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  1. Yo, it's Geek here. I'm still a bit new here, but I'm not new to roleplaying. I like having friendship and family dynamics involved in my roleplays just as much as I do with romance. I'm comfortable playing male, female, and transgender characters. I do all pairing types. I can typically reply daily, and I ask the same of my partners.

    Some topics I've been wanting to try out:

    Alien Hunting Group
    Super Humans
    Best Friends

    I'm also open to taking a look at any ideas you may have.

  2. I like the kidnapping and best friends RP ideas
  3. The crime, best friends, super humans, and possibly a combination of some/all of them seem like interesting ideas to me.
  4. Cool. If you'd be up for doubling up, we could combine the two?

    A combination of all of them would be awesome. PM me?
  5. Yeah, I'm cool with that
  6. Could we combine best friends and exes?
  7. A super human RP sounds great, shall I PM you or will you PM me?
  8. You have some very interesting pairings, and ones that lend themselves to combining. Very interesting. I wouldn't mind doing a couple of them with you. Whichever ones are not taken (I'd hate to do overlap) let me know and we'll see if we can possibly work something out.
  9. If you are still looking I'm up for the roommates and best friends ones
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.