Let's do this! >:-|

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    First off.

    18+ please.

    MxF or FxF, I play both genders equally

    NO one liners. I will always give you something to work with wether it be a paragraph or three.

    Be creative.


    Angels - Demons
    Wolves (Sort of similar to the Shiver, Linger, Forever series)
    Gods - Goddesses

    Would be up to trying something like Alien Isolation or maybe Dead Island?


    Or just let me know of some ideas of your own. (:

    Reply to meee D:<

  2. I would like to try and rp with you
  3. Alright. Just pm me(:
  4. Come onnnnn peoplee~
  5. I will roleplay with you if you like? ^-^ just pop me a pm