Let's get this out of the way

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  1. Well, since I can never get over the awkward feeling of making my first post on a site, I'm just going to rip off the proverbial band-aid and get this over with!

    1. I'm Leviathan! Or Steph or Roni or any variation/shortening of Leviathan you can come up with!

    2. I am a female with twenty-two years under my belt!

    3. I love-love (that's like love, but double) Scifi and Fantasy.

    4. I don't have any type of character that I play more often than another, unless you count 'girl' as a character type.

    5. Oh baby, Angry Marines please. (Can they be Space Marines?)

    6. Song of the Moment for me is Woodkid's Iron

    Okay! All done! Now on to the writing.
  2. Steph!! *flails at*

    You being here makes me a happy panda~ :D
  3. welcome to the club.

    A cookie and a glass of milk for you along with a side order of mind control. Oh wait thats what i wanted :/

    Still welcome :D.
  4. *pokes* hey there darling :3 happy to have you here and join the rest of the little group!
  5. MY BUDDIES. So glad to be here with you guys. If only I could get the hang of this darned chatbox.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Steph.

    If you are worried about your role playing skills, check out the academy and do various challenges to help build your skills. You will find role players there even just to have fun. Besides that it's pretty nice here. People are pretty friendly and most will help when asked. So just have fun and enjoy your stay.