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  1. The fluorescent bulbs buzzed lazily overhead. The chairs were neatly lined up on each side of the table along with one on each of the shorter ends. The table was going length-wise from the door, and the wall that held the door was made of frosted glass. The door, wood framed and filled with frosted glass at its center, stood slightly ajar. He sat at one end of the table, the one furthest from the door, with his legs resting on the edge of the massive wooden slab. He was reclining in the chair with one hand hanging lazily off the chair and the other preoccupied with his humble string of prayer beads.

    I'm pretty sure I put up flyers. There should be at least someone here by now, he thought to himself.

    Maybe no one saw them? Pity.
    Yeah! What a crying shame, eh?

    That he didn't think. He quickly lowered his legs from the table and grit his teeth. His hands ran up the sides of his neck and his fingers quickly locked themselves into his dusty blonde hair.

    Oh shut up you two. Have a little more faith, he thought angrily.

    He had hoped the flyers about 'Heightening your Spiritual Power Today!' would draw in a bigger crowd, but it was turning out to not have as much appeal as he originally thought. Hopefully someone would come in the next few hours or in the very at least before his rental agreement was up. With a heavy sigh he slipped the beads from his wrist and began counting them, slowly putting his legs back on the table. This time he turned his pale green eyes toward the ceiling, slipping into a daydream.
  2. A young, beautiful girl with milky white skin, gold eyes and short white hair was walking by. She noticed a new shop open and at first discarded it, thinking it was something that was coming soon and not actually there yet.
    "Wait a minute..." she said and walked backwards.
    She read the sign out loud, "Heightening your spiritual power today," she said and thought for a moment.
    "Seems interesting," she said, still standing in front of the store.
    Finally she made a decision, "well...nothing ventured...nothing gained."
    She opened the door and walked in, she noticed a man with dusty blonde hair staring up at the ceiling with his legs propped up on the table. He was very handsome.
    Should I interrupt what he's doing? She thought to herself and looked around the room.
  3. Well yes.

    K did get fired up when she saw the flyers. But maybe "Heightening your Spiritual Power Today!" was only a lie. Or rather, a huge disappointment for both her and this blonde haired male she had been observing for quite a long time already. But unless you see them, you cannot believe in them... I mean, spirits, paranormal creatures and whatnot, they are solely a bunch of feeble lies for the common crowd. Even K showed skepticism during her time as a living being, but now that she had been reduced to a fragile amalgam of dust and illusions, everything was different. Everything.

    The seemingly young adult had died in unknown circumstances. To make it short: she couldn't recall a single thing about her previous life. Her only clue concerning her identity was this dangling pendant, shaped like a K, attached to a golden chain around her neck. At first, the situation was alarming (and even now, the word is weak) but as years passed by, the spirit conformed to her horrible fate and started to seek peace alas. Yet, for such a quest, she needed to know her reason of stay. An impossible goal in her conditions.

    But as of today, five years after her presumable death she calculated, she could only waiting for clairvoyant people to come in this... shop (?). She had tried in other gatherings of fanatics to be seen, to be helped, but among the self-claimed shamans, sorceresses and mediums, few could perfectly see her. Still, even when she was perceivable, she was either an object of wonder, like a rare museum artifact or a desperate case.

    Maybe this time will be the good one K thought while following the posters along the streets. But so far, she was proven wrong. For only presence: this man, who K doubted the spiritual sensibility, as he wouldn't even turn his head in her direction (even though she made her presence as discreet as possible, and passed through the roof to position herself on on of the pillars... ugh. bad plan.) So for now, she could only wait.

    Like always.
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  4. The young girl sat down in an available chair for customers, being polite and not awakening him.
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