Let's find some role playing partners :)

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  1. Hello there.
    I'm looking for some role playing partners. As you can see, I like to do my role plays as just one on ones but I'm looking for quite a few of them.
    Since I'm assuming everyone is going to be literate and what not, I'll just jump into what I'm interested in. (Haha)

    Oi, let's see, I suppose I'm up to whatever ideas are thrown my way. I'm very into trying new things.

    As far as what I like to role play and what I'm custom to, here is a list for you;

    ~ Harry Potter
    ~ College / Community like
    ~ Twisted Disney
    ~ Boondock Saints
    ~ Hunger Games
    ~ Sons of Anarchy
    ~ Modern pairings (i.e. Photographer/model(?), Writer/Muse, Painter, etc. etc.)
    ~ Odd pairings (i.e. Rich/Poor, Master/Slave, Drug Dealer/Addict)

    I also have random tidbits of ideas in my mind that I don't know where to put right now (haha)

    Well, that's what I can think of right now, so hopefully I get some bites and we can throw some ideas around :)

  2. I'm interested in the Haryy Pottr! LOL
  3. Awesome! :)
    What characters do you usually play as?
  4. Would you be interested in ecpending on the Harry Potter world? I have this urge to do a history of Gringotts or do a whole new school with an equivalent to Diagon Alley and make it evolve. Interested?
  5. I'm more than happy to expand on Harry Potter.
    I'd probably be more inclined to go with the second idea.
  6. Great, I'll PM you and we'll look into something, yeah?
  7. Hey, I'm interested in the Twisted Disney and possibly the odd pairings.
  8. Nevermind, you ca't receive PMs, my bad ^^'!
    Do you want to expand on a already cannon school like Durmstrang or Beauxbatons or do you want a completely new school?
  9. Jen; That sounds awesome. With the Twisted Disney, you can choose whichever one and I can explain. And for odd pairings, what were you thinking?

    Artsy; Yeah, for some reason I can't. Still haven't figured this site out yet (haha). Either one works perfectly fine with me. Though, it might be better to create our own school so that we have more wiggle room :)
  10. Alright, so you choose: Artic or Tropical climate?
  11. Let's go with a tropical climate.
  12. On the bank of the Amazon, with a notice me not charm to it so nobody finds it and a small wizarding market nearby for supplies.
  13. Sounds perfect.
    Is it going to accept students from all over? And how old should the school be? Around the same time as Hogwarts?
  14. No, it would be around a century old and would accept South American Students. Let's see now...how about it be made with the soil and trees of the area, kinda half grottoes and half cabin/tree house?
  15. Alright, sounds good to me.
    Let's see. What year are we going to be working with? And are the classes going to be the same as they are at Hogwarts?
  16. The core ones, maybe, but we could add some classes with a brazitian flavor like Dance and Ritualistic magic, maybe? 12 to 18 years olds sounds like a good idea to me, what would you have liked?
  17. That sounds good. And 12 to 18 is fine. I was just wondering if you wanted to use a specific age or something.
    Hm...anything else we need to figure out before we get this started?
  18. The name and the founders. I don't think we should use houses, either maybe a set of tribes?
  19. Ah yes. Tribes sounds good. And the name should be something in Portuguese.
  20. Do you want to name it? I can't find a name from the top of my head...