Let's fall in love Iwaku ;)



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Because of Valentine's Day, we all know love is going to be in the air. Whether it be local or here on Iwaku :)

So what I'm saying is, why not bring the family we've constructed together and make a big RP of love. And by family I me us all as friends, don't get that insest look on your face. -_-

I've seen how unique all of Iwaku can be with their Roleplaying skills. The decent gramar, the sense of plot, drama, tragety, action, lust, horror, saddness, etc the list goes on. I know there is only about a hundred of us, but I'd be honored to join in an amazing RP of love with the staff, the administartors, and the members of this blessed site. My name is Tenchi-Roku, Iceninja69, Desmond, Radd, Damien, and Kasie Ryuujin. I am a dragon of the Iwakian society and I love to RP. :)
(Lol I probably over sold it XD)