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  1. CelestialSiren's Partner Requirements

    • Post as frequently as you can, at least once a day or twice a week is fine with me. I know we all have lives and that is way more important than this.
    • Proper spelling and grammar. I understand when you're in a hurry to put the post up, you rush, but please understand I am patient and don't need a post immediately. Take your time.
    • Please post at least a paragraph, that's all I ask. It is hard to come up with 3 to infinite amounts of paragraphs when you aren't really feeling up to it. I just ask that you make each post as interesting as you can.
    Sorry, but I do not roleplay with anyone under the age of eighteen (unless I'm in a group roleplay), due to the fact that most of the roleplays lead into more sexual content.

    Roles in Roleplays
    • Yes, I do play both female and male (MxF & M&M) roles, but that doesn't mean I want to play the male all the time. Please be fair when it comes to this, because it can become quite annoying when you are asked to consistently be the male for male and female roleplays.
    • I do double roleplays as well. If you don't know what this means, it means I play a female and a male for my partner and they do the same in return so that both are happy. Same for MxM roleplays, I'm willing to play a seme/seke and a uke, if my partner is willing to as well.
    • I am looking for long term roleplay partners.
    • If you are having a hard time in real life, just tell me and we will put the roleplay on hiatus until you are ready to continue on with it.
    Let's Be Friends
    Don't be afraid to talk to me, I really enjoy getting to know all my partners.
    I'll make you feel like the best person in the whole world, cause I like making people feel special.

    Roleplay Interests & Ideas
    Bold - Really Want To Do
    Strike - Not Available Anymore
    Italics - My Character

    Teacher x Student
    Teacher x Teacher
    Tutor x Tutored
    Demon x Human

    Friend x Friend's Younger Sibling
    Student x Student
    Host x Bartender
    Boss/Manager x Worker

    Luffy x OC

    Trafalgar x OC
    Zoro x OC
    Kyoya x OC
    Mori x OC


  2. Hey! I'd love to give tutor and tutored a try!
  3. Sure if you'd like to talk more about it just PM me
  4. I'll do Student x teachersl
  5. I'd love to do teacher x student
  6. @Sky254 Sure. PM me which you'd like to play and we'll go over the details together.
  7. Hey i'd love for a Friend X Friends younger sibling, me being the sibling, Pm me if you'd like to ^.^
  8. If your still looking for Partners I'd gladly do a Demon x Human, or any of the others you prefer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.