Let's give this a shot.

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  1. Shade is my preferred nickname, though Unseen is acceptable.

    I am a 22 year old guy that roleplays as a hobby. I am a writer as a hobby, an IT and History double major in college, and a Writing Center Consultant by job.

    I usually jump for group RPs, though I may go for a 1x1. If befriended, it nets the special benefit of requesting RPs from me, so friends are most readily able to get me into 1x1 RPs.

    I will RP in pretty much any format. I have even done verbal RPing.

    Otherwise, feel free to ask me stuff through PM.

    Free Bonus Facts:

    My father is a mortician and I literally grew up in a funeral home. Death is something I find both funny and normal.

    Winter is my favorite season.

    Sarcasm is normal for me and I am a bit of a smart ass at times.
  2. Winter is possibly my favorite season as well, but only because I enjoy watching the Southerners suffer.

    Welcome to the site friend.
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  3. I enjoy seeing non-natives freeze in our winters. Meanwhile, till it hits negatives, I tend to walk around without a coat on.
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  4. I see you are a fellow Northerner then, good! :)
  5. I live in Iowa, practically on the borders to Wisconsin and Minnesota. I frequent Prairie du Chien pretty often.
  6. I am a southerner who was born a freak and made for the winter! O___O I miserable most of the year until the temps drop below 60.

    Welcome to the site, Shade!
  7. I like you friend. I'm a Michigander. So snow and cold are pretty normal. It is pretty funny to see out of state people come to visit in the dead of winter. Makes me wonder, "why?".
  8. Perhaps they are masochistic and desire to suffer for our pleasure? Or perhaps we attract them here and are simply closet sadists.
  9. Welcome to the site! I live in a country where it's always raining and on extension always cold >.< I know dem feels!
  10. Always raining and cool? Sounds like somewhere around the UK. Am I correct?
  11. British-Kiwi in England who likes fine wine, chocolate and hates cold temperatures!

    Welcome to Iwaku Unseen!

  12. Thanks. I am enjoying it here thus far.
  13. I'm a cloud

    Nah, I'm from the Northeast United States (hints at New Jersey). I don't think it's very cold here, but that's mostly because the weather is confusing.