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  1. So I am looking for a few people to RP with. I tend to work more from character driven plots than plot bunnies so I'm gonna tell you a bit about a couple of my characters and if they sound interesting or you want to conspire with me to make new characters and put something together I am totally up for that too. I tend to work in Fantasy/Demons/Angels but I'm like a bloodhound. If I 'smell' something interesting I will follow it.

    Taliesin- A supposedly human assassin whose just a bit too super human for anyone to really believe him. He is an ace with a sword. He initially seems very gregarious and will flirt relentlessly if he finds you attractive (regardless of gender). If he doesn't he will get straight to the point (of his sword in your chest) and will act very bored, even cold. He pretends to be a 'fop' he dresses in fancy clothes and only really seems to care about money. He doesn't take orderes very well and is currently, as he puts it, 'freelance with previous employers ocassionally sending me entertainment in the form of morons to kill'.

    Kristie- A neko theif who has a thing for electronics. Whenever she steals something she is known for leaving sacastic holographic calling cards. She is cheerfully sarcastic as you may imagine and spends most of her days locked up in her high-tech hide hideout plotting her next raid.

    Incidentally, I don't do much anime based RPs but I will admit to having a thing for Pandora Hearts and will roleplay pretty much anyone from that if you're interested.
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  2. Both characters shound very cool. :)
    You want to double or something and come up with an idea together?
  3. My response will always be any and all of the above. *cough* But anyway, I am happy to do an RP with either or both of them with you. Did you have any ideas while reading them over?
  4. Maybe a time where it is set in a place where is techaolca but not advice in the villiages/commoner areas. Not much of idea yet though.
  5. Hmm so a sort of inter-mixed world? Yeah I can see that. Kristie would be hanging out in the big cities and Tal would be lurking around all over the place so we'd have the best of both worlds. Or did you want to combine them together? Honestly they're a bit of an odd pair to me. I more see like, two seperate running scenes, they kinda come from different worlds.
  6. Yeah, I was just thinking some sort of war happen?
  7. That's a possibility. I could fit Tal into a war fairly easily, they do pander to assassins. Hmmm perhaps you could play a character trying to recruit Tal to his side?
    Not entirely sure how to fit a theif into that though. My thoughts are either coming out of the woodwork in an attack and running into your character somehow or...she is raiding the other side and gets caught or...I dunno anything sparking for that side for you?
  8. Yeah, the raiding part, like she was Hungary and was stealing some food to eat?
  9. Alright, I can do something with that. So did you just want to play with Kristie or was the Tal idea a thing too?
  10. I think both. You want me to come up with chapters for them though? Or maybe do you want to have two separate RPs?
  11. Hmmm perhaps two seperate RP's would be the best way to go, that way we can post seperately and not hold up both if we're a bit stuck on the other one?
  12. Okay then, I agree. So would you want me to make charters for each?
  13. That would be preferable, but of course it's up to you if you have two ready or feel up to making two. Would you like me to start the posts while you work on them?
  14. Yup, if you don't mind. It might take a while for me to think up a well Delos chartered but I am able to do it. Just send me the link for each thread. And do you want me to post the gist of the characters here? Or you want it as a surprise?
  15. Hmmm I love suprises! It makes the story development interesting ;p
  16. Okay, good to know. :D For me I need a little gist on who they are you know?
  17. Well Kristie is a bit of an intellectual robin hood (sometimes) so that's probably what will drive her to be raiding the enemy army. There may even be bombs involved. She doesn't like getting her hands too dirty and she is a proper firecracker though. She will fight fight fight, pretend to lay low and then fight fight fight some more.

    Tal is...a bit of a cold fish. He can be personable and flirty but mostly he's sarcastic and kinda mean. He is also kind lazy and apathetic about anything that doesn't involve his sword work of a sufficently interesting 'hit'. And in his freelance mode right now...yeah you never know what you're gonna get with Tal. He has issues. Lots and lots of issues.
  18. ...I may have misread your post there, looking back on it. But hey, enjoy the extra info for your character making! ^^;;
  19. Lol, it's fine. I might shape my charter a bit differentl now. ^.^
  20. I have a question do you want the one with Tal be a girl, as for my character and the one with Kristie a boy?