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  1. Firstly, Welcome to my little RP search thread! My name is Korra and I am very grateful you could give me your time <3


    Little bit about me:

    I am a twenty one year old female who can play either gender. I've been in the RP side of things for over six years now so I do know what I am doing and how to write. I prefer to write in third person and can play cannon characters and oc very well. I also enjoy a good variety of genre. Fantasy, horror, sci-fi, romance, modern, slice of life. Lastly I'm a huge gamer and comic reader.

    Since this is libertine I'll add this:
    - 70% plot 30% sex though that can change easily.
    - I will more or less try anything though in saying that no dead people stuff or potty play.
    - love futanari! Still looking for a partner to play one with me <3.

    My expectations of you:

    - no one liner's.
    - decent spelling and grammar.
    - occ is a must.
    - communication! Tell me if your bored, happy or whatever your feeling about the RP. Or just chat XP I'm a friendly individual. I don't bite.

    RP plots :
    * = plot
    <3 = Craving

    Alien x Human *
    Witcher x Sorceress *<3
    Futa Cosplayer x cosplayer <3
    Transgender character x Transgender character <3
    Lost Survivor x God
    Band mates
    Guardian Angel x Human
    Hunter x hunted (Far Cry 3 inspired could even put Vaas in the RP XP) *<3
    Royalty x Commoner
    Human x Deity
    Reincarnated Lovers

    * = plot
    <3 = Craving

    Witcher 3 * <3
    Far Cry 3 *<3
    Devil May Cry <3
    Resident Evil <3
    Lucifer (tv series)
    Supernatural <3
    Sengoku Basara
    Bleach <3 (looking for an Ulquiorra)
    Last of us
    How to Train your Dragon
    Sons of anarchy <3
    The Darkness
    Final Fantasy (X, VII, XIII, Crisis Core)
    Naruto (cannon & oc)

    I know there is so much I can add but for now, this is it ^_^


    Thanks for reading and if your interested or have RP suggestion's please post below or pm me.
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  2. I'll rp with you if you're interested :)
    dragon x rider looks interesting
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  3. I'm interested in your transgender plot. PM me?
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  4. Also interested in your Transgender plot if you're still looking =3
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  5. Pm me please and we can see if you like my plot or not XP

    I could do another one of these but it really depends on who you would like to play XP please pm me.
  6. hay can you stop making me jealous that you have The Witcher 3
  7. Hey there,
    I am more than happy to Rp with you. Whatever you are up for to be honest.
    I know almost all of the fanfics that you like and I fit all you requirements.
    Sorry taht this is a brief message, I would usually write a bigger introduction, but I am low on time right now.
    Shoot me a Pm if you want to talk some more and Rp.
    Demon x
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  8. Updated lovelies <3
  9. I'd be interested in the futa rp but I can't play a female character
  10. If you send me a pm we could sort something out ^_^
  11. OooooOooo totally interested in the futa ones. >~< Seems everyone else is as well.
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  12. Send me a pm and we can sort out a rp ^-^
  13. Updated lovelies <3 Really am on the hunt again!
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