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  1. So, I didn't know what to write and I had a base idea for a story, but it isn't exactly to my liking. And no offense to anyone, but I just couldn't find anything to suit my muse.

    This is a Group RP plotting because anyone can come on in and post what they want in the story. Contribute ideas to it and what not. SO.

    In my head I had the idea of an urban story. Gangs, thieves, heists that whole gig, but within a humanity that has resorted back to nature sort of setting. So, factories have lost their ability to produce their products, military is starting to have to resort to other means of weaponry that doesn't require gunpowder or oil.

    But for an added twist I'd like to throw in magic, but it'd be extremely limited.

    I would also like to note that we would be living in the height of this collapse of society. We would know what TV, McDonalds, and all that jazz was. That being said not many of us would be awesome bad ass fighters, but seeing how everyone likes to be in that category because it is fun to play the awesome guy or girl the gang will just consist of a skilled group of teens led by a couple of adults.

    So for the teens I was thinking people would get classes like these;

    Football Player
    Arsonist (Setting Crap on fire)
    XC/Track Star
    Winning Pitcher/Homerun Hitter
    Hustler/Tunnel Rat
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  2. I think i have a character idea that could fit for the hustler/tunnel rat role.
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  3. Really there could be 8 of one role. They are just classes that provide a basic example of what you might see in the RP. Just a means to show what I am expecting character wise, but that's cool that you have one. Considering their is no real lore you can make a character and we just may use their background to help build the RP.
  4. The character is from a little pet project of mine called "The City of Ice". I'd prefer to have a skeleton before posting her, though.
  5. Well, this post is about building the roleplay currently. So, as of now, I have no skeleton.
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  6. Well, the lack of an industry means urban places are gonna be a lot colder in the winter. If this only about a decade after the event/collapse/etc. then foliage is everywhere and buildings are only just starting to collapse.
  7. Yep. Had that in mind.
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