Let's dance, darling.

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  1. Why hello! Many of you may know me, but I shall introduce myself. I am Eliza, the crimson scourge, and I may own a Nightclub named Bastet's Den on the outskirts of the countries. Despite my raving popularity right now, I am very much open to talk to the undiscovered...Or fans. Or undiscovered fans! Just remember to donate to my annual blood drives! It's for a cause~
  2. Lol, Skullgirls.
    A welcome to you... but I'll have you know, once my superiors retire, I'll succeed the throne of Iwaku!

    Happy roleplaying.
  3. // Oh is this an OOC forum? 1stly: SSSHSHSHSHSHSHHSHSSSHHHHH 2ndly: Nice to meet you! Good luck in..Surpassing you officials. I tend to like that idea.
  4. It's a underlying plot...
    I'd probably be fine with just moderating around the place. >.>

    And it's good to see yet another new face, welcome and welcome again. Glad to have you here.
  5. Hallo Eliza, welcome to the siiiiiite!
  6. An owl?...I prefer beetles and cats, or locust, but you are pretty cute, in a 'I AM IN YOUR NIGHTMARES' kinda way. Thus, I will hug you. -Does so-
  7. *bows* Greetings and welcome to Iawku. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope you have a wonderful time and make many memories here.