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I'm going to put my plot summary first and then the details afterwards. I hope to get some of you guys hooked into this. T_T please dont hate me lol.

500 years ago the four gods of the world had fought a battle to preserve their land. The wolf being the leader of the 4. They had human forms once, these diety's have chosen to become animals that will watch over mankind and lead them into an era of peace. The battle they fought was a battle against another god. To be more specific, the god of war and destruction, Heilo.

They're creations, the humans, suffered greatly from their war. The population almost exstinguished the four watched over the land quietly after sharing their power with the humans to help them rebuild and establish order. However the black dragon Roin wanted to pursue evolution and change. The world seemed at a standstill to him and in his eyes the world would be a better place. The other 3 who saw the world for what it was and accepted it refused this. They refused his ideals completely stating "that the world will only grow when it needs to". The Phoenix clan was in an uproar. They saw it as the dragon's trying to change the world for their benefit. When the 4 god's came together to discuss the matter at hand the black dragon responded simply "I want to help the world grow and mature into a prosperous land. If my followers have found a way to do such a thing. I will support them. If it leads to war, I will end them myself. The other three took his word and with that they dismissed themselves. Un beknownst to the rest the Phoenix whole heartedly agreed with her followers and gave her Clan head permission to destroy the black clan. The black dragon returned to his temple to watch over his clansmen. He was happy to see them working hard for their beliefs and trying to move forward in life. He spotted a blue flame in the distance however and knew it for what it was. He roared greatly causing the earth to rumble and crack. He quickly warned his clansmen of what was coming, knowing it would make no difference. He looked to the sky once more to see a blue phoenix shape deciding upon them. Inside the phoenix he could make out human figures. The phoenix clansmen decended on the black with force and ferocity. The black dragon moved to intervine but the Phoenix herself stood in his path. He didn't want to risk another war but he couldnt let them fall. They were his men. His children. With another mighty roar he withdrew his essences from the black clan leaving them to be normal humans. He put up a barrier to protect the little people that were left from the onslaught. He looked at his dead and dying children with great pain. The phoenix told him it was for the best before flying off with her clansmen.
As they flew away the Dragon looked at the remaining humans of his now debunked clan and apologized with a heavy heart. Then he swore vengence for them ones who lost their lives. He slowly returned some of his power to them. A trickle at a time. "It wont be immediate, but the black dragon clan will return. Power will come back to you...so please wait. I have no right to ask, seeing as how I couldnt protect my own children but wait for the power to return. You'll know when a child is born with a claw mark to match the dragon shape marking you'll all bear...hide my sons' and daughters' hide. I will return. I promise." And with that he flew off into the air disappearing into the clouds, still swearing revenge in his heart.

The wolf and the tiger was more then enraged at te Phoenix's actions and deceided to exile her and her clan to a seperate part of the world. They then broke the world's mass apart making seperate contents (the ones we know today) to make sure her clansmen couldnt easily access the other clans easily. The phoenix's stayed in the west. The wolf and the tiger ruled the north and south together. And the remnants of the dragon stayed east. Unbeknowst to the others that they would return, and if the dragon has his way, even greater then before.
500 years later (our present day) the powers of the black clan have almost fully returned. They live in secret and practice their abilities in secret as well as they're worship of the dragon. No one has been born with a claw marking but still they wait patiently for his coming. They watch the world and they wait for the day they can exact vengence. Little do they even suspect that the day is much closer then they can imagine.

Sooo i changed that up quite a bit from my original and gave a bit more detail into the backstory and I changed it up quite a lot as well. I would like to note that this is note going to be a 1 character rp. You should be willing to RP as multiple people. Up to 3 or 4 is really good. But for this I would say 3 is what you should really be thinking of. I understand that not everyone can rp more then 1 or 2 and thats fine. I'm hoping I can get some good stories going with this one. Males and females are welcome and "broing it up" as well as romance will be expected. Im going all out here. I did start this with 3 others but it just never caught on, or they forgot about me. Or I wasnt up to their level i dont know. I just hope I can get this thing going. Let me know if you want in. I'll be happy to start it.

Here are the clan details

Red Wolves:
Loyal - Following their Leader and clan head with unquestioned decisions! (Doesn't always have to be true ;) )
Almost Never travels alone
Calm and collected. Provoked and your life is on the line
Foresight - Able to see 2 seconds into the future in certain circumstances.

Blue Phoenix:
Self regeneration- Able to heal quickly, in the case of dire wounds it takes days instead of moments
Healing Flame: Flames used to heal allies in battle in case it is needed. They can not use the flame on themselves
Limited levitation: Able to hover feet above the ground (lets say 100 max) for a short period of time.

White Tigers:
Swift - Able to run up to 5 times fast then a normal human
Static Electricity - Able to discharge lightning from their hands

Black Dragons:
Full on flight but not unlimited (lets say about 6 hours max)
Black flames - Full on destruction on anything it touches.
Calculating and wise - Their ability to observe and unravel a situation is uncanny.

Also i know i put tags in there but its more then two. I just dont know all the tags T_T


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I might be interested if you are looking for people~
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