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Would you be interested in a Kidnapping Roleplay?

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  1. First, it's been a while since I've been on here... I got pulled away and never got the urge to come back until now.. Lately I've been feeling too out of touch with my creative side to really do anything like this, but I am very bored. So I'm back -ish-... By ish I mean I'm working a lot more then normal this month.. Anyways! Since I've been so bored that games, animes and mangas haven't been helping me I figured I'd come roleplay again.

    Now, since this is meant to keep me from dying of boredom or going even more insane then I already am (in a totally good way) I will be strict.. Normally I'm not but things are just too dull not to be. If you are willing to read ahead I'll put what I want from a partner. Also below will be what sort of roleplay I'm looking for..... IF you haven't figured it out already from the ratings and content thingy.

    ~MUST post several times a day. I tend to sit at my computer and keep these things open, so post often. Even if it says I'm offline or something doens't mean I am. Also, I'm on random times during the day so just be warned.

    ~NO TEXT TALK. Seriously, my biggest petpeeve. I will stop roleplaying and ignore you. I'm sick of this in my roleplays. If you can't spell right don't message me..... Please, it's just too annoying.

    ~Never ever ever ever ask me to play a female role. I am a girl but I hate playing girls. Don't like it? I don't care, I just don't like doing it.

    ~Be fine and dandy with Gore, Violence, Smut and BDSM. I've gotten more into the Mature side of roleplaying and that's mostly what I do now. You aren't comfortable with it, then I'm sorry but I wouldn't be a good partner for you.

    ~Do not make me do everything in the roleplay (like plot, twists, story, ect.). I may seem scary but I don't bite as much as you'd think. I love having my partner pitch in and give ideas. Hell I even like it when you give me a surprise. I'll drop the roleplay if I'm made to do everything.

    ~MUST POST AT LEAST 1 FULL PARAGRAPH EVERY POST. I'm dead serious about this.. So many have said "I post 2 paragraph" and only give me like 6 lines.. It will piss me off. I do not want to roleplay at a children's book level. Also I hate when it's all just mindless fluff. Fluff is okay but I need stuff to go off of.

    ~Lately I've only been doing dominate roles and I plan to stick to that for a while longer. So please know I wont be doing any submissive roles and if I do it'd be a dom pretending to be a sub for the plot or whatever. (This is actually an idea I've had dancing in my head).

    ~I will ONLY do Yaoi. This means I will only play MalexMale, Guy on Guy, Dude on Dude, Boy Love, whatever you want to call it. I lose interest in MalexFemale since it doesn't tweak my mind as much as Yaoi does. Honestly I find it too plain and boring, no matter how it's done... I've honestly done it all (well almost, never done a father daughter but I find that just creepy) and it's still boring.

    ~Also I will NEVER do anything with Furries or animals. Not big on things like vampires, werewolves or other supernatural or non-human things either. Yes, this includes Aliens or Gods. Though cyborgs or cyber-humans are okay, but I need to be convinced. Only non-human I play is Doctor Who and Captain Jack from the show Doctor Who.

    Okay, if I haven't scared you away I'll put below the "ideas", for lack of a better word, I've had dancing in my head for the past little while. I want to b specific roles in these so I'll color them this so you know.

    A Lonely Kitten Meets a Hungry Wolf:
    A gang leader has been feeling "lonely" since his last little pet ran off. So he goes looking for a new one and what he finds is a cute little kitten all by itself. Becoming very interested he takes the Lonely Kitten in and makes him his new favorite pet. Basically the idea is that YC is a down-on-his-luck guy who happens to catch the eye of MC. YC can be any way you like, as long as he's not experienced. Meaning MC would teach him the darker side of romance.

    Not What It Seems:
    It's been two years and no one would think such a shy guy could be so direct and open... Not to mention a total player. Out of pure boredom MC pretends to be a shy, awkward guy who falls over himself every other second. But in reality he's an aggressive, manipulative cassanova -who's broken so many hearts they could fill a stadium- who isn't afraid to speak his mind. After two years (no idea what it'd be.. Maybe collage or something) YC thinks they have MC figured out and tries to bring out MC's "inner man" only to push him over the limit and break character. This one would go back and forth, it's the only acceptation I'd give to my playing something like a sub. MC would only pretend to be sub to make things more interesting.
  2. I would love to Rp with you, what is your take on a more Fantasy/ Medieval setting?
  3. Not too good at Fantasy but I love Medieval.. But if they are blended then even better ^^
  4. Alright cool ^.^ I don't mind doing modern type rps I just get more in depth with the historical settings. I post generally up to 3 meaty paragraphs but if given more substance to work with I can stretch it to 5. I have a few ideas of my own although they dont have much too them, so I'll need some help planning, or we can tweak one of your own :) I'm open to pretty much anything.
  5. Either idea sounds good if you're still looking.
  6. @Ryuuji
    Since I've been out of touch with my creativity I can do a good 3-4 paragraphs, 5 if I'm in a really good mood.. Why not send me your ideas and we can see which would be more fun??

    Would you be up for the second one then? That's the one I wanna try out more since I've done the first before
  7. Definitely. =3
  8. Cool ^^ Why not message me and we can hammer it out a bit more then?
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