Let's give this another go, I suppose.

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  1. So, I'm looking for a dedicated player willing to co-GM a game with me. Someone creative who likes to take charge and isn't afraid to drive the story forward to awesomeness. Spelling and grammar don't have to be perfect (we're all human; mostly...) but I am looking for someone who can crank out a couple of paragraphs and really paint the scene vividly! Someone who wouldn't mind keeping up a dialogue via PM or messenger about how and where the story should progress.

    I'm currently in the mood for something with a cyberpunk flavor with a little fantasy thrown in; think Shadowrun for this. But I am open to suggestions, ideas, tweaks, and totally different plots if there's something you REALLY want to do and think I might fit the bill. I'm flexible and always willing to listen if the plot is interesting!

    I'm also down for mature content, but story always comes first and only if I feel like there is some real chemistry. But again, smut is not a must (ooh! Anagrams!) and story is always paramount for me.

    Feel free to peruse my RP Resume or check out some of my posts to see what you think of my style. Character development makes me swoon, and is something that I particularly love and hope that you will too. Romance is cool, but again not a must and I really enjoy action although I haven't gotten to do much of it! And a sense of humor is also great: it's always more enjoyable when we can laugh at things now and then along the way.

    Reading back over all of this, I realize that it's a lot to ask and understand if you guys think I'm a little too demanding or have my hopes set way too high. But I feel like if I don't get specific, then we both might end up not enjoying ourselves. And I want us to have a great time building an amazing story together!

    So what do you say? Feel like stepping up?
  2. I swear I'm really not high maintenance once we get started.. *sob* T_T
  3. PM me, hun. We can work something out. I like action, smut, fantasy, all that stuff. I also like cyberpunk. I'm sure we can concoct something excellent. ;)
  4. Pm me, give me an amazing plot and I'll write your heart out
  5. Ooooo. I guess you already have interest, but Shadowrun <3.

    If you ever need more cypberpunk/fantasy love. Let me know. :D
  6. Hey, it looks like you've had a few replies already. (Which is great!) By chance, if you're still looking, I'm interested in collaborating with you. Just let me know when you have the chance.