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    Charles waited on the phone line, waiting for her to call back. "Charles! Don't spend to much time on that thing, we have dinner."his mom screamed.
    its 1953, and its a nice summer, and its almost over. " This is more important," he mumbled to himself.

    "Hi... Can I please speak to tamille?" he said nervously, twirling his fingers into the phone cord.
  2. "Tamille the phones for you!"
    Tamille came running through her small home and up to the phone. "Thanks ma!" She grabbed the phone and held it to her ear.
    "Hi Charles, you called." She said softly. Despite her soft voice her excitement was clear. Her heart raced. He had actually called!
    "You're parents aren't mad are they? I'd hate for you to be in trouble over this." She said earnestly.
  3. "No, just a little bugged. Hey! My friends hosting a party at his beach house...would you like to come?" he said more nervously.
  4. "Th-They wouldn't mind?" She asked just as nervous. Tamille was biracial and most people hated her for it. Charles didn't and that's how they became friends.
    "Charles what if something happens?" She said fearful. During these times biracial kids were basically akin to the devil in some peoples minds.
  5. "My brother has a gun." he said bluntly,getting less nervous. " who would get angry at a pretty girl like you?" he said, the backing away from the phone. "You're so smooth!" his brother said from across the room.
  6. Tamille giggled twirled the phone cord around her finger. She leaned against the wall the phone was connected to. "Well a lot of people actually." She said a little sadly. "But if you think I'll be safe I trust you." Tamille said blushing. She laughed again hearing his brother. "Who was that?"
  7. "No one!" he said looking at Max. "get you shoes off the couch!" his mom scolded him, whacking him with a rolled up magazine.
  8. Tamille giggled on the other side of the phone. "Yeah Charles get your shoes off the couch." She teased. "Will I see you tomorrow after school?" She questioned anxious.
  9. "yeah definitely!" he said to cheerful. "could you come over?"
  10. "Yes as long as it's okay with your parents. I hope you don't mind I told mine." She said softly.
    "Tamille hurry up dear. Dinners ready and yours is getting cold." Her mother poked her head srojnd the corner and gave her a stern look. "Yes mother."
  11. "My parents know," he said quietly. "I'll see you tommorow then.."
  12. "Yes! I-I mean yeah...yeah you'll see me tomorrow." Tamille tried to downplay her excitement. "Alright. Well, bye. Have a good night."
  13. "You too..." he said. Charles kicked up his heels in excitement.
  14. Tamille hung up the phone and squeeled for joy. She had a date with a really cute boy!
    Tamille skipped into the dining room.
    "So, what's his name?" Her mother questioned.
    "Charles. He invited me over tomorrow if that's alright? He said his parents know and that I would be safe please say yes ma! I really like him!"
    Tamille's mother smiled at her daughter. "I'll think about it. I'll let you know in the morning.
  15. "Wbats a boy like you, dating a negro?" Max scoffed. " Well she's beautiful, better than your girlfriend." he scoffed back.
  16. The rest of the night went on as usual. Tamille kept smiling to herself all through the night. Charles was on her mind until she fell asleep and even after she woke up.
    Tamille wore a mint green dress. Her hair was caramel brown and had tight curls. She had light skin but it was dark compared to the whites in town. She accessories and had to admit. She did look cute today.
  17. Charles had baseball with the boys and he didn't have time to change. He had his plaid shirt tucked in and his white convers that were already wearing down.
  18. Tamille stood outside of school once the final bell rang. She was so excited but scared as well.
    Some kids shoved past her, making sure to push her roughly. Even in a school of all African Americans she wasn't well received.
    Tamille sighed softly. Hopefully this would go well. She really wanted it to.
  19. "Tammille!" Charles shouted running to her with a baseball mitt in his hand. "Wanna walk to my house?" he smiled.
  20. "Yeah okay!" Tamille smiled over at Charles. She hurried to his side. As they walked she let her hand brush his every now and then. Hopefully he caught on to her wanting to hold his hand.
    "How was your day?" She asked kindly.
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