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  1. Hello there, traveler. I'm Sonder and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance :)! Before we get to the interesting part of this thread, there are a few things I'd like to get out of the way.

    About Me
    ♠ I usually respond with a minimum of two to three paragraphs. If lengthy posts are needed, then I can deliver, but usually my posts are between 4-10 paragraphs.

    ♠ I enjoy doubling up on characters and like playing NPCs.

    ♠ I will not drop the roleplay without telling you, and if I'm going to disappear for more than three days, then I will inform you through the OOC or through PM.

    ♠ My posting schedule varies. On the weekends I can post several times a day, however, during school days I will post less. During Mondays to Fridays, you can expect a post or two a day at best and one post every three days at the least.

    ♠ I enjoy chatting with my partners. It is much more interesting to RP with someone I can call a pal.

    ♠ I do not like it when romances are forced. Don't get me wrong, it can happen, if the characters click. If they don't, then let's not force 'em together.

    What Kind of Partner I Am Looking For?
    ♠ Someone who can match my posting speed and post length.

    ♠ Someone who wants a long term roleplay. If you're planning to flake, then we aren't the right people for each other. I understand that people lose interest, but if that happens please inform me. Do not leave me hanging, just tell me, I can handle it. If you are going to be away for several days, please tell me as well. Communication is key to a roleplay's survival :)

    ♠ I do not want a passive partner. I am looking for someone who enjoys brainstorming, someone I can plan with, and someone who isn't afraid to drive the story forward.

    ♠ Someone who enjoys doubling up and playing NPCs when needed.

    ♠ Someone who enjoys OOC chatter xD. Haha, let's be friends.

    Roleplay Idea

    Ripples in Reality
    A shattered artifact, alternate dimensions, and a quest to prevent the world's end.

    A hundred year old artifact has been stolen, the thief was pursued, and in the struggle the artifact was shattered. Little did the thief know, the artifact was only one out of seven, and resting within the crystal was a long ago buried secret, a monster that was known as the world eater.

    The monster had been sealed away ages ago by the most powerful of mages and warriors, but when one of the crystals is shattered, the seal weakens, it awakens, and strange things start happening in the quiet town of Portside.

    People walk through doors only to disappear forever, silhouettes of mighty dragons soar behind blankets of clouds, portals into strange dimensions appear out of nowhere, and reality crumbles as dark cracks tear through the sky.
    "The world is going to end."

    The news spreads like wildfire and a worldwide quest to recover the seven crystals is set into motion. Perhaps if the crystals are gathered and the shattered one repaired, the world eater can be sealed away once more.

    The World Eater

    An entity that devours worlds. The World Eater is said to be a demon that awakened when magic was discovered. The world eater slowly devours a world by destroying the laws of nature and reality. The process is quite slow, at most the humans have five years to stop the monster and at the least they have a year or maybe two.

    Places that the world eater has devoured lose its sense of reality.

    Perhaps gravity no longer exists, maybe the trees bend at the most preposterous of angles. If one thing is for certain, it is that the world eater deconstructs a world by destroying the rules that govern it.

    Time Period

    The story will mostly be set in a medieval-esque time period. [Ignore the cars in the picture above xD] However, things like airships and steam trains exist. This will be a mix of Steampunk and Medieval fantasy.

    The roleplay will take place a month after the worldwide quest to find the crystals begins.

    ♠ Magic exists but it must be learned.

    ♠ Magical creatures used to exist but they disappeared when the World Eater was sealed away, now they are once again returning to the human realm.

    ♠ Guns exist, but they are very rare and I would rather our characters do not get their hands on a gun.

    This Is Where We Come In

    The quest will span between 1-5 story years, so I'd rather we start with younger characters (somewhere between the age of 17-20) who somehow get thrown into the fray. We will be doubling up and both of our characters will be from Portside.

    ♣ Recently, Portside has been thrown into a state of chaos, strange creatures have been making appearances here and there and two people have disappeared. The city guards have been keeping this information from the people, but they're scared and are busy trying to find those who have disappeared.

    ♠ A crystal has just been delivered to the city. It must be transported to Zul, the city where the located crystals are being kept, but the guards have their hands full and can't deliver the crystal themselves.

    My first character will be a soldier in training and she will be entrusted with the crystal and tasked to deliver it to the next city so that the older guards there will be able to transport it to Zul. My second character will be a friend of hers, a gravedigger with a talent for magic. [When we begin he will only know very basic spells]

    Both your characters will need to either know my first character or have a reason for wanting to travel with her. My idea was that they'd also be a soldier in training, but I'm leaving that choice to you :)

    Their quest to deliver the crystal to Zul won't be a piece of cake. Strange things will happen and our characters will be thrown into the biggest adventure of their young lives.

    Extra Notes

    ♠ This will not be first come first serve. If more than one person wishes to apply then I will choose a partner based on their roleplay resume and character ideas.

    ♠ If you have any questions, just ask away! ^^

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  2. I just read through this and I think it's an awesome idea! Do you mind me being your partner for this? I'm really interested!
  3. Hey, Kat :D! thank you for the interest.

    I'll have my own characters up by tomorrow. After I get the sheet up, you can show me your character ideas and we'll see how it goes. If anyone else is interested ^^ then we'll do the same, and I'll pick whoever I feel is more compatible with the plot and whatnot.

    Sorry if I sound a bit picky. I only have time for one RP, so I want to make sure it works. If you have any questions, shoot them at me, I'll be more than happy to answer.
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  4. I would love to join you in this. It seems quite interested. Shall we battle to the death, @Kattekerma? We must find out who will join her, yes?
  5. It seems like we'll have to, huh @GeminasM?
  6. *takes out a rapier* En guard! *holds the sword by my side* Let's do this... SAO style. :3
  7. OwO don't hurt each other!

    XD Good morning, guys. I just woke up, but I'll have the characters up sometime this afternoon. I hope you're having a great day!
  8. Here are my characters ^^ (I shall post the second one in a bit :D! Feel free to submit yours)


    19 | 5'9​

    Name: Giovanni Anaise


    At best, Giovanni is eccentric, at worst, he is morbid and creepy.

    Don't worry, he's harmless, though his habits and hobbies can be quite odd, maybe even a little unnerving. What are these hobbies? Well, Giovanni likes to hang around dead people, and once in awhile you'll find him chatting away with a blackbird or a stray cat. Okay, maybe the latter isn't too bad. Want to hear a secret? Giovanni can talk to animals.

    The grave digger's assistant is quite chatty and playful. He's a mischievous individual with a penchant for morbid jokes and books. Next to animals and dead things, he loves a good book and nothing gets him more excited than a discussion on Oedipus Rex or Macbeth.

    Despite his flaws and quirks, Giovanni is in no way a bad person. He likes to see people smiling and tries to keep people happy in his own quirky way. Are you having a bad day? Giovanni will be there to tell some jokes! Whether these jokes make you smile though...well, that's another story.

    "How do you help a starving cannibal? You give them a hand, get it? Get it? Pretty funny, right?"

    Brief Biography:

    Pierre and Magdalene's only son, Magdalene died during childbirth, leaving Giovanni with a distraught and horribly anxious Pierre.

    Giovanni and his father live near the town cemetery, where his dad works as a grave digger, sometimes his father also works as an embalmer and because of this Giovanni has always been fascinated by death. It's always been in his home, a present tenant that refuses to leave.

    Most of his life has been spent helping his father and because of this the workers at the funeral homes and cemetery know him quite well.

    Why are you traveling with Ise? (My character who is tasked to deliver the crystal):

    Giovanni and Ise are good friends and have known each other even since they were young. Gio, while odd, is quite good at magic so when she told him she would be leaving, he insisted on tagging along.

    Special skills: When it comes to magic Giovanni is quite the natural, aside from that he's got a weird talent, if it can be called that. He can understand animals and communicate with them.
  9. 2. And done :D

    18| 5'5
    Name: Ise​

    Hardworking, determined, and courageous. Ise embodies what one would expect from an aspiring soldier. She's loyal as can be, and if you're her friend, she'll raise hell before anyone can even lay a finger on you. The girl might come off as serious, but she's outgoing and friendly, and she's somewhat a mother duck. If one of her friends skips lunch or gets a cut, you can expect her to start fussing over them and if someone does something stupid and gets hurt, well, they'll be in for a scolding.

    On the job, Ise is responsible and respectful. She thinks highly of her commanding officers and is always eager to help out.

    When not on the job, Ise is more casual, a little sarcastic, but still kind and friendly.

    Brief Biography:

    The daughter of Lt. Reese and and Cpt. Serah, Ise is the oldest of three siblings.

    Because both her parents are soldiers, Ise grew up in a home with discipline. Her parents wanted her and her siblings to take a different road in life, but Ise idolized the army and when she turned sixteen she signed up as a recruit.

    For the past few years she's been training hard and she's expecting to graduate in a couple more months.

    A few weeks ago a crystal was delivered to Portside, but Ise's commanding officers have been busy dealing with disappearances. Because of this she was entrusted with the crystal and will be leaving to deliver it to the next city.

    Special Skills:

    Due to her training, Ise is quite skilled with hand to hand combat. Her weapon of choice is a spear though she could hold her own with a sword as well. The girl has been taught basic spells but she's less than adequate when it comes to magic.
    What You Will Fill Up

    Picture: [Beneath it will be your character's age]
    Brief Biography:
    Why they are travelling with Ise:
    Special Skills:
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  10. (I used your format and I couldn't find a picture I liked, so I just used this one.)


    Name: Colin Drake
    Personality: Colin seems to be the optimistic type, even in the face of danger, he seems to be extremely optimistic almost to a fault. He’s emotionally intelligent and can easily empathize with another person and generally spends his time trying to surround himself with people if he’s not working with weapons. However everybody has that weird side to them and Colin is no exception. He likes big guns, high powered weaponry/advanced machinery and destruction, his favorite part is testing weapons and blowing things up, this being a big part of the reason why he decided to join the army. He’s patient and never seems to get angry, which might get on people’s nerves when they try to get him angry. Although it takes quite a lot for Colin to even get annoyed, when he’s full blown angry, he’s certainly something to reckon with. He seems like a fun loving guy and likes to tease others, mostly for their height and often comes up with nicknames he thinks are fitting for people he's around often. Colin is seen as a big softie, almost to the point of being a pushover, however this isn't the case. Once his mind is set on something, he's not easily wavered. Colin's optimistic, not stupid and gullible.

    Brief Biography:
    Colin was born to Timothy and Ariel Drake. His parents own a bakery, which Colin used to work in before he told his parents of his dream to become a solider. When he was old enough, he quickly signed up to become a recruit and has trained hard, finishing basic a little bit ahead of schedule, however he’s still a rook and he’s treated as such.
    A few weeks after Colin finished basic, a crystal had been delivered to Portside to a fellow soldier named Ise. Colin decided that he would go along with her to deliver the crystal and managed to trick his superiors into allowing him to go along, but they added something to go along with it—that something was named Clara.

    Special Skills:
    Coincidentally, Colin’s love for machinery seems to be directly linked with the fact that he shows skills of a technomancer.
  11. (If you have any questions about either of them, just ask!)


    Name: Clara Brinker

    Personality: Clara is a force to be reckoned with. She appears to be old army material in the sense that she’s kind of a drunk and doesn’t really care about much. Clara holds no bars and is blunt to the point where it’s almost insulting. She’s been known to make people cry just by her words and has a mouth worse than a sailor.
    She’ll literally flirt with any and everyone around her and doesn’t seem to even care. She’s usually drinking or already intoxicated, however she takes her job very seriously, being confident in her ability and seems menacing during the first meeting. Afterwards, she’s usually a drunk and carefree pushover who seems self-absorbed and sleazy, but that’s just the way she was raised.

    Brief Biography: Clara grew up in a poor district with only her father. He was a discharged soldier who got the idea of joining the army stuck in her head. He was a drunk and didn’t care much for her aside from training her to be the perfect soldier. He pushed her to join the army at the day she turned sixteen and Clara’s been in the army ever since.
    Going about her duties as a medic for Portside’s army, Clara was approached to join Ise and Colin as the medic. Their superiors didn’t know exactly what was going to be out there, but they were sure they would need a medic, plus they needed Clara gone—she was scaring away the recruits.

    Special Skills: Although her specialties lie within the medical field, because of the tiniest bit of her mother’s healing magic in her, due to intense training with her father, Clara can hold her own in a fight and is well-versed in various forms of hand to hand combat, but she's forgotten most of them, as she only uses one common form, and she doesn't even use that often.
  12. It looks good :D! Now to wait for Gem.

    Also, I want to clear a couple of things up.

    + Guns are super hard to get and the recruits wouldn't have access to any. Also, by guns, I mean steampunk-ish rifles, nothing like the highly destructive stuff we have nowadays. A technomancer would be cool, but Colin would probably be stuck with prototypes. Stuff like gauntlets that can magnetize metals or mechanical birds that aren't very stable.

    This takes place in a medieval-ish city with hints of steampunk tech here and there ^^

    What weapons were you planning to give him?
  13. I was just thinking of giving him mostly anything that he could take apart and rearrange any way that he wanted. If he used any type of weapon, it would be something that he made and it would rely heavily on what his limits were (being resources, his technomancy. etc.). And since he's not very good at making things that are extremely advanced yet, he'd probably stick to something easy, like gauntlets or something similar. If he had any type of gun/rifle, (which I completely forgot about the medieval/steampunk theme when I made him...sometimes, the simplest things slip my mind...) it would be some crazy contraption that he made himself and didn't mind testing out. To reiterate, anything he'd use would be a prototype he made himself by use of parts he'd come across while doing his normal tasks or at the junkyard.
  14. Sorry for the delay. Do we need two characters? I have two planned. I will post one in just a moment.
  15. Sounds good, Kat :)!

    And looking forward to it, Gem :).
  16. [​IMG]
    22 ll 6'2"​

    Name: Aiden Jagen

    Personality: Aiden is shy and easily embarrassed. He is also quite clumsy at times. If his friends are being threatened, he won't stop until they are safe or he can no longer move.

    Special Skills: Aiden uses two jagged silver daggers and a claymore. He has experience with all types of weapons, but is best with long-range.

    He uses Shadow Magic. He can manipulate darkness to his will, though he has limits. He is a magic amplifier, meaning he has the ability to boost another's magic as long as he is touching them.


    20 ll 5'8"
    Name: Eliza Corvil

    Personality: Eliza is quiet and serious. She gets the job done and doesn't make time for fun very often.

    Special Skills: Eliza uses rifles and a katana. She has a hidden dagger strapped to her thigh. She can pick key locks and pockets. She knows how to barter and can hold her own in a fight.

    She knows basic elemental magic, but doesn't use it often, as it leaves her feeling drained.


    Brief Biography:
    Aiden and Eliza grew up together in an old mansion that was converted to an orphanage. The servants called them malenchki, little ghosts. They moved around silently and secretly, making use of hidden passageways they found. They loved to explore. In the forest nearby, they had a large meadow they loved to play in. They lived there until they were old enough to leave. Then they enrolled in the military.

    Why they are travelling with Ise: They were among the top ranked in their class. For this reason, they were chosen to accompany Ise to the next city as guards.

    Sorry it took so long.

    Their personalities are just basic and how they start off. They will adapt over time, though.
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  17. M'Kay then. Have fun!
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