Let's go on a road trip! (1 Open spot!)

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  1. A company vacation to the North-East United States! What could go wrong? A lot, actually.

    This is the story about a group of five people who come face-to-face with myths and monsters that's actual existence is questionable to most.

    The company the group works for is known as Farrigo. This is only relevant because each character has a 'position' that should play to their character and back ground. The positions can be found in the character sheet below.

    What was meant to be a eight day get-a-way soon becomes a nightmare encountering monsters such the Jersey Devil, Wolf-men, Chupacabra, Tessie, and much more. Let's see how much trauma it takes to turn a couple co-workers against each other in a struggle to survive! (and suddenly I'm pitching a Survivors: Horror Edition ._.)

    All I have to stress is that this RP is meant to be ENTIRELY realistic, outside of the monsters.
    Imagine a ****ed up camping trip in real life.

    That's really all there is to say, lets go!
    Character Sheet (open)
    (Put your picture or a description of them here! My only rule will bar anime pictures, just to stress the realistic nature I want to have in the Role Play)

    Name :: (Um, I'm not explaining.)
    Age :: (Again, no elaborating here.)

    Work Position :: (CEO Assistant, Head of Human Resources, Desk Greeter, Desk Worker, and Labor Supervisor)

    History :: (A brief background of the character. Not to much.)

    My Character (open)

    Name :: Pan "Penny" Rosala
    Age :: 24

    Work Position :: CEO Assistant.

    History :: A young woman from the heart-land of the United States of America, Colorado. After a couple years of a community college in Denver, Penny moved east, to Chicago. Here is where, after countless, smaller, dead end jobs, she was hired by an accounting-firm known as Farrigo. Perhaps it was good timing, but after only three months of employment, she's been invited on the company vacation. Essentially a road trip. Some thought it unfair, given her short employment time, but, she isn't complaining!
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  2. Appearance

    Name :: Nadia Khatib
    Age :: 21

    Work Position :: Head of Human Resources

    History :: Nadia was born and raised in Washington, D.C, and at first she and all of her relatives thought she would stay in America's capital, but after a few incidents that pretty much made Muslims the bane of the existence of Americans, Nadia packed up her things and left. She originally planned to go to New York, but specific incidents (like her mother insisting that she stay with her super irritating and super strict cousins in Manhattan) changed her mind, and Nadia settled in Chicago instead. (And that had nothing to do with the fact that her mother refused to set foot in Chicago because she was afraid of getting mugged/murdered/shot etc.)

    Surprisingly, Nadia found a job no less than a month of searching, at an accounting company called Farrigo. She was given the position of Head of Human Resources.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Name :: Petra Marakov
    Age :: 22

    Work Position :: Desk greeter

    History :: Petra is an American born Russian woman, her parents moved to Russia to escape the oppressive government and their opinions. They are both professionals, her mother is a scientist, her father an accountant and her brother Cristoff (8 years her senior and gay) is a lawyer. So it was only natural she followed one of those career paths, she studied and graduated in the sciences but finding work was hard and so when the job was offered her to be a desk greeter at Farrigo a company her father and brother had both had previous dealings with.
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    Name :: Yvonne Smith

    Age :: 21

    Work Position :: Desk Worker

    History :: Yvonne is a half American-half Italian who grew up in New York. Her parents are both accountants in the corporate industry and being the only child, she want to be one too. She was always fascinated by numbers and it brings her great joy to see the ending balances of the statement of comprehensive income and balance sheet is the same. She went on a job hunt for accounting firms that would like to take her in and she was lucky to land a job on Farrigo, a company that her parents greatly praised and adored. ​
  5. These looks great! Hopefully our last ones a male, for... you know, diversity.
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