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Let's Catch Some Z's

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vorian, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. June 21st 2032: A CDC transport convoy was driven off road by a freak accident and their cargo- patients and cadavers infected with a mysterious disease- was released into downtown Washington DC. Neither the government nor the people of America were prepared for the sheer speed and lethality of the infection. With a near 100% infection rate after contact and an incubation period ranging from a few hours to a few day, the disease was almost impossible to control. It had spread from DC to the entire East coast in the two weeks following the accident, reaching the Mississippi in two months.

    At the Mississippi the evacuated government and military set up a defensive line that was supposed to hold until a way to stop the spread could be found. The line at the river held for nearly half a year, all the while reports flooded in over the remaining global communication networks, the entire world had shut their doors to America. Americans abroad were lock up and killed, neighbors sealed their borders shut and defended their home with lethal force. The world said goodbye in November 5th of 2032 and cut all communications.

    By December the military had disappeared from the river. Rumors of Cold War era bunkers and remnants of the United States Government were rampant but never proven or disproven. The survivors were left to fend for themselves.

    California saw the largest migration of humanity since the fall of the Soviet Union as masses of former-American s swarmed the Pacific coast, hoping that the vast plains, the high Rockies, and the numerous rivers would slow or even stop the spread of the Infected. But the massive influx stretched the resources of the land to a breaking point. The rich fled north and south, trying to buy their way into Canada or Mexico, never to be seen again. The rest of the survivors tried to manage a while longer but the steady advance of the infected and the remaining humans turning on each other and giving into old prejudices caused California's collapse. Now the West coast is arguably the most dangerous place on the planet. If ever increasing numbers of Infected don't get you, the paranoid survivors and scavenging bandits will.

    August 2033: It has been six long and uncertain months since the fall of California. Small groups of close-knit nomads wander what was once Fly-Over Country, looking for anything that can get them to another sunrise. Isolated communities have banded together and walled off their homes, creating a new and brutally enforced tribalism. If you want to survive in this former world power's carcass, you need to be determined, resourceful, careful to a point, and above all, ruthless.
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