Let's do something..."Frivolous".

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So I was thinking, I've got a couple of fairly serious-toned roleplays up right now, how about I do something less serious?
I'd be equally glad to run or not run it, I just want to do something of a nice, light tone, preferably some form of fantasy but yeah.

So...ideas? Thoughts?
How about some sort of travelogue? What I mean by that is that for some reason a group of people have to travel through many strange and wonderful lands. The story is thus not focused on the conflict or the characters primarily. The first focus is where they are now.
I like the idea of a travelogue! It sounds like fun...I already have my character idea... >__>
Ooh! I like it! It sounds fun 8D and the possibilities are endless :D
Awesome, I like this idea.
Hmm, what about..."grounded" fantasy characters going through a "less-grounded" set of areas?
What I mean is...there's two kinds of fantasy: LotR fantasy, and Alice in Wonderland fantasy. So what if some of a former-themed world traveled through a latter-themed set of areas? If you like the idea, start pitching ideas for areas! Maybe we could have a cycle-GM style where a different person GMs each area?

(This is just a bunch of ideas, accept or reject and we'll move in the direction that seems most favored!)
It could be a portion of the travels, and I love the idea of cycling GMs. Why don't we discuss WHY we are traveling, and then whoever has a place they want to feature first can bring us to our first destination.

Are we looking for someone? Looking for something? Running away from something? Running to something? All of the above aka everyone has their own reason for traveling, though, I think there should be a core group that's traveling for the same purpose.
Alright, if no one minds, I have a setting.

Some say the 300 years of peace was some evil bargain with the demons of hell. Others say King Horbek had been keeping them at bay for all these centuries. No one is old enough to remember what the kingdom was like before his reign, and while commerce and travel were open to all, few found reason to leave for very long. The kingdom was at peace, unlike some of the eastern kingdoms. The kingdom was civilized, unlike some of the lands of the north.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

But King Alster it seems is backed by the hoards of the underworld.

For peace to return, some must leave the kingdom and find a way to unseat Alster and drive the demons back to the hell they came from!
Are you thinking of a game with a definite end, or an indefinite foreva game? Traveling through different worlds reminds me of Quantum Leap. Perhaps there's something the travelers need to see or accomplish in each world before they move on to the next. And how do they do so? Do they get to decide when to leave, or does something else decide for them? Can someone get accidentally left behind? Or purposefully?
I think because it's a light game the ability to have individual characters come and go will be MUCH easier then in a more serious plot. Have a lot going on for a few weeks, the current GM can create some silly reason you've disappeared. Want to enter in the middle of the adventure, no problem, there's many ways you can just pop right in and start playing.
Hmm, it would be interesting if the characters must do something in each world, especially if the "something" doesn't really make much sense. Ultimately, the goal is probably to get home; if there comes a point where we're out of GMs/ideas for weird places to go, then unlike a TV series that just implodes and gets canceled, we can give it an actual ending.
It would be a good idea to make it so that people can get left behind or skip worlds, in case a player needs to be away for awhile. It'd be a viable out that isn't ZOMG DEATH DRAMA OH NOES.
Oooo, also, if we do end the game, if there are people that opted out at some point, invite them back for the finale!
I love the idea of Adventure as well as the 'Quantum Leap' from world to world with each random goal for each world. It reminds me a little bit of Tsubasa, on a lesser degree :]

I see before us, two paths.

The first, I'll call the Righting Wrongs path. If we want to go about it this way, we use the before mentioned plot idea I had and say that for our party to do what they want in their kingdom, aka right the wrongs there, they must first right wrongs in other lands. Sort of an equal trade sort of thing.

The second path I call the Object Quest. In this path the group must find something before they can go on to the next land. This might be a lot more frivolous, which was the original objective of this thread. While we could probably still use the plot above, if people want this path instead we might want to change the reason for them initially heading out.

Hm..I'd probably want to go with the latter, personally.
Both of your ideas are cool, Ocha :D But I vote for the second one ^^
I vote for both! If we're doing it like skipping worlds we can alternate styles. This whole thing is making me think of Sliders. Also does everything need to be medieval? With the world changing we could ideally play any style of character, from medieval to futuristic to "real world" or modern times~ Or we can stick to just medieval worlds.

If we use multiple generations we would have to have the future people adapt to old styles and vice versa making an added layer to the RP, but that might make things a bit more think intensive...
You know what...it wouldn't hurt to make the origin world a kind of modern-fantasy setting, so that certain conceits* of modern culture could be included in the "nonsense-fantasy" worlds without the characters balking at them too much more than usual.

*-I mean the definition "an artistic device or effect".
Okay, I'm just going to throw this out here, but I've been musing on some comedy animes like Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo and FMP:Fumoffu. How would people feel about action comedy with their world travel?