Let's clear up some confusion! MAKING ROLEPLAY THREADS ON IWAKU

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  1. Not every site has the same policies! With a rush of new members joining, now is a good time to refresh everyone on how roleplay threads are set up on Iwaku and what is and is NOT allowed. Here are the basics:

    You may have one Out of Character thread for plot discussion and/or sign-ups. Purely OOC posts must be made here (as they are considered spam in the In Character sections of the forum). The Staff encourages that ALL OOC comments go here instead of in your IC posts so as to avoid confusion or clutter for other players when reading the roleplay. JumpIn, Mature, and One[x]One roleplays are NOT an exception to this rule, despite OOC threads being optional for these sections.

    You may opt to make a second OOC thread for character bios.
    However, ONLY information provided by the Game Master or character bios may be posted here. Conversation and questions belong in the main OOC thread for the roleplay. Make sure to provide links to your players and establish these rules clearly in your OOC.

    You may post a plot summary or an introductory OOC comment as the FIRST post of your In Character thread. However, we encourage that you consolidate this into your OOC instead to avoid confusion and set a good example for your players. (It is a good idea to include a link to your OOC thread in this post if you choose to do this, especially for the JumpIn section.)

    You may post private games (open by invitation only) without an OOC thread in any IC section. However, if you do not otherwise have a method to communicate with your players, an OOC thread is encouraged. Please make sure that your In Character thread is posted with the Private thread prefix (see the drop-down menu upon thread creation).

    You may NOT post "sign-up" threads for One[x]One (two-player) roleplays in any sign-up forum other than the One[x]One Requests and Plot Discussions. Partner requests CAN, however, be made in Roleplay Talk.

    You may NOT post One[x]One roleplays in any In Character forum other than One[x]Ones, Mature[A], or Mature[T]. The other sections are for group games (three or more players) only. (Similarly, games with three or more players may not be posted in One[x]Ones. Group games ARE allowed in the Mature sections, however.)

    You may NOT require character sheets or require characters to be approved for roleplays in the JumpIn section. Asking that characters post a bio if they wish is fine, but please provide an OOC thread for this purpose rather than post the bios directly into their IC posts. (Again, it's a good idea to link to the OOC thread in the first post of the roleplay. While OOC threads are NOT required for the JumpIn section, they are encouraged; OOC threads allow for better communication between players and GM and help keep the main thread uncluttered and free of confusion.)

    Other Tips for Roleplay Thread Creation/Management

    - If you post a thread in the wrong section or accidentally mix your OOC and IC threads up, you can and should contact a Staff Member to correct the mistake. Staff Members have the ability to move threads and posts as well as delete anything made in error.

    - If a roleplay dies or needs to be revived, you can and should contact a Staff Member to lock the thread or to move it back from the Graveyard and bump it. There is no need to make multiple threads or to delete them! Multiple threads can also be merged by Staff if necessary.

    - Be patient and advertise. Roleplay ads may be posted in Roleplay Talk or submitted to the ad banner rotation in order to spark interest. Do not be alarmed if your roleplay takes a few days to get any posts or attention. (Also, please DO NOT bump/spam your OOC thread unless it has fallen off of the first page of its forum. Spam is not allowed!) If you are having trouble with getting players after over a week with advertising and/or multiple attempts, contact a Staff Member for tips or read this Workshop on making attractive OOC threads.
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  2. Mmmm, looks like another thing for me to put in my welcome wagon package.
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