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  1. [ About Me ]

    Hello, name's Thomaz, I'm nineteen, a huge music dork, and a casual, but long-time roleplayer that is mostly trying to sound like he has any idea of what he's doing. And that's it, folks, that's me. But okay, okay, alright... If we are to rummage through specifics, allow me to be the one to toss the first stone: So... I've been roleplaying for the better half of five to six years now, trying genre after genre and theme after theme like no tomorrow, for only God knows how long. Of those exchanges, I eventually started developing a rather strong inclination towards either romance or mystery (or both). And even enjoying the less usually "thought-heavy" genres of action and adventure before, they never struck the notes the former duo did; Trying to breath life into any plot and characters is always a personal goal of mine, even if it isn't requested, and even if I occasionally (if not most times) fail, I can say I always try and aim for utmost realism, which I know some people don't enjoy, but it really is the only way I know how to operate when playing characters -- yank me out of my usual "shy/reserved" tropes, though, and I'm usually clueless, which's usually why I tend to stick to those; But God, I don't have all the time in the world here, and you surely don't want to waste your time reading my babbling for twelve more paragraphs, so, let's divise and tidy this post, shall we?

    [ Basics ]
    • I'm looking for MxF. If I weren't talking romance/libertine, this wouldn't be a requirement, by no means. But, as of the upcoming suggested themes, I'll mostly be looking for a female partner.
    • I usually stick to three to six paragraphs per post. I do consider myself very flexible on this regard, though. So, let's say the focus suddenly becomes "back-and-forth" dialogue -- I'd be totally down to switch to two/one paragraph, if necessary/asked.
    • Grammar-checking is a must to me. Oh, I can feel this one biting me in the ass in the future, but I do always try to grammar-check a post at least twice before posting. But... You know, not being a native will probably mean a very stupid mistake or two from time to time, so... Disregard this bit if you come across those...
    • I don't have a preferred type of imagery. Anime, realistic, by my standards, either one is a-okay.
    • Occasionally, I may take a while to respond. Life, it's tough. One day, I'll have eight hours a day to write hundreds of replies, the next two, I'll have minutes, that'll probably spend sleeping. So, go easy on me if I stop replying for a while. I'll try to keep anyone updated, if it does happen.
    • My expectations aren't all that high. It's not because I've made a seven paragraph post (which probably won't happen) that you need to reply with a seven paragraph post. I mean, I'd highly advise against replying with one-liners, but apart from that, I guarantee not to pull your leg if you misspell something, or reply with "a paragraph less than my expectations", those details don't matter all that much to me.
    • Romance isn't a must. If you have a suggestion outside of romance or libertine, I'm all ears!
    • I may drop our thread. This is a long stretch, but I feel it is worth noting. While I avoid dropping threads to the best of my abilities, I do have times of doubt of my own abilities and so on, which may lead to a thread falling under a undetermined hiatus. I have a little bit of honor, though, so, I'll always make sure to warn my partner, if that happens to be the case.
    • If you aren't 18 and over, the option of libertine is absolutely not an option. This hopefully shouldn't need any explanation.
    [ Cravings ]

    [ Unappreciated Artist x Fan ]
    [ Criminal (Gangster / Hitman) x Accomplice ]
    [ Demon x Human ]
    [ Introverted x Extroverted ]
    [ Serial Killer x Fan ]

    [ Plots ]
    "Origami" - Modern / Slice of Life - Introverted x Extroverted
    Character A is a reserved individual, now ingressing in college, after recovering from the recent loss of his dearest and only friend. Character B, on the other hand, could be considered the "party-type", with a social circle beyond the dreams of many, but what the creaks of the mask don't reveal is the troubled past, and the complete and utter social exhaustion of discussing and living triviality after triviality. Given enough time, and fueled by the willingness to try something new, Character B grows a small fascination by her's and Character A's dissonance in personality, and with the intent of better discovering the secrets of the other, starts anonymously sending letters through his locker, and from there, a strange relationship sprouts, from the then one-sided grounds, to mutual discovery and revelations.

    "At Gunpoint" - Modern / Crime / Dark - Criminal x Accomplice
    Character A is a infamous mafia soldier, working under an unnamed lieutenant, making life-threatening deliveries and escorts almost every night, always fueled by the hope of coming home to Character B's brace, the healer of his wounds, his significant other, reluctant to accept his life-style, but moved every night in helping him get situated.

    "Bound By Crimson" - Modern / Fantasy / Dark - Demon x Human
    Character A's life was going downhill: Lost of a close family member, followed by a recently shattered relationship, and financial ruin. With the despair of the situation pumping through her veins, she looks for aid in the arts of mysticism, eventually uncovering the "Ritual of the Old" , that through a simple blood sacrifice, even her own's, would trigger the summoning of a servant of the Old (Character B), an entity willing to heal her from her dismay, if fulfilled one condition: The servant must be, quote-on-quote, "entertained".

    [ Final Words ]

    This is all I have for now, it's a bit over 3:30 AM here, so, I'll this be for the time being. But, if you are interested at all by any of this, or just wants to discuss ideas, feel free to reply here or shoot me a PM, either one is fine! Until there, good night!
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  2. Hello Thomaz, I appreciate when role-players take the time to organize and format their posts. When searching for partners, I’ve found initial presentation foreshadows roleplay quality. Thus, your thread has captured my interest! Before delving into story or character details, I like to establish a few key factors. I dedicate 21 hours of my week to school and an additional 32 hours to work. During down time, I play the violin, run, and write. Between my hobbies and obligations, life keeps me busy. Day-to-day posts are uncommon, but I do my best to participate multiple times a week. As for my roleplay expectations, in-depth characterization and world building are essential features I look for in partners. Post length is not of utmost importance, but I average 3-5 paragraphs. Most of the time, I can match whoever I’m working with and vice-versa. Grammar is crucial. I’m majoring in English. However, mistakes happen. I won’t crucify someone for an occasional blunder. I don’t foresee grammar being a problem based on your thread. Everything is easy to comprehend.

    On that note, I enjoyed origami’s premise. I’m a sucker for true-to-life stories as well. Playing characters with contrasting personality types to my own is a challenge, but I enjoy putting in the effort. As a definite introvert, Character B sounds fun to craft. Plus, while there are differences, a college setting is still familiar. There should be a lot of experience for both of us to draw content from considering our current lifestyles. Integrating origami into the plot or character development would be awesome! I can imagine either or both characters turning the notes into figurines. It’s funny; one of my friends taught me how to make paper cranes earlier this year. Feel free to send a PM my way or reply to this post. I’d love to discuss the plot.

    P. S.
    What is your first language? You write well.
  3. I, too, take an interest in Origami. I'm more than willing to plot to change it from the original, however.
  4. I have an idea for At Gunpoint. Let me know if it is available.
  5. Haii!! I'm Cece!! I really enjoyed reading you intro {i kinda skipped over the indepth plots after reading it so i could write this}. I'm a super layed back roleplayer, but i try and be really descriptive with my replies and most of my characters are made in the spurr of the moment. Its hard for me to follow a strict in depth script with my characters because really i have an image of them in my head and try and channel that into my replies. So thats random {i dont know why i went into that lol}
    So what im trying to get at here is I'd love to rp with you!! I'm open to most genres, but i do have a hard time keeping interest in action packed roleplays. I loooooove a good romance. so yea.. again random.. but let me know if your interested in roleplaying!!
  6. Hello, my name is Aetherea, and I also happen to be 19! Just a fun, random fact, I guess.
    But aside from that, although I see that you already have people interested in RPing with you, I am also willing if you have the time and means. Just like you, I have been RPing for six years, though not as actively as you have. Since entering college two years ago, my days as an RPer has sadly dwindled. However, for half a year now, I have been craving to get back into the writing and creative world!
    I can write anywhere from three to eight (or more) paragraphs, though I usually tend to match my partner's. I am very interested in romance and fantasy, so I would definitely be down for doing a demon x human roleplay.

    Although I may be rusty at first, I do hope you consider roleplaying with me. I have a feeling that your writing would be a good way to get my creative juices flowing once more and get back into the swing of things. Though, if you are swamped with other RP partners, no worries, I understand.
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