to Rp-ing but at the same time I definitely have room to grow. I'm a bit new to this website but I'd love to find anyone who would be willing to write with me. A few posts a day would be fine....also if nothing I throw out there interest you, feel free to give me your ideas as well. One thing I would like to get around to one day is creating a world from scratch, but I have no idea where to start or what to do....so if anyone has the time and patience to do that, please let me know.

    Writing-wise I'm up for most genres. Romance is fine as long as it develops during the story, the build up is a great part of the character development that I like. Anyway, I'll throw out the pairing that I'd like to try out and if you find yourself drawn to any of them, then PM me and let's see if we can't make something awesome together. Also if you don't happen to see the pairing you want or want to try something different, let me know and we'll see what we can do. Want to throw as much action, adventure, drama and romance in as well as twists and surprises in the story. These pairings will be MxF or FxF, and I will play the male in the MxF.


    Princess x Prisoner
    Mage x Familiar
    Human x Demon
    Human x Werewolf
    Mage x Mage
    Hero x Villain
    Rich girl x Rebel
    Bookworm x Rebel
    Warrior x Warrior
    Elemental x Human/Elemental

    If you see something that sparks your interest then let me know, and then we can go from there.

  2. "Bookworm x Rebel. "

    A new thing I could try, I am usually the rebel but I would like to be the bookworm
  3. I would like to try the elementalxelemental.
  4. Alright! Pm me so we can discuss it further
  5. I know the feeling lol. Usually I'm the bookworm, so I'm trying a new approach here, Pm me and we can talk more
  6. The Hero/Villan pairing sounds like fun! Oddly enough, the Princess/Prisoner pairing also caught my interest.

    If you're still looking for partners, I would love to discuss possibly doing a roleplay together.
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